Sydney Metro Education: Australia’s first fully-automated rail system
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Sydney Metro Education: Australia’s first fully-automated rail system

Hello, my name is Tom Gellibrand. We’re
about to open a world-class metro system for Sydney. Sydney Metro is delivering
new fast and reliable trains. But this amazing transport service for the people
of Sydney hasn’t happened overnight. Our customers have put frequency of services
at the top of their list. Safety and reliability are also really important to
them. So we’ve researched trains and their technology right around the world,
before deciding on a fully automated system for Sydney – an Australian first.
There’ll be fifteen metro trains an hour in the peak – and that’s a train every
four minutes, with plenty of room to grow in the future. Safety is our number one
priority – technology like platform screen doors will keep people and objects like
trams away from the train tracks and allow trains to get in and out of
stations much faster. Again, this is an Australian first. Our team of expert
train controllers will control all aspects of the train controls. Our system will be fully accessible and that means lifts at every
station with level access from the platforms all the way through to the
trains. All of these fantastic features were thoroughly researched and
the ideas and technology were tested so that we could deliver an outstanding
product and service. Around the world, every day millions of people use fully
automated train networks in cities like Paris, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. Now we will have a safe and reliable fully automated train technology here in
Sydney. I can’t wait to welcome you aboard Sydney Metro in 2019. We’re always
improving at Sydney Metro and I invite you to join us on that journey.

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