Tackling Climate Change in the MBA Classroom
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Tackling Climate Change in the MBA Classroom

Climate change is one of
the most important issues of our time, and business has
been a major contributor to it. But we also need
business to develop new technologies and business
models to confront this crisis. So at Harvard Business School,
addressing climate change is now part of the curriculum
for every MBA student. We ask students to
grapple with the role that business
leaders should take in governing policies to
address environmental problems. Today’s class was about
the Paris Climate Agreement and the risks and
opportunities for business in international negotiations
and domestic policies. I’d like to understand why. What makes this problem
so difficult to grasp? My greatest takeaway is
the immediacy of the issue. Until governments start
to see the actual costs, businesses may have
to be the leaders. What made today’s
case really special was the fact that we
heard from classmates who come from
developing countries, and then we have people
from developed countries to give a great glimpse into
what conference of parties meetings probably look like
with a range of nations. These gives signaling for
people to try to do it. Innovators are people that
want to create a change to see that there is economic
opportunity in the future. I thought it was essential
for first-year students who take a required class
in climate change because whichever business
position they have, they would have to grapple with
the consequence of these issues Students also learn
new business strategies in electives that focus on
sustainable cities, food and agribusiness, and
reimagining capitalism. Reimagining Capitalism is a
second-year elective course that asks the
students to consider the big problems that we
think are facing the world. Most students come
into the class without the language
or skills to really communicate the severity of
climate change to their peers and in their workplace. So we really want
to address that. We’re connecting students
with alumni and other business leaders who are developing
new products and services that are addressing climate change. Where we go on climate
change is going to be a question of
leadership, and I think HBS is in the business
of curating leaders. And so the question is, what
is the next generational definition of leadership? We have an obligation
as future leaders. Think more about
the impact we’re having on the environment. Ultimately, when it comes to
solving the problem of climate change, maybe even
an HBS student will be right at
the heart of it. Climate change is affecting
business in so many ways. The question we ask our
students is, how will you step up to this challenge? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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