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78 thoughts on “Teacher ft. Lauren Lapkus

  1. very sexist and nasty of me to (or at least i have been told) but she looks allot like kate micucci, extremely cute in a sorta weird i love nerds like me way. cute either way, but that sorta face i see every now and then, and i love it. damn, i am drunk i think.

  2. Mount Everest is not the worlds tallest mountain. It is the world's tallest peak. The tallest mountain is actually in Hawaii. Mauna Kea is the world's tallest mountain. Stupid kid…

  3. How many teachers do you know grade papers at school with two bottles of wine at their desk….vid was not rational…therefore not funny…try again!!!!!!!!!

  4. for a second I wondered why little kids were doing square roots, then i remembered long division. Oh trigonometry you've gotten the better of me

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  6. @Stop Yelling At Me Productions u might want to refrain from addressing my son as a nigga otherwise I am glad that u found him interesting

  7. I traveled here after seeing Orange is the new black. I have to see everything with Lauren Lapkus now!

  8. Oh goodness, just looked through some of the comments. Is everyone totally clueless or what? The show is called "Oranges: the new black"

  9. In reality, the black kid wouldn't have the answers unless the question was about nay nay shit…

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