Symmetrical Butterfly Painting | Caitie’s Classroom | Learning Videos For Kids
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Symmetrical Butterfly Painting | Caitie’s Classroom | Learning Videos For Kids

(guitar strums) – Oh hi everybody, look at
these butterflies I made. I made them with some paint
and they are perfectly symmetrical on either side. Symmetrical means that same on both sides. And they’re all different,
but they’re symmetrical. I’ll show you how I did it. All you need is some paper and some paint. I have a couple different colors here. Purple, orange, blue, and yellow. There we go. And to start we take our piece of paper and we have to fold it in half. Line up the edges as best you can and then push them down to make a crease. Like a little book. And then we’ll open it up
and this is going to be the middle of our butterfly. So one half is going to be the exact same as the other half. And I’ll show you how we do it. We’re gonna add some paint
only to one half of the page. How about some yellow. You can just make kind of a mess here. However you like. You can add some dots. That was a lot of paint. How about some purple? I’m gonna make some little
lines with the purple. There we go. And finally some orange. Some dots of orange. And maybe one big line, whoosh. Alright, I think this is gonna look great. Now we fold our paper back
over on that same line we made before. And then push down. Push down nice and hard. Some paint might squeeze out. And you can just dab it up with a cloth. Alright then we’ll open it
back up and see our butterfly. Here we go. Whoa, look at that! Beautiful. And it’s the exact same on both sides. The paint we put on one side
stamped onto the other side the exact same way. We can finish up our
butterfly once this is dry. So we’ll put it aside for now, and you can see I made
some other ones earlier. And they’re all different,
but they’re symmetrical. Same on each side. I’ll pick one to make our
finished butterfly with. How about, maybe I’ll
use this one right here. This one’s got lots of
different colors on it. So once it’s dry, we can
fold it back up like this and I’m going to use a
little pencil crayon, you can use a pencil, to draw
half of a butterfly’s wing. Like this. Kind of looks like the top
of a heart, doesn’t it? Then we’ll use some scissors
to cut along the line. Doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s still gonna be
symmetrical on the inside. And that’s the important part. All the way around. There we go. Put this aside, let’s open it up and see. Very nice. I love all those colors,
the yellow and the blue and the red. Then I made a butterfly
body with just some black construction paper. I fold that in half too, and
cut out a butterfly shape. Then I took two pieces of
black construction paper and cut them really thin, glued them on, and just curled the ends with a pencil. And that’s gonna be our
butterfly body right here. I use a little bit of glue to glue it on. I think it’s gonna be really pretty. All around. And on it goes to complete
our perfectly symmetrical butterfly wings. Look at that. So nice! Hello butterfly. You can try this at home,
your butterfly wings will be different than mine, but they’ll
be perfectly symmetrical. Make sure to share it on social media and use the hashtag #catiesclassroom so I can see what you made. I can’t wait to see what
your butterfly looks like. Bye, bye butterfly. (soft music) – [Narrator] Woo!

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