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100 thoughts on “Swapping Houses with College BOYS for 24 Hours

  1. What is your favorite holiday?? Comment below! ✅

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    💋 – Bailey

  2. I have always thought you where a couple years older than me but I have just realised that we are the same age😂 born 2001

  3. Brooklyn u should date the person who said that they took care of the pup and slept in the most comfortable bed😁🥰 y’all would be cute🥰🥰🥰🤍💙💙

  4. I don’t know if Brooklyn or bailey will see this but if you do know how long should it y’all for me to get a MyScara I ordered can you tell me because I ordered mine in September lol

  5. Do more of these collaborations. This was hands down the best video you have made to date.

  6. I love how the guys are like "here lets label all the drawers for them and make sure they know we love them" and the girls are like "CRYING BABY MWUAHAHAHAH"

  7. Oh, Bethany’s is for SURE the great aunt smell!😂
    I think Brooklyn is Caramel,
    Bailey is Peppermint,
    And Tina is Antique shop 😂😂😂

    I really think I’m right on this one, guys

  8. I thought this video could help break the stereotype that college boys and wild and kinda stupid

    Spoiler alert: It didn’t

  9. The boys pooperie fight was amazing. All of the boys activities were so funny and amazing 😂😂 it reminded me of my recording class which is all boys and they are nuts the other day one walked around the school in a dress walking into random classrooms and flossing and the other boy microwaved a pencil

  10. I think I'll survive in the boys' house because all of my friends think of me as a boy anyway. But like, I think y'all should do this again

  11. Why do college boys always looks way older than college girls 😂😂 in the thumbnail it looks like Brooklyn and her freind are on some Disney channel show and the 2 guys look like their about to sell u a house

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