SUNY Ulster – A Classroom Moment with Jennifer Patterson
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SUNY Ulster – A Classroom Moment with Jennifer Patterson

My name is Jennifer Patterson. I’m an Adjunct and I teach public speaking. I’ve been at SUNY Ulster, this is my 17th year. So it’s more than just a public speaking class- It’s a group of people that come together that worked through fears and problems. It’s interesting- it always takes an interesting path which is another thing I love about teaching. We have the INTRO, the BODY, and the CONCLUSION. The word for the introduction was ARROW- remember? We are just sighting the specific purpose statement or oratorical purpose, and the preview of main points, what are main points are. For persuasion you can totally use the word persuade right here. And I encourage you to because this way the audience is clear as far as your goal. I love my job. What I like most is I can bring a lot of personal experience to the classroom. As I was growing up as a child I was painfully shy. So public speaking was something that didn’t come easy to me and in high school I was forced to take a public speaking class and that kind of opened up at the door for me. So when I heard about an opening here I thought “I can do this-” Kindly because I know how everyone feels! You immediately came up with main points- That’s what you want to do. Just say “Why?” “Why should my audience believe this?” and then you just going to list. So I come in with a sensitivity, and I love watching students learn, and open up, and feel at ease, and lose all that anxiety. It’s really rewarding.

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