Teacher Education Master’s Programs at SDSU
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Teacher Education Master’s Programs at SDSU

As a teacher it’s incredibly important to further your education in order to stay current with all of the research and studies that are going on I’m learning about cutting edge strategies I’m learning about current research I’m learning about new technologies that I can take and use in my classroom Literacy is the foundation to a student’s education and when I have a student who struggles in reading, before joining the master’s program I had no clue how to support them I could give them a few strategies here and there, but it really wasn’t as in depth or detailed as particular students require If you asked me, probably 3 or 4 years ago if I would have been in a master’s program I would have said no, no way I think it’s helped me realize my full potential as an educator and it’s a very rewarding experience when you are challenged and you come out on the other end, the better for it By constantly challenging yourself and learning new things you can really help your students It actually took me a couple years to build the confidence to even try to do the application to get into this program I’m so glad that I did because I did much better than I thought I could It’s not just for teachers that teach english I’m a science teacher and I’ve learned so much about how I can be a more effective teacher in my own classroom If you are looking for work, you will meet other teachers who are already in the field and you will meet professors who know people so you definitely have a chance to network professionally I feel that this program really helped me develop the skills that I need to sort of feel confident in being the professional math teacher that I am today and so for anybody who’s thinking about maybe joining I would just say just do it and you’ll probably be surprised in yourself

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