Talking to Moroccan teenagers | International Education Week
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Talking to Moroccan teenagers | International Education Week

At school, by watching tv I was a gamer, so I just picked some English words like [unintelligible], headshot, monster kill, multi kill When I was, like, five or six, by watching basketball games, NBA and stuff. It was like really annoying when I didn’t understand English. I was on social media and all, and I like started to talk to, like, random people. I learned basic English in school and I developed my English through movies from music reading science fiction movies and YouTube from YouTube and from music videos I studied English, like, really hard and then that’s it. To go out from the house unless, if it is Sunday, then I will stay home and read a book Try every challenge, every new challenge Like friends, I like friends Just listen to some music, maybe read a bit In my free time, I like to play basketball. Probably just basketball. Well, I’m a k-pop fan, but I like many things, like anything but country Well, I read a lot of books. I love reading. I like to read manga. Like in long free time, I like to travel. I would love to study politics, but abroad, not in Morocco, and I would love to go to Switzerland and study international affairs and then come back to Morocco. I’m planning to go to France to continue the studies for marketing. Engineering I actually want to go to med school because I really love medicine and want to like know more about it. I would like to do expert-comptable, l’expertise and you know, it’s like– it’s for seven years after the Baccalaureat so that’s my goal. As I said, NBA, man. I don’t have a specific idea, since I’m a middle-schooler and I’m just–I’m just not really thinking about that but I guess I want to do something art-related since I love art and like I wish I could do something that would inspire people since like I’m not a pretty confident person but I want people to think, yeah, she’s doing something cool, she’s great. Math! I just hope to be accepted in a good university. At school, I like that we’re like a big family. Everyone knows each other. We’re like a big family. I like that people are so humble and they are like so kind and hospitality in Morocco is, like, phenomenal and you can live with people and you don’t feel that you are different. It’s so safe here and I feel at home and I wouldn’t feel the same if I was somewhere else. I like the places in Morocco: the mountains, the Sahara, the beach Genereux, generous I think that what I like the best is that here in Morocco we’re very united and there’s a kind of solidarity between us. Whenever someone has a problem, everyone is trying to help to fix it and this is good. This is great, actually, yeah. People are so humble and welcoming and also the food is great here in Morocco. The nicest people on earth. I want to tell Americans that they are welcome in here and they come, and they can come whenever they want to. The food is so delicious! There is couscous, pastilla… It’s a diverse country you can find, like, developed cities and also you can find very traditional cities with humble people and, like, so little in their life. I like that it is a country where everyone can live because here people are accepting everyone, like whenever somebody is new, here people just try to make them understand things and accept them, like, easily. I just want to tell that all Muslims and Arabs, in general, are not terrorists. That’s it! [laughs] I would love to tell them to travel as most as they can, to get to know other cultures, and to embrace them, and to have other perspectives, right, and they are welcome anytime in Morocco. Morocco is the best place in the world. Welcome to Morocco. Welcome!

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  1. hi kids! if you really want to talk to moroccan teenagers go to brussels and find out what they are really like.

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