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Teachers At Parent Teacher Meetings | MostlySane

This would be a proud day for the rest of the parents. But for me it’s going to be a shameful day. Every year, 4 times I go to the school to collect the marksheet and get embarassed and come back. Why are you laughing? Come on, let’s go to your school. And get a big bag from upstaitrs so that we can bring back some scoldings. Hi. Whose mother are you? Sudeep. Sudeep! Sudeep? Finally the time has come. Now is the opportunity and I am known to make the most of the opportunities I get. I’ve been waiting for you. The rest of the days would be for the students but PTA is ours. This is just for some special students like Sudeep. My favourite. What did you eat during your pregnancy? Crazy balls? The ones that keep bouncing here and there, never listen to anyone. They don’t have patience for a minute. You must have eaten a dozen of those to have a child like Sudeep. What did he do? What did he do? He has irritated me for the entire year. I will atleast ruin one week of his life. The benches of our school are bery happy with your kid. They are not used only. He can’t sit at one place. And it’s not just me. All the teachers are complaining. His physically in the class but mentally he’s always at the ground. Have you ever asked him what’s his favourite period? I have asked him. You know what is the answer? Recess. He has troubled me a lot. What should I confiscate? Let’s take away his TV privilages. I’m anyway going to take away his mobile in a couple of days. And he’s always carrying some extra money in his wallet. I think you’ll have to make some changes. You’re too liberal with him. How much pocket money does he get? One thousand. One thousand rupees? Even after being so mischievous? How many hours does he spend on TV in a day? I feel like a villain. He shouldn’t get more than half an hour. And he thinks that I can’s see him hiding his phone in his pocket. Either you take it away or I will confiscate it. And if I confiscate it then I won’t give it back. Such a stupid woman. She was sulking all the time. This joke will be a hit in the staff room. Sit on this pillow. You’ll be comfortable. Whay are you giving me this pillow? You had cynus right? No. No? Then I don’t know why Sudeep said he couldn’t do his homework because you were not well. He does a lot of research for lying in class. Okay let that be. Lets talk about your kid’s reports. How will they be good? It’s difficult for someone to score good who has had 6 deaths in the family over the last two months. That’s not true. Grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, great grandmother and great grandfather. Kids think there’s a big C written on our foreheads. Do we look like cartoons? We were also students at one time. We have also been mischievous. I won’t say anything directly, but I definitely will point things out. Don’t you think this is too much? So many deaths back to back is a bit too much right? You should go to some priest. How is Mr. Deshpande? Who is Deshpande? You’r family doctor. I hope he hasn’t hurt his hand while making fake medical certificates for the past one and a half month. He should do some yoga. And has your husband quit all his bad habits? What does this mean? He was telling us that his dad comes home drunk and creates a scene in the house everyday. On paper i am a math graduate but in real life I have a PHd in exposing some exposing others’ secrets. Ask Sheena’s husband. They are still looking for a divorce layer. Whenever I give him a remark, he signs it by himself. Today he’s signing on his rematks, Today he’s signing remarks, tomorrow he’ll start signing your chequebooks. Kids these days have great ambitions right? Sudeep is gone. Now lets see how he makes excuses and even if he does, the unit tests are coming, the second term is coming. It’s a very boring job, this is the only source of entertainment for us. Today is my favourite day. You know why? Because today is the day when Sujata comes to school. She visits four times in a year. Unit test PTA, first term, second unit test and second term. I’m good. You tell me. How are Sudeep’s reports. Your son is very good. He’s a little mischievous, but who isn’t. Other teachers must have complained about him. I’ve drawn her name with hearts on a couple of benches. You and I together can help him. You should come to school at least once a month. We’ll sit and decide what will be his future. Or twice a month, whichever is convinient for you. Do you like tea? We have coffee in our canteen as well. Is this a PTA or PDA? She was wearing a salwar kameez when she came for the first unit test. First she used to ask “How are you Mehta sir?”. Then afther that “Hello Mr. Mehta.” Today she called me Mehta ji. Now when she comes for the finals is she going to hug me? How is Sudeep’s father? Do you guys still fight? It’s not good for the kid’s mental health. Yes. I mean, small fights are bound to happen between husband and wife. That’s good. You should fight. You should fight harder. Shout at each other. Hit each other. I’m not at all bothered about Sudeep, but I like his mother. I’ve been playing a lot of PUBG nowadays. How can this happen to you. You’re so sweet, how can someone fight with you? By the way todays saree is really nice. That day’s suit was also good. I’m taking selfies with the parents. I’m doing my homework. Shall we take one? Selfie? Or lets do one thing, I’ll click your picture. Smile please. I don’t tolerate him at all but because of him I get a chance to meet Sujata 4 times in a year. Don’t worry about your son. I’m like his father only. No I mean he’s like my own son. Whose mother are you? Sudeep Lahiri? Are you sure he’s in my class? You’re Sudeep’s mother! Sorry I’m a little nervous. This is my first PTA in this school. His marks are average but… But I’l take care of it. As a teacher it’s my responsibility ma’am. I mean if we are able to handle such students then only… I’ve come here to make contacts. Can I tell you a something? Teaching is not as easy as it looks. But I also give tuitions at home. My Archana tuitions are going very well. I already have 11 students. It won’t take long to reach 44 from 11. Then teaching in this school won’t be necessary. You can message me on WhatsApp anytime. I’m free after school. Now Sudeep is good in maths or science doesn’t make a difference in my life. Not like I want my daughter to marry him. Every child is not that smart. If at all we require some help we’ll take it. If you ever need tuitions for your child then… I am Mr. Godbole. I’m very sweet. Whenever I see the kids nowadays, they remind me of my childhood. We used to play so much. Now we’re stuck between our jobs, taxes, wife. My sense of humour is very famous in the staff room. I’m a very funy guy by nature. I only have one philosophy that we shouldn’t restrict children. If we restrict them, they’ll become rebels. In Urdu it means Baaghi. Fly little birdie fly! Then watch how much progress they’ll make. I feel everyone should live tension free. Leave all this. Forget all these report cards, numbers. You tell me, what kind of a student you were in school? Were you like this only or you becam like this with time? It’s a joke. It’s a dialogue from a film. I teach like thin only in class. Movie dialogues, songs. A few years later you will call me and say that Godbole sir what you said was right. Today my son… What is your son’s name? Sudeep! Today my son Sudeep… There’s no such person on earth who can disturb my peace, except one guy. Today my son Sudeep Lahiri couldn’t achieve anything because he was useless from the beginning. I told right? When I see kids it reminds me of my childhood. Sudeep only reminds me of my childhood. When I was young, there was one more boy with me. His name was Sandeep. He used to trouble me a lot. Just like your son. Where is he? Do you know where is Sandeep? Even I don’t know. And look where am I today. Sitting in front of you. What should I do about my son? There’s no point worrying about him. He’s a gone case. He’s too free spirited. You should tie him down. Students like him make me feel like I should quit teaching. Forget the feeling, I can quit whenever I want to.

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100 thoughts on “Teachers At Parent Teacher Meetings | MostlySane

  1. maan gaye Prajakta aapko..aap har role pe kitna work karti ho..har character apne aap me special ban jata hain..you are genius actor really….you make every topic watchable.

  2. In the 🏫 school;
    Students in games class:apna time agaya
    Teacher: achha bachoo
    Student: Haan mam
    Teachers in PTM: apna time agayaaaaaaaaa

    Like if you relate

  3. अगं आम्ही तुझे "इंग्रजी" वीडीओ मीस करतो आहोत

  4. Mujhe patani kyu , mujhe aise teachers acche nhi lagta , ek number keh bahanchod bhosadi wale hote hai , sorry for language it's prajakta video , I m also big fan , but I m sharing my inside feeling …Worst school lifd


  6. The best part of MostlySane is that every video can be related to one or the other moment of our life……..n thats the why I LIKE MostlySane❤️

    Love Love Prajakta di😘❤️

  7. The best part of MostlySane is that every video can be related to one or the other moment of our life……..n thats the why I LIKE MostlySane❤️

    Love Love Prajakta di😘❤️

  8. A bit offensive towards teachers side…. Since my mom is one i felt it was a continuation of that stereotypical thought of jo kuch nahi karta teacher ban jaata hai… And teacher are all about money

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