Teacher Flipping Out Throws Stuff in Classroom
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Teacher Flipping Out Throws Stuff in Classroom

this teacher is from tennessee and he was
fired after getting nervous breakdown is classroom he actually ended up upto into chairs a garbage
can uh… unsightly tables a garbage can and it chair during his eleventh grade algebra
class we actually have video of this one of the students was taking video with that his
cellphone let’s watch the video and i’ll give you more details on this story ally strapped star vit did exploded gold that you can’t stop smiling at his size cattle you know what prompted an arctic not
accurate hypothetical category caitlyn bus cocaine here battleground coax hypothetically it a lot about the state so hacer all right so as you can see in the beginning it starts off pretty bad he tells them to
shut up and everyone laughing it’s chaotic in the classroom and it escalates the point where he’s throwing
things around to be honest alot admits about video so many times and in the beginning it
almost seems like he’s joking around with the students kazi has like this grin on his
face so i know that if i were not classroom i wouldn’t necessarily taken that seriously
but that’s where the ancient poorly flips out it was is it and you know some of the
students got scared they got out of the classroom uh… and to some of the uneven uh… go to
any of their other classes for the rest of the day because they were so distraught over
what happened tank were your thoughts on this video first of all shut you off infant but that was like they were part of your and so now of course pag yeah i got an idea if your teacher but most of the kids that’s crazy darkness
not anywhere c equally crazy i mean is that was our conversation here yet now i agree guilty one hundred-percent
he’s been a teacher for thirty two years and that’s the part that really interests me the fact that you can be a teacher
for so long or you can work in any profession for so long and you never know how it’s gonna and well you never know when you get a flickr
shipments cogeco creativity go crazy and lose everything you know what they were in a matthewschuhmann
at thirty two years not guilty really upset disney put no wonder boldchat thirty-two wrecking years right now
it piece like you know what i have not left pittance that’s for the time that she and you just let it
all go well authorities came of course and they talk
to him and they said that he suffered a nervous breakdown and when he was talking to police
she wasn’t making much sense so he was completely out of it goteti a little part of me does sympathize with them
a little bit first of all you can throw chairs you can tell anything you kids that’s crazy
but i can understand having a nervous breakdown when you’re dealing with unruly kids day-in
and day out some part of me feels kinda bad for him but then of course another part of me is like
no did you can do that you got it you have find a better way to manage your emotions
when you’re in the classroom like how did you know i have uh… solution
princeton uh… he’s gotta go right and there’s gotta be something
out of its fired adequate suspension whatever design csc consequences you can throw stuff
like that great but the flip side is met it’s if he decides to retire whatever demonstration dot like don’t mess with that ok so in that
sense let him go he’s got his time and imagine being in that classroom for thirty
two for two years you lose your mind to it

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100 thoughts on “Teacher Flipping Out Throws Stuff in Classroom

  1. Given the fact that kids are so out of control these days…….I don't blame the teacher for snapping and lashing out like that.

  2. my teacher lobed a chair after we kept putting a chair in front of the door when he went out to sort out kids he sent out

  3. Lol if you can't handle kids in a ghetto school then don't be a teacher there it's common sense bunch of dumbasses

  4. Oh boy. Why couldn't you Record with a 4K go pro at least.. what year dose this take place cause that's some horrible quality.

  5. its terryfying that he worked at my school after this job he retired last year and i would have had him had he not cause the class i was in was his class. luckily his replacement was super chill

  6. That was just awesome, these kids now are such assholes. I never disrespected my teachers and no one else did, maybe one dick student every now and then, but I if I had a whole class full of them I’d do the same

  7. You can tell that the guy was getting angrier and angrier yet the students still pushed him to his breaking Point

  8. so yeah dear colleagues like the reporter said, "at the beginning he has a grin on his face" we are forbidden to smile at the students. stay serious like a robot. it's the only way students will listen :/

  9. Not all the students are bad but the teacher should have had those big mouth disrespecting students taken out of the room. I would be so ashamed to be the parents of those disgusting students. Not all students are there to learn but it is also disrespectfull to the students that are there to learn. Things should not have escalated to this point and yes it was wrong for the teacher to react this way but I'm sure he had already had enough from those UGLY rude and disrespectful students tauting him.

  10. Young or old teachers…is not the point… "Urban Kids"??? I am not a teacher and I'm more disgusted by the behavior of the students…who would not have a nervous breakdown?

  11. I went to this school years ago.
    Teachers were occasionally disrespected,
    but not like this.
    Those kids are worthless.

  12. Somehow I feel that the teacher is the victim here. Day after day of being abused with disrespect and goaded on by a bunch of miscreants who you are trying to HELP must be a living nightmare.

  13. My teacher did that but she took off her clothes and got naked and ran around the whole school they had to take us for a walk and im in second grade im not supposed to see that like. Bruh

  14. one provocative student can flip the teacher and the whole class. If Im the teacher and this lil shit provokes me I call his parents I talk to the principal , I'd kick him out of my class period. I just get rid of him this way. no need to be angry.

  15. And the Trump admin wants to arm teachers with weapons.. what joke! That guy clearly lost it. But those students were assholes and he probably had all he could take. That has to be one of the worst jobs on the planet, to deal with defiant students for as many years as he did. I, as a teacher would have walked out to never come back!

  16. You “Young Turks” don’t know how f’ing stressful it is trying to teach apathetic and rebellious students. In most states, paddling has been outlawed! There is no deterrent left to discourage disrespect and rebelliousness!

    I had a dream to teach math to middle school students as my second career; I only lasted 2.5 years! I was not fired; I quit because of insurmountable stress.

  17. That class student must be very difficult to teach, look like their are not there to learn, some how i feel bad for the teacher, he been teach for over 30 years, his stress finally got to him.

  18. Bratty entitled kids. Yes, he shouldn't of thrown anything but parents need to disipline their brats to not act like buffoons in class.

  19. The news caster got it wrong. This was sophomores not juniors. Why do I know this? Because I was the sophomore that got bumped to his seniors' algebra 2 class because the class was full. These were my peers in school and I'm very ashamed to admit that. That classroom was half the size of other classrooms in the school but this class consisted of 30 students.
    I won't lie a lot of us found the teacher and his teaching style a scattered, but he didn't deserve this.

  20. Y’all don’t know this but I actually have him for my algebra 2 teacher and all of my friends were like he is crazy he was on the news for throwing chairs , I would expose him but I won’t 😂

  21. Yes you would…the kids were rude before he told them to shut up…even still teacher must not lose their cool …remain calm no matter what …thats key

  22. Terrible, poor man ..I feel bad for him , and for the kids, too..if they’d showed him just a little bit more respect..and hadn’t laughed openly at him like that..my generation never would have behaved that way..things have got to get much better for both teachers and their students..

  23. I have this teacher for math. His name is mr.woods he teaches at Shelbyville central high school. He is a crazy teacher, I think he has mental issues.

  24. All of those punks that provoked the incident should be suspended (if not expelled). Maybe during their suspension they have to serve the entire sentence in a jail cell with a hardcore inmate doing 25 years to life!

  25. My old school and my old teacher dude was driven crazy
    Almost got the fighting with two students cause they where doing the same shit until I snapped on them cause I needed my algebra to ge my credit

  26. It was sad. Mr. Wood came to my school after this. He retired just last year. His wife had cheated and divorced him the day of this video. It wasn't just the kids. But now he lives in a penthouse in Nashville with his new wife he met in China. The guy hasn't had it easy and I'm glad things finally worked out for him.

  27. There are mental ill psychopaths walking all over the institutions in our society, from doctors, teachers, priest, politicians, policemen, psychologists. it's a mad world it's simply to hard for words, people in positions of power destroy this world

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