Teacher Toolkit: Teaching Procedures PreK with Saray Maldonado
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Teacher Toolkit: Teaching Procedures PreK with Saray Maldonado

procedures is probably what we focus on
for the first month. A lot of it is having attention
signals, having a visual. Definitely a lot of modeling
with the four-year-olds. Usually I model first. Then I’ll have someone
come and help me model. And it goes for everything. It’s definitely a
lot of modeling, a lot of attention signals,
trying to get them to refocus. It helps them internalize the
procedure if they’re doing it over and over and over
again, but it also helps things run smoother. When it comes to
procedures, the students are very responsive
to what the procedures that I have set for them. It’s holding them accountable. So when there is something
that I ask them to do, it’s ensuring that everyone
is doing it and having a full participation
from all students and not moving on
to something else until I know that I have
all the kids doing it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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