Studying STEM at Fahan School
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Studying STEM at Fahan School

I started at Fahan in Kinder so I’ve been
here a long time. My first day I arrived and I told mum she could leave me
because I was having a great time and I didn’t want her to stay any longer and she got quite upset about that. Ever since Junior School, Fahan has really encouraged me to discover and try new things and try and find out about the world. We’ve also been given the opportunity to discover things in a practical way so we don’t just always learn about it in the classroom We will make volcanoes or we’ll conduct experiments and that always makes it so much more interesting and makes you understand things in a way that’s useful We have state-of-the-art technology and we’re always given new things and been encouraged to experiment with gadgets
and learn how to solve problems with the technology Fahan has really introduced to
me the way in which STEM can teach you skills to be creative but also critical You can learn things that empower you to be able to make discoveries yourself and
answer your own questions about anything really It helps us understand the world
and I think it’s really exciting to have the skills to be able to make a
difference in that way I think Fahan has offered me all of the
resources I need to fuel my passion in STEM subjects In the future I would definitely like to study some sort of Science. I’ve really been encouraged to follow my passion, so as soon as I showed an interest in Science there were teachers who were always here to support me and providing me with opportunities and
pathways Fahan’s really shaped the person I am today I’m Charlotte and I’m a Fahan girl

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