Teacher tips 2: Practical strategies
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Teacher tips 2: Practical strategies

There are some practical and very simple
things that teachers can do to help the child with SLI in the
classroom It’s really important to create an
environment where asking for help is seen as a positive thing and to really encourage the children and
praise them when they do seek help when they’re not
understanding what’s going on This can be very difficult for children
with language disorder especially if they have low self esteem. Some of the words I don’t understand. I can’t, I, sometimes I’m scared to ask what the word is, what it means. Another good thing is demonstration
showing them what you want and making sure that visual image may be
stays there so they can look back to it and think oh yes that’s what it’s got to
look like, and that’s what I’ve got to do and they don’t have to read it or try and
remember it It helps me when the teachers show me stuff because I know what to do. If a teacher’s trying to explain something I love it when they do it on the board
because then I can actually see it and I, you know, ‘Ah ha I got it!’ type of thing because sometimes, when they’re, when they talk so much…. Like a bit of it will come in my ear, my ear? No, some of it would come to me but then it will just go out and I will lose it. So, when they have it on the board, it’s on
the board for the whole lesson Children with SLI can really benefit
from lots of visual cues to help them understand language,
and therefore using symbols, natural gesture and pictures will really help them to access the
language. If someone was gonna teach me something I would like them to explain it first and then maybe do a little diagram or little answer first, for me to visualize it and go ‘Okay so that’s how you do it’. Pictures really help me they do, better than words. It’s really important to keep what you
say to a minimum and make sure that you’re only saying the
things that are really important for the child to understand. Sometimes we tend to use a lot of
unnecessary language which can then be very confusing for the child It’s better to show stuff instead of erm… instead of erm… yapping along!

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