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100 thoughts on “Students Defend Music Teacher Arrested For Classroom Fight

  1. The student did not have to approach him. The student hit him.
    The teacher, like many teachers nowadays have to try and teach amid students like this.

  2. I agree the kid deserved to get his ass whooped but the teacher doing it was the wrong move, y’all can raise as much money as you want, he beat a kid. He’s going to jail.

  3. how the fuck can it be okay to hit a kid. yeah the kid was in the wrong but he still keept beating him even though he wasnt fighting back. that guy needs to be in jail

  4. Educators should know better. All students art ride n disrespectful- still it does not make it right for an adult who should model appropriate behavior to respond this way. I feel for teachers but the teacher is the adult he should have walked away not allow this senseless kid to destroy his career.

  5. Not only should this little punk beat beaten into retardation but his parents should be charged with assault as well as their kid. Parents need to be held accountable for their kids. Obviously this kid is the result of total failure as parents. I would suggest the best way to deal would be to put all three to death immediately. We need to start turning these self entitled soft little kids who blame everything on someone else into people so they can function in the real world. I'm so sick of hearing kids whining about how its so hard. Guess what you little fucks, you have it no harder than any of us ever did. As a matter of fact, you have it far easier. I can't wait until the suicide rate sky rockets as these morons come to the realization that mommy and daddy aren't going to coddle them forever. Shame on the parents who raise children like that and shame on society in general for tolerating it!! If that were my son who did that shit, I would fuck him up so badly he wouldn't be able to see from his swollen eyes for a month and wouldn't be able to walk for at least a week. And after he healed up from my beating, I'd take him down to that school and let that teacher fuck him up as badly as he saw fit, up to and including death.

  6. So if the teacher goes home and his wife gives him any disrespect will you also support him beating her? You people are hilarious.

  7. Well dec 16 2018 all of my classmates fight including me
    (Boys vs Girls)

    Also when I was in 2nd Grade the whole class cries beacuse our pastor teacher is now gonna leave

  8. Because of social media, kids know they have more power than the teachers. Kids that don't give a shit to get suspended feel that it is worth it to provoke or hit a teacher because they face no serious consequences at home or from authorities. But this isnt the case in all cities. At my old high school, you went to jail for fighting, even if it was another student, even if it was self-defense. I know because I defended myself in math class against a known gangbanger. We both went straight to jail, didn't even pass Go and collect $200. I got a 10 day suspense, was not allowed to make-up my missing classwork. And at the end of it all, the prosecutors dropped all charges against me on account that classmates corroborated my story of self-defense, and the little gang-banger broke into a house during his suspension. None the less, I dropped down a whole letter grade for missing 10 days. It was some bullshit. Serves me right for having no choice but to go to a gang-infested school. That'll show me next time I decided to defend myself!

  9. That little shit was tough as shit til he got bapped! They're acting tough bc the teachers cant do anything! This man was assaulted multiple times at that school and knew exactly what the kid was fittin to do!

  10. The day I saw a disrespectful kid and thought if I hear one more bit of it I would want to punch that kid was the same day i walked into my admins office and told them I had to leave. I was already dealing with a second back surgery upcoming, years of extreme constant pain, and little sleep while rewriting the new common core math lessons and activities for last 4.5 years. I never got a chance to return to teaching due to my pain not changing since I left 3.5 years ago. I would go back in a heartbeat if my body would let me work.
    The things teachers put up with is ridiculous. It's sad the children think they can behave in such a manner and ruin the great things for the majority of amazing kids. I feel bad for this former music educator and not the first bad encounter. They just don't pay enough to deal with that crap. I pray things don't get worse for him and this little boy grows up. No elder deserves such behavior especially doing his job enforcing rules. High school freshman like this unruly kid have a hard time understanding rules being inforced after being treated like babies up until High school. The real world will be a lot harder than any dress code enforcement and his behaviour like this will only get him sent to one place, jail or worse could happen! I have seen it first hand more than I would like sadly… on a positive note I also had the privilege of teaching Tyrek Hill high school math and he truly was a young man I believed in and pushed to do well! Now in the NFL, it shows there are great success for kids that do the right thing and respect their teachers. I recall telling him I was gonna save his work and signatures for when he was famous… didn't know then how on point I was.
    Good luck Mr. Riley… from one former educator to another. <3

  11. That's a righteous ass whooping!! Children should respect there teachers and other grown ups or catch these hands. Good job teacher!!

  12. Look I respect every single teacher but…..teachers have no right to abuse a student but yes the teacher should of told the principal about this situation but no instead he used violence look I’m not rooting for the student or the teacher plz no hate!!

  13. In my opinion they was both wrong he throw the basket at his lower body not head an was racist but the teacher punch a kid in the face instead of going to the office an calling the cops was uncalled for an even after another staff member came in to break it up he continued to go after him they was both in the wrong but teacher should have called in help after the ball was thrown an disarmed this situation not feed into it as he is older an should be wiser an more patient an Rational thinking as he working with kids

  14. That dude can’t be hitting no damn kid 💀💀💀 his old ass be in too much bs and need to focus on playing instruments bruh. U a teacher u gotta know kids gone say dumb shi

  15. Big up Mr.Riley. I don't understand stand the stupid justice system. Mr. Riley is a black teacher and that's why he was arrested and charged for defending him self. He did the right thing. I loved it! Mr.Riley could knock out some prisoners to!

  16. The justice system and the school shouldn't coddle the student or condone this student's lack of respect. The teacher is in his 60's and the student threw a ball at him. Unless the student was charged with assault on an elderly person, the child abuse charges should've been dropped right away.

  17. That teacher is 64 years old, and has probably been through more shit in his life than that punk kid could even imagine. I'm disappointed that the ass whopping Mr. Riley delivered wasn't more severe.

  18. When I was in the 10th grade during the 97/98 school year one of my teacher used a chain on a student and beat them we were in fear of the teacher because he said if any of you report this to the Palo Duro High Administration for 1997-1998 or Caprock High School Principal he would use the chain on us and beat us it took me until the 2nd semester in the Spring of 1998 to report this I asked Mrs. Hamm my World History teacher may I talk to you privately not in front of my friends she said yes lets talk in the Main office I told her I need your advice about something she said OK what is the problem I told her I know something about a teacher who did something last semester and I was not suppose to report it to the office she said tell me what your teacher did and we will discuss this at the ARD Meeting I said that Mr. Burgess used chains to beat some students is what I heard however I told her I don't know if this was true because Tom Hartge and Norris Davidson are the one who told me about this I know it wasn't true if it was coming from Norris but Tom Hartge on the other hand was a different story because usually if this was true he would tell Mrs. Dennis before he told me however he told me and then I told Mrs. Hamm who said tell your ENG II-H teacher Mrs. Dennis about this

  19. I'd like to see a match between this band teacher and J.K. Simmons (aka Terence Fletcher – the Jazz teacher in the movie Whiplash). Now that would be a Pay Per View event! 🙂

  20. There's an enlightening sub-reddit written by teachers about black classrooms. I thought my school was just highly dysfunctional but I came to learn that this is how most predominately black classrooms act…I would be ashamed of myself but then again I have standards…I support this teacher and it's unfortunate he has to work 1,000x harder because of a demographic.

  21. I’m for the teacher the student threw the ball at him he was in fear for his life no telling what the student would have done

  22. "Don't let your mouth write a check your azz can't cash" If his mother or father had checked him a long time ago he would have understood you don't disrespect grown folks…there are exceptions to the rule give where it's given… The lines of respect, home training, and morals have been crossed and erased…..The Matrix is real, its raising our children.!!

  23. If you DON'T WANT YOUR CHILD to be DISCIPLINED by others then

  24. He hurled a racist slur at his black teacher than tried to beat him up? That idiot's lucky people didn't do worse to him! There's places where'd you get murdered for that shit.

  25. Alright let's be real. It doesn't matter how bad he was if it was your kid you'd kill a man for punching you kid

  26. I mean I feel on the fence about this… Like that kid had it coming but that teacher straight cold cocked him, he needs to have a little restraint. I know a ton of people are gonna say the kid assaulted the teacher with the ball first but, I mean seriously does that equate to you swinging at the kids face??

  27. I Ain't Siding With Either Of Them. The Student Should Be Punished For His Actions…But, So Should The Teacher! Both Of Them Are In The Wrong Here And No One Here Should Side With Him. Now, Unless It Was A Full Grown Adult (in my case), It's Not Okay To Hit Him. The Student Could've Gotten Either Suspended Or Expelled Instead Of Getting Hit In The Face. Both Of These 2 Are In The Wrong!

  28. I like how you conveniently only show the 17 seconds of the teacher beating the student and not the 5-10 minutes of harassment this punk kid was putting the teacher through beforehand.

  29. I think it is both their faults. The student was saying racial slurs and showing how he was going to be in gangs, but the teacher should never put his hands on a student. But, I can't say I am not entertained.

  30. This happenes when social workers and counselors don't know how to do the job right and restrict parents from disciplining their own children.

  31. The biased media needs to show the FULL clip and not just a part of it. Trying to make the teacher look bad when it was the disrespectful kids fault.

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