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100 thoughts on “Suspended student: I hug all my teachers

  1. Im watching alot of these stupid videos about how schools are retarded, and im about to go ballistic. Why are people so FUCKING RETARDED

  2. Lmao in middle school we had this guidance counselor who for some reason would always put his hand on your knee when your went to his office to talk to him. Everyone laughed about it and talked about it through highschool.

  3. I mean I think it's kinda weird to hug teachers but maybe it's an American thing, but this guy seems like a great guy and is super gentle and respectable, I have no idea why they would suspend him for an entire year. I've never seen a teacher get in trouble for waving their ass in my face while talking to another student or breathing right in my face while talking to me at my desk though.

  4. oh shit I hugged all my teachers before summer vacation started, should I bring myself in for being a sex offender??

  5. My fucking science teacher grabbed my friends hood and choked him, not even kidding and the school didn't do anything about it

  6. She tries to move his hand then he wraps the other one around. If you watch closely it does look as if he kissed her neck. She pushed him off and his reaction isn't one of confusion like it should be if he did nothing wrong, instead he ignores her reaction. Watch it again.

  7. Humans are social creatures! We express friendship and comfort through physical contact be that anything between a pat on the back to sexual intimacy. No the guy wasn't rubbin up on her but a simple hug is FINE if there's no objection. The guy said she was having a bad day. People hug when they're upset.

  8. I hug my teachers all the time in fact I used to be shy, and my parents encouraged me to hug my teachers because it shows I appreciate what they've done for me and it shows I was a good student

  9. The teacher looked uncomfortable and when she elbowed him away…..he just turned and walked away. It looks like harassment. If a teacher elbowed me or pushed me off I would be concerned right then. I would have asked did I affend her. If he was told by her before, it looked like he intentionally did it out of spite because she doesn't approve. I don't believe this kid at all. Body language speaks volumes.

  10. Wow. she pushed him away when the clerk turned around. She doesn't want to lose her job. I don't blame her. There are too many teachers sleeping with kids. She could speak up and ask for him not to be suspended for so long. She doesn't mind if he hugs her if no one sees it LOL

  11. At 0:05 Didn't she grab his hand? Then the clerk turned around and she pushed him away. Did no one else see that?

  12. She's a feminist liberal who probably filed a police report for rape. What a B word. I used to hug my teachers in school. She seemed more annoyed like "get off me kid" I hope she feels like shit.

  13. wtf bruh im from south america and here i(and at leats all of the people in my school and friends out of school) hug my teachers, i have a pretty good relationship with almost all of them,because they have showed they care about me and not just about my grades, the ones i love the most(because i do love them,they have taught me so much not only school related, we used kiss on the cheek to say hello and goodbye(since im not in school anymore).
    man, this was terrible to watch.

  14. I know that this videos old but it seems to me that young man might have had special needs or some mental issues. and maybe he wasn't taught boundaries it seems like a might be dealing with some mental issues

  15. I used to sometimes hug my teachers when I was in school, and never got suspended for it. But if this teacher told this student s/he didn't want a hug, he should've respected that! It is very wrong (maybe even illegal) to touch someone who has made it clear that they don't want it. If he wanted to hug this teacher, he should have asked him/her, or waited until s/he offered it.

  16. Rule 1 of school: Teachers aren't your friends.

    This isn't to be mean to him but you must of learned somewhere down the line teachers will betray you in a heart beat.

  17. …This is what 3rd wave feminism does to a society. Piers Morgan is so arrogant throughout this entire interview as well. This entire story is such a joke.

  18. Boy that so fuck up Dumbass Because is just a fucking hug shit you have to get your Fucking rules regarding okay FUCK YOU RULES SCHOOL WHY ITZ JUST A HUG OKAY MISSUP

  19. I think that teacher is white so when the black guy hug her they decided to fuck their asses and suspend him fuck them

  20. He looks like a bad student tbh but doesn't sound like one, a very well mannered man. You cannot fake the way you talk.

  21. I don't care who it is if a person from the opposite sex giving you a hug that would be considered a sexual movement. Especially that comes from a teenager why do I say this teenagers hormones are going crazy just walking in the wind can give you a Boner . If that was my wife I would have her press charges against a kid or get him suspended you don't go hiking women just for the fuck of it you don't do that especially in the professional setting. This kid can hug his friends as long as he gets it cleared first but just to go up to somebody and give them a hug would be very fucking creepy Mark my words he will go down as a rapist as he gets older just follow him in the next five years you'll see what I'm talking about I speak about it after studying psychology for eight years and getting my degrees that's where all this is coming from.

  22. This is the problem today with all the shitty ass feminism crap. Hey I'm all for respecting the rights of women and think they should receive equal pay and all that but sometimes it gets carried away. I grew up in the 1950s and 60s and students hugging teachers was common to see. This teacher got a hug and not a switchblade in the gut maybe she would have preferred that.

  23. I've gotten hug from many of my teachers some even kissed me. There is nothing wrong with it at all. As long their is no private part touching and is wanted by both the student and teacher then there is nothing wrong with it. I think of it as like a mommy and daddy thing nothing sexual or inappropriate

  24. several teachers at Gwinnett County Public schools have be arrested for having sex with students: This is the #1 thing that GCPS can charge a minority students of lie and get away with it.. this is crazy:: Gwinnett County Public schools leads the nation in charging Minority boys of Sexual charges, they board will all ways side with the school as well as the state: it's their way of placing minority boys into the School to prison pipeline system: Rethink Georgia for your students education: If you have been accused of Sexual Battery at GCSP contact me regarding a class action: [email protected]: Vote and get these unethical white board members out!!! VOTE 2018

  25. This is not harassment I’ve seen class mates hug teachers so much Harassment is stupid kindness is on point

  26. Sounds like discrimination. All of the reasons he got suspended for are idiotic ESPECIALLY when he got INJURED!! He is a young,black,and successful male that deserves an effort in life but it was thrown away…🤦🏾‍♀️

  27. That lady must be weird. I get not wanting to be hugged, but just let the kid and/or his parents know so it'll stop hopefully. If it continues, i would counsel the kid as to why u should ask before touching others (especially being black and especially in 2018 aka year of the bitch-made revival).

  28. I think the schools ability to suspend for a year is abusive in this case. Being suspended for an allergic reaction to something someone else gave him for a year that’s abuse and than using it to say we can do it again for a hug

  29. What even! Plenty of teachers have hugged me and many other kids I went to school with! This is ridiculous

  30. People worried about a black kid hugging a teacher and suspending him meanwhile all these white women teachers are FUCKING their students and not being thrown in prison like they should be 😂😅 oooooookay

  31. I had a similar situation but to a “friend” of mine i was called up to the vice principal’s office and i was accused of sexual harassment over a hug 😔 is this reality?

  32. Its not like he groped the teacher. Kids get ISS for a day for making out in the middle of the hallway. This is honestly sad that he can't show respect or anything. Maybe a warning would be fair as in "This teacher does not want to be hugged by you anymore" Im pretty sure he would have backed off. Expulsion for a year is like if someone pulled the fire alarm. Very sad and clear discrimination

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