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[Music] Just a minute..! How did you come so early today in class And where are rest of the students?? Ma’am you scolded me so i have started coming early to school and i don’t know where rest of the students are ! I am not liking it that you have come to school so early Come late to school from tomorrow. Insolent..! Why don’t you go back!! [Slaps] Why have you come so early ..!![Slaps] Good Morning ma’am..! Good Morning..! Where were you all?? Why have you all come so late to class? Ma’am Pankaj told us that you have fallen down in sludge downstairs We all have gone down to help you ..!..yes..! Haawwww Pankaj ! He is unworthy..! This is so ..! Unworthy..! Come.. you all sit on your seats.. Come..! [ Music ] This class is full of unworthy students and you….. Come on time from tomorrow..! How wiered she is ! If you come early she will scold you and if you come late then also she will scold you Huh..! Let’s start studying now hmmm..whom should i ask the first question ?? You..! stand up ..! You tell me how much is 2 + 2 5 Great..! 3+3 ?? 7 Duffer..! you don’t know anything ! You tell me how much is 80 + 90 ?? [Assi aur Nabbe] Ma/am everyone knows this, its 100 100..?? How 100…?? Akad Bakad Bambe Boo Assi Nabbe Pure 100 This is how 80+90 is 100 ! [ Laughter ] Duffer sit down otherwise, i will do you Akkad Bakkad..! Hey Bro..! Please share your phone with me i am getting bored ..! Two two phones..!! Yesterday there was so much shortage of money that you din’t even had one phone and today two two phones.. Today, how have you brought the other one ..? Bro, i have won this from V-Mate..! V- Mate ?? What is this bro ? … Please explain ! Bro, see.. This is V-Mate, where Lakhpati contest is going on You shoot a video..! Share it with your friends.. Here people will give you Vivies That is the gift from V-Mate! From those gifts you can win money Woow bro, this is such an amazing application ! I will also download it right now Yes, download it quickly see how many people are wining Great bro, i will also shoot a video now and earn money ! Have you complete your talks..?? Concentrate on your studies..! Now, what i am going to speak you all have to repeat after me..! ok.?? ok…!!! But i haven’t started it yet..!! But i haven’t started it yet..!! Hey wait..! Hey wait…!!! Do you want to be beaten.? Do you want to be beaten..? Oh God..! How duffer these students are !! Oh God..! How duffer this ma’am is !! Wait..Wait…I will just tell you ..! unworthy..!! Duffer..!! You guys don’t have to study ! [Sarcastic way] can expect enjoyment from them ..!! [Sarcastic way ] [Thrashed] You all are so duffer..!! When you don’t want to study then why do you come to school..? Ma’an we don’t come , we are send by our parents..!! I will slap you and send back to your home..! You, Stand up..! Just assume you have two apples. I give you two more apples. Now, how many apples do you have..?? Ma’am two apples..! How..?? Ma’am two apples i have eaten..! Why did you eat..? Ma’am those two apples were mine, It was my wish I was feeling hungry so I ate them Who are you to stop me in between ? Just sit down..! [Frustrated] Otherwise its you turn to get slaps..![Angry] [Music] Ghost…! Ghost..! Ghost..! [Music] [Everyone is scared and screaming] Who are you..? Ma’am, I am the best dancer student of this school..! Aaauuu..!! Then why have you come here like this..? Ma’am sir have send me here to teach dance ..! Aaaauu..!! ohhh..! Go..Teach them..! Come everyone..!! [Music] Do like this..! Do like this..! Do like this..! Do like this..! Do everyone..! Do like this…!! then like this…!! Do like this..!! Bro..! We are not enjoying..! You have a look at our dance and follow..! [Music] you.. come here..! After today don’t show me your face in this class Just get out from here… You all are so insolent..! All the duffers are filled in this class.. Suprit..you stand up..! You tell me , where is the longest snake found..? Ma’am……hmm…..! On 99 number in Ludo game [Laughter] Sit down..! Otherwise i will throw you in game of ludo right now Ok. Now assume i have 4 chocolates..! Ma’am i am very hungry i will eat it. Give it to me…! No, no ma’am i will eat it..! Ma’am me…ma’am me…ma’am me..! U insolent..! i have just asked you to assume..! You..! You stand up..! Assume i have 4 chocolates..! ok ma’am i have assumed..! i have eaten all…! Now, how many chocolates i am left with ? Ma’am 10 How..? Ma’am u asked me to assume.. so i assumed..! Now i am saying ..then you also assume..! Unsolvent…The entire class is duffer..! Come here everyone and taken position of cock..! No ma’am no.. Come fast ..! Quickly..! [Intense Music] Both of you go there… Ma’am i am unable to take position of cock.. can I become crow..? ok..! be..! Ma’am can I become eagle..?? ok.. be..! Ma’am I am also unable to become, so can I become parrot..! ohhh God….Be..! Ma’am i will become pegion..! ok..! be..! Ma’am..! Hunter is coming..Hunter….! Hunter is coming..! [Music] Where is it..? [Music] Will not leave you ….Come next time….[Angry] Hey guys..! How did you like this part 16 Give more likes, comment and spread it everywhere..! Guys do subscribe our channel…Baklol Video… by pressing the red button and do press the bell icon for notifications and if you want to earn money like us for that download V-Mate application and shoot lot of videos..! Link is provided in the description below…! Vi vi viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..!!!!

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