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Talking Dems: Michael Bennet | The Daily Show

– There’s someone right there with a hand. Yes, do you have a question? – I’m a teacher, and I’d just like to know what you would do as president as far as our Secretary of Education goes? What are the most important things to you when you’re putting someone in charge of education? (crowd cheering) – What do you teach? – [Audience Member] Fourth grade. I don’t want to talk
about the math problem. (crowd laughing) – I was just so happy that I got it right. I can’t tell you. First of all thank you. – [Audience Member] And this
is a social worker next to me. – Thank you for teaching the fourth grade. Thank you for being a social worker. (crowd clapping) I would like to put somebody in that job whose walked in the footsteps of the teachers in this country and also the kids in this country that are living in poverty. (crowd clapping) For reasons that I won’t get into when I was first running for this job I often got accused of not being qualified in the Senate, which was
meant to hurt my feelings and people would say here’s
why you’re not qualified cause you’ve never run for office before and I’d say you know what I wish people did before they went to the Senate, teach in a high poverty school for 10 years of your life. So you can understand what’s
going on in this country and on just the teacher pay question, which you didn’t ask,
but I’ll just mention. We gotta understand people that we are living in a country where we have inherited a system of paying teachers that was developed when we had a labor market that
discriminated against women and said you can have two professions one is being a teacher
and one is being a nurse and the whole design of it still imagines that humans are shackled to that labor market and
it doesn’t exist anymore and until we figure that out we’re never gonna pay teachers as the professionals that they are. We’re gonna continue to lose 50% of them in the first five years of the profession and this achievement gap that we have in this country
will never be solved. One of the reasons I’m running is I’d like to be the education president. (crowd cheering) – We’ve got time for one more. Yes, sir in the tie. – Hi thank you for taking my question. My name is Vladamir. I work for city council and one of the questions constituents always ask is regarding gentrification
– that seems to be a thing nationwide really
in regards to big cities. But we understand that… So their concerns always in terms of affordable housing, is that the guidelines and criteria to determine
affordable housing doesn’t match, right? So what they’ll say is, what
they claim is low income, is high income for a lot
of especially New Yorkers. And we understand that is something that’s linked to the federal government. So how, if any, fix you
would have for that? – First let me say that I used to work for a mayor and one of my jobs was going to city council on Monday night to get yelled at by the city council and the first night I
ever got back from that my kids were very young
and they had seen it on TV and all they wanted to know was, how did you get inside the television set (crowd laughing) and what did you do to make
those people so mad at you? (crowd laughing) So, I know a little bit, but I think there are three things. One we gotta fully fund housing vouchers in this country, half the people that are eligible for housing vouchers in America don’t get
those housing vouchers. Second, we have to
build a lot more housing in the United States
and that’s gonna require much better alignment
between the federal programs that you’re talking about
and local governments decisions on zoning and
all of us in America are gonna have to suck it up and realize that we’re gonna need to have more density in this country if we’re actually gonna
have affordable housing and some of the most progressive cities in this country are the least embracing of that sort of housing and third a point that you didn’t ask about, but it’s related, we’ve gotta figure out how to address evictions in
the United States of America because we are destroying families, the ability of people to hold a job and hang on to housing because to often we use the remedy of eviction when a less onerous remedy could actually make the difference. So, thanks. – Ladies and gentleman. (crowd applauding) Senator Michall Bennet. Thank you very much. (upbeat music)

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100 thoughts on “Talking Dems: Michael Bennet | The Daily Show

  1. You know candidates like this run for President to get ideas out there but the primary reason is it's a bonus season to raise campaign funds, his staff can run his office while he's away.

  2. I'm not from USA but I'd be so happy for the people of usa if Michael Bennett gets appointed in a secretariat position in the next federal government. It appears he's the kinda guy who gets the job done despite bragging for credits.

  3. Wish we could roll up all the democratic candidates into one blob and elect them to office. The only thing I don't support that a fair amount of progressive candidates support is reparations. I don't like it for a lot of reasons but the two main reasons are it instutitonalizes the racialization of the United States for the first time since Jim Crow. The difference between reparations and affirmative action which I do support, is with affirmative action race is a factor acknowledged and considered in broader context while with reparations it is THE factor, that categorizes indiscriminately. More importantly, reparations don't actually solve the disparities in wealth, income, education, healthcare, health outcome, employment discrimination, or treatment by and exposure to the criminal justice system. If we pass reparations it won't do anything to reform the criminal justice system, clean the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, allocate more resources to under funded public schools etc etc. But, it could very well be used as an excuse by legislatures and public officials to dismiss these issues by reasoning that reparations solved all these racial inequities with a magic wave of the wand.

  4. This shows how much CNN debates suck. You learn nothing about the candidates. Even the marginal ones, I want to hear their ideas – they may have ideas that could be taken up by candidates who are more likely to win the nomination.

  5. He just needs to drop out. All these candidates like Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg etc all have something in common, they lack policy. Sure they can sound smooth and inspiring but if they don’t have any policy that differentiates them from other candidates then we might as well just vote for the candidate with the best policy

  6. Dude looks like the father in Malcolm in the middle AND the youngest son in Malcolm in the middle at the same time.

  7. Education has never been more critical than it is now…that is why the GOP has done their best to dismantle it. The population is much easier to manipulate without it

  8. We need these good senators who are running for president to STAY in the senate and help get their ideas implemented. If not in the senate, then almost every candidate would be a great person on the new president’s cabinet. Like the knowledgeable ones like Wang on technology and infrastructure, this senator as education member, etc. we have a whole damn cabinet in just these presidential candidates. Let’s do it for once and put the country first by selecting the best candidate,not the ones that the big donors want.

  9. So I think I know the two candidates I will vote for, Elizabeth Warren because I believe she is the most prepared front runner, but Michael Bennett is my favorite underdog in this election and I would honestly not mind one bit if he got the nomination

  10. Aaaand another democratic candidate who would make a much better POTUS than Twitler…and probably a better one than Biden as well.

  11. So because there are more men teaching and nursing, now it is important to give them a fair wage. But if those jobs were still women only jobs he wouldnt give a shit? Thats what i took from that 1st question. Maybe i misinterpreted that wrong but thats how i took it. Just tell us who you want in charge of education ahead if time! That was the dam question!

  12. Public education is constantly under attack and student loan debt discourages many from going to college.This is by conservative political design. Because you can't grow a slave wage workforce if you allow just anyone to get a good education

  13. He's been bought off by Big Pharma and Corporate Insurance. If he can be bought by them, it means "education" nad "housing" are just lip service and will go away the instant he gets a bribe to look the other way. No thanks. We've already had enough presidents like that.

  14. For the record, working people have already been "sucking it up". How about making your billionaire pals suck it up for a while?

  15. Please Trevor if you can, talk about Brailsford, the police officer who murdered Daniel Shaver and was later rehired and has a 2500 dollars a month pension.

  16. Michael Bennett is a wonderful, patriotic, empathetic, helpful man. He would make a wonderful president — or Mayor. He would be good in any position for helping others.

  17. Hey you! yes you reading this, you look really good today! also, I'm just an african immigrant who just started a page for vlogging, photography, motivation, advice, reviews, and reactions. If any of those things sound interesting to you, check it out!!! or don't. This is a comment, not the law.

  18. More housing? Hell no! Deforestation is a WAY bigger problem that would only be made worse if we did this! How about we just stop having so many goddamn kids? We could take responsibility for ourselves at ANY POINT.

  19. This is what I saying…I know only one Dem can win the Presidential Run but there is so much Cabinet Post talent among those running it would be a shame to waste it. Secretly I hope they are all gathering and discussing this on the DL…

  20. So how would things go down if Mr. Noah were to invite Republican candidates on the show? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the Dems. But isn't that what democracy is about; to hear out all sides in (preferably) total objectivity? Sorry, this question just popped up in my head. I know it might never happen, but I thought it could potentially be interesting.

  21. I find it funny that so much attention is paid to Democratic policies and positions.
    But t'rump won with empty promises and slogans that could fit on a hat.
    I guess it goes to show…
    America isn't really very smart. 🤔

  22. Any network broadcasting in english which does not see the tremendous potential over the long term, in Trevor Noah … are idiots. And indeed it is likely in 5 yrs or so, many high paid tv stars, anchors, hosts will ne less popular than Noah.

  23. I'm shocked every time I hear a democratic presidential candidate speak how used to Trump's way of speaking I've become. It is such a stark contrast between all candidates and Trump. Any candidate would be world's better

  24. How can you be FREE from these narratives?  "I need to work to pay my bills…I need to please other people all the time…I need to be perfect at everything I do…I never can be vulnerable, otherwise people will make fun of me…"

    Here's a meaningful conversation I had with my friend and coach colleague Alison Dubbins on those topics. Enjoy, share the video, subscribe to the channel! Let's talk!

  25. 1:27 "You can have two professions. One is being a teacher, and one is being a nurse…" LOL! Reminds me of the old board game "What shall I be?" (which also included flight attendant, actress, model, and ballerina). Anytime someone gets nostalgic about what a great world we had in the 60's, I think of that game and laugh.

  26. ugh…why did I click on this? Bennett embodies what's wrong with the democratic party. He has taken over one million dollars in BRIBES from bankers (source:opensecrets)

    Fuck off Bennett.

  27. So all the empty housing isn't available to people? All the places that are open aren't available unless the credit companies say you can live. Fuck off, rich man. You are out of touch and out of reach.

  28. Ashe for you Trevor, thank you for bringing all of the candidates into a spotlight where they can articulate themselves intelligently. I cant say thank you enough

  29. his debate was a knock on democrates ….. wants corporate america to take care of healthcare….. he is not a universal healthcare for all candidate… he is a corporate monied big corporate interest dem ….not a good choice sorry nada nope zilch zip it…

  30. Two Hong Kong police officers were caught red-handed when torturing a 62yo detainee arrested for assault on police (reported to be unrelated to the anti-ELAB movement) at the isolation ward of North District Hospital. The hospital sent the video footage as evidence to Legislative Councillor Lam Cheuk-ting. Lam released the video at a press conference today with the detainee's sons to show how their father was tortured for at least 20 minutes.

    Credit to: Lawmaker Mr. Lam, Democratic Party, 國際文宣組

    full eng subtitle vid below


  31. Listening to Senator Bennet answer questions you forgot to ask shows his confidence and understanding of issue at hand. Send those Questions to grandpa Donald. The answers will be more confusing.

  32. I live in Denver, so for the record, I remember he was the superintendent of Denver Public Schools (immediately) before becoming a senator. His administration was known for closing struggling neighborhood schools (including Manual High School, which historically served Black students) and replacing them with charter schools. Still, I like him more than Hickenlooper. Bennet has a better ability to read the room.

  33. I was waiting for him to give an actual example of what he intends to do for teachers, and like usual, he lays out this politician style vague description of the issue and ramifications, but NO SOLUTION. This is why I won't vote for him or any candidate that doesn't actually offer ideas, and instead wastes time with vague double-talk.

    If you actually support this guy after seeing this, then you weren't really listening or paying attention, nor are you asking the right questions like "How do you intend to do that?"

  34. When a politician says" we gotta figure out… …… .", He's totally full of shit and doesn't have a clue on what to do. I like the guy who says " This is what were going to do" –

  35. You gotta salute than man cause he understands the trouble that the common people, you and I face, even though I'm not American and don't relate to the most issues they face but I think every country especially developing countries could really benefit from someone like him

  36. Not to mention, how are we ever going to get and retain high quality STEM teachers when the salaries don't come anywhere close to what those people could make working in places like Silicon Valley, LA, or NY. Teach math and have a max salary of $100k halfway through your career, and that's if you have a PhD, or go work in tech and have that be your starting salary and unlimited potential to make more? And which do you think students who are the first and only people in their families to have a shot at breaking out of poverty would choose? Those are the people we need in classrooms because they are usually better equipped to empathize with some of the most difficult struggles kids can experience. And that's one of the reasons most teachers are straight white women. There are a lot more of them who have socio-economic backgrounds (family, a partner who has a well paying job…) that allow them choose a profession as thankless as teaching than anyone else.

  37. he doesn’t really strike me as Presidential, but then again Donald Trump has been President for almost 4 years and that’s become to norm so…

  38. people make fun of these guys and gals for not being the chosen ones, but when you actually listen to them and think for yourself they make good points

  39. Its ironical but true, when late night show ask the correct questions, provide better platform for the candidates contesting the highest office in the land and we get to hear their views, whereas on any news channel, all you see is people looking for gossip and throwing shade on others or bickering about useless comments

  40. The Black Daily Show! Good for you Trevor!!! Do you hate your white side? I hope you dont! Because you are a privileged 1/2 black/white dude. So. Can you talk about hate and that it is bad? Oh right. It is only hate if you are white. Thanks!

  41. We have to suck it up and have more density?? NO!! That’s part of the problem with our city culture! Cramming people into dense environments is NOT healthy for long term development. This sounds more like a promise to builders to give them contracts to build shitty, cramped, close-quarters, and CHEAP housing. HAVING a home is important, but you’re not serving long term health of people by cramming them into densely populated spaces. Humans need the sense of agency that comes from feeling they have privacy and space to retreat to when they’re tired, worn out emotionally, or feeling vulnerable after a shitty day at work, or just plain want peace and quiet!

  42. He's to the bone with Education… And I love it!
    Bennett may not be ready to be President, but He would make a Hell of a good Secretary of Education.

  43. Trevor face says… Hmmm this guy is boring makes zero sense and there is no way he can’t beat Trump…. Please don’t vote for him!

  44. Educating our kids and started taking ab pay?? No direct answer or concrete plan. Listen to andrew yang who has more solid answers.

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