Take a student-led tour of Harvard University
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Take a student-led tour of Harvard University

Well hi, my name is Rae.
I’ll be your tour guide today I’m a senior in Dunster house and I
study astrophysics. So why don’t we go ahead and then look at Harvard University? [UPBEAT MUSIC] So the building behind me is actually
a three-for-one there’s the freshman dining hall
Annenberg, Memorial Hall, and also Sanders Theatre. One cool thing about Memorial
Hall is that it has the second largest collection of Tiffany’s stained glass in
the United States and that glass is also entirely secular. But why don’t we go and
check out Widener next? [UPBEAT MUSIC] So, this building right here is the Harry Elkins Widener
Memorial Library. It was donated to Harvard after Harry unfortunately passed
away when the Titanic sank. His mother gave this building to us, but she did so
with three stipulations. On her first condition, no construction could be done
on the outside of the building. Her second condition, a replica of Harry’s
home study was to be made as a center of the library. And for her third
condition, every Harvard student was actually supposed to pass a swim test in
order to be able to graduate. Those first conditions are actually true, but that
last one is a rumor. So, why don’t we get to the John Harvard statue? [UPBEAT MUSIC] So behind me is the statue of John Harvard it’s the third most photographed statue in the
United States and it’s also known as the statue of three lies. There’s a plaque on
the front that says John Harvard, founder, 1638. None of which is actually true.
John Harvard was not the founder of Harvard University, and that’s actually
not John Harvard. That’s a replica of President Sherman Hoar’s nephew who
happened to be a particularly regal looking guy. That’s the tour today guys I
hope you enjoyed it please join us if you would like to see a longer version
of our tour at the Smith Campus Center.

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