Teacher and Pastor Turned Innkeepers
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Teacher and Pastor Turned Innkeepers

>>Everyone has their own way of doing things. Just to keep things harmonious, it’s important when you work with your spouse
to have a distinct division of labor. I cook, he cleans up.>>We got married in 1986. We had stayed at all bed-and-breakfasts. And then it was Linda who said,
“Well, this would be a fun thing to do, someday.” We’re both people people, so this was a very natural place for us to move into. I was a parish pastor for 25 years.>>I was a family consumer science teacher. Most people know that as home economics.>>All the time I was in college, I worked,
either full or part time, at a restaurant. I looked back, and I thought,
“You know, I loved being a waiter.” So it’s my favorite job, and I’m back doing it.>>You never know who’s going to walk in your door,
and that’s really fun.>>For anybody going into a second career,
do what you love. Don’t do it because you’re trying to make a million. No one’s really going to remember that million, but they are going to remember the things you’ve done
or how you’ve been with people, and that’s what really counts.

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