Teacher Feature – Lindsay Meekhof & Kelly Standridge
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Teacher Feature – Lindsay Meekhof & Kelly Standridge

Lindsay Meekhof: I’m Lindsay Meekhof.
Kelly Standridge: I’m Kelly Standridge. Lindsay: and we are teachers at
Taylor Road Middle School. Kelly: and this is our…
Both: Teacher Feature! *music* *Sound effects:
school bell / talking children* Lindsay: We were named…
Kelly: …the Georgia Council for
Exceptional Children Co-Teachers of the Year for last school year. *music* Kelly: It’s working collaboratively…
Lindsay: uh-huh
Kelly: …in the classroom. Lindsay: So every child can be successful and get the benefit of two of us in the classroom. *music* Kelly: Co-planning.
Linidsay: Co-planning. Absolutely! Kelly: You’re good at taking ideas and then you plug them into the curriculum… Lindsay: and she’s
really good in showing new ways to try things Lindsay: and new ways to support. *music* Lindsay: We get to
bounce off each other and we’re having fun. …filters into the kids and we’re able to do a variety of different opportunities
for kids to learn. *music* Kelly: They need to care about the students so that everyone feels valued. Lindsay: Compassion and patience. You’re there. You’re gonna be there for
them. I think both of those go hand in hand. *music* Kelly: You had a homeroom student who would
come in and he would say the same phrase every day. Which is…?
Lindsay: “You’re awesome!” Kelly: We just realized right then what special kids we have. Lindsay: It was a wonderful defining
moment for us. *music* Lindsay: I used to be able to play the piano.
Kelly: Oooh!
Lindsay: I probably still can. Kelly: I used to be able to say the alphabet backwards.
Lindsay: What?!? (laughs) Kelly: Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, Q, P, O,
N, M… L, K, J, I, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A! Lindsay: Awesome! That was so good! *music* Lindsay: Mine would be a dog because they enjoy
being around people but they also have the flexibility to be comfortable and
cozy and take naps. Kelly: Owl. …and I think about that because they’re
always looking around and I think I’m always looking around for something new.
Lindsay: That’s a good one.
Kelly: …something different. *music* Lindsay: The opportunity to work with a colleague and learn from them. Kelly: Sometimes I’ll pick up on something a kid needs. But, at other times you’ve noticed something I was completely oblivious to.
Lindsay: Uh huh. Kelly: Kids with exceptionalities… they feel they belong. They feel they’re contributing. Kelly: Everyone is accepted and valued in an inclusion class.
Lindsay: It’s a win-win for everybody.
Kelly: Yeah. *music*

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