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28 thoughts on “Sudbury School – What If

  1. I love the idea of this school. As a 14 year old who has struggled with school systems all my life finally finding one that is truly free will be amazing….hopefully i can go to the one that's beeing built where i live.

  2. I'm to old for this…

    No really, I go to a state school in Czechia, and I really hate it. I wish I had the opportunities kids have in these better, humane schools. Never give up on your time, fellows, never!

  3. For everyone who is crying there are actually like 200 Sudbury schools around the world so look it up on maps there might be on near you, like there's one in Tampa and Miami

  4. For he love of god let me go to one of these. Oh my god life would be so great I wouldn’t need to be mentally tourcherd every day!

  5. I was looking for something like what was said in the misfits podcast /fitz/toby …and i think this what they meant

  6. I wanna go to this school. I’m going into 6th grade and I’ve been in traditional school for kindergarten- 5th grade and I hated it. Now that I’m discovering a love for art, I’m honestly considering going to this school. May I ask about the cost of this school? Is it free?

  7. Questions that concerned me the most:
    What if we got to make the rules?
    What if I hired my own teachers?
    What if I decided was trusted to know what's best for myself?
    What if the only person evaluating me was me?

  8. "I vote for EVERYDAY to be pizza day!" "I vote for 4 hour lunch!" "I vote for 1 day weeks!" "I vote that all classes have video games!"

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