Taking design thinking from the classroom to the community
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Taking design thinking from the classroom to the community

The honors community within
architecture is really strong. We all hang out. We are friends. We’ve taken classes
together and participated in independent studies and
things of that nature together, which is really a
unique experience. For me, when I started,
it was about how I could help other people. And as I’ve gotten
older, it’s more about how I can help students learn
to think with design thinking. So a lot of what I do now
is teaching other students how to learn the design process. Design for America is a
interdisciplinary group of students that come
together to use the design process to create projects and
attack problems in the area. Looking at the
Blacksburg Community as the first area where they
kind of delve in and talk to users, but then
something that could be scaled up to other
cities and other areas. So, for example,
this last semester, I did a project
sponsored by Chrysler, where we looked at low access
rural areas and ways to improve transportation. So we actually partnered with
Cranwell International Center, and looked at how international
students transition onto campus when they first
arrived in the US.

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