Teach Children Skiing | Episode 1 : Introduction and Equipment
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Teach Children Skiing | Episode 1 : Introduction and Equipment

Can you look at the camera bud? Can you smile? Hi everybody, this is Nicholas and this is Will and this is Teach Children
Skiing Episode 1. Hi everybody, I’m Nicholas Clark I’m the director of
merchandising at Level Nine Sports. I’m a father of three and a lifelong skier. I’ve taught my two oldest kids how to ski. I’m now teaching my four-year-old
how to ski. I’m going to share some of my knowledge of skiing with my kids and teaching them how to ski with you guys through this video series and hopefully
you gain some good insight to teaching your own kids how to ski because it’s a
sport that you can do with your family and it’s a lifelong sport that they can
participate in for many years to come. This series is going to be focused on
children learning to ski ages two to eight. There is a differences out there
teaching adults versus older kids and younger kids follow along and we’ll go
through some of those details. “Ready to put your ski boots on?” “No” “No?” Your children’s skis don’t need to be
any longer than chin height. Don’t worry about kids growing into their skis. Shorter is better. Shorter is going to be more maneuverable and easier for them to be more comfortable getting the basics of skiing. “Who taught you how to put socks on?” Your kids ski boots need to be comfortable. It’s important that they fit.
When learning if your boots don’t fit, if they’re uncomfortable it’s going to make
for a long day and most kids are just not going to want to ski. It’s a very
common thing for people to not want to ski because they’ve had a bad experience
with boots. So, take the time and make sure your kids boots fit. If they’re a little on the big side an extra pair of socks is okay. Especially why they’re learning. Kids should always be wearing helmets and parents you should be wearing a
helmet if they’re wearing a helmet. A good fitting helmet is going to be snug
not too tight not too loose to do their job it’s got a stay in place protect
your kids and protect yourselves “It’s too bright” “Oh, its to bright? Wanna put your goggles down?” Eye protection is important as well. Goggles, sunglasses there’s a lot of
light coming off the snow On a snowy day goggles are always better On a sunny day, leave it up to them. The other thing you throw on any exposed skin put some sunblock on there it can get sunburned very quickly. Mittens are always a good
choice. Mittens are always going to be warmer and easier to get on and off for
mom and dad. Your kids are going to beg for them, but
as much as you can while they’re learning they don’t need ski poles. Ski pole will get in the way. Focus on your skis. Focus on your turns
and your stops. Leave the poles at home until they’re
much more advanced. Parents, when you’re teaching your kids how to ski try to
find the smallest pair of skis you can even a pair of ski blades help. It makes
it easy to maneuver get around help the kids as much as possible about your
equipment getting in the way. Another key piece of equipment is a wedgease or a tip
connector. Anything that keeps their tips together on their skis will help them
keep their tips together and snowplow easier when they’re learning. A ski harness is another piece of equipment that’s nice. you can use it to help
control your kids speed from behind them you can use it to introduce them to
different parts of the mountain, to ensure that they’re not going to go too
fast down steeper terrain. The other handy thing you can use it for a lot of the harness systems that are out there have a little handle that makes it easy
to grab the kid and get them up on the chairlift as well. Thanks for watching teach children how to ski. Follow along with all our episodes for all the tips and techniques we offer for teaching your children how to ski Thanks and have fun out on the hill. “Thanks for watching!”

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  1. +Level Nine Sports. Information. Ski helpers makes
    good results– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbifHGiF1zw
    Ски хелперы дают хороший результат–"Горнолыжник Алеша (1.5 ГОДА !!!) уверенно проходит "змейку"".

  2. Why is your ski harness so high ? Shouldn't it be lower around the hips near the center of gravity instead of around the chest?

  3. Watching this video to get some tips on how to teach my friend who has never skied before 😅 we’re in high school
    I’ll definitely look into older-teen videos

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  5. This is so awesome. Ski lessons are $100+ per session per child so you’re saving our family of 3 young kids a thousand dollars or more per season. Thank you !!

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