Student societies at Cambridge University: Hip Hop, Hindu Cultural, Economics, Graduate
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Student societies at Cambridge University: Hip Hop, Hindu Cultural, Economics, Graduate

We’re from the Cambridge University Hip Hop Society I’m the President I’m Events I’d say the Hip Hop Society is one of the most welcoming and friendly social spaces collaborative spaces creative spaces We rap, we sing, we dance,
we laugh, we have good vibes We do it all, man! So come through
and show us what you got Yeah, we’ve had spoken word We’ve had dancing before So anything, yeah! We’ve had rapping in different languages [music start] Just wait for the beat to drop SJ! What’s up? [both chuckle] [rapping] Hip Hop Soc
Got this city on lock See me
I’m SJ from the CB2 So come through to Hip Hop Soc
and rap with me and you And see Gino, or other
types of people that we know We can spin it for days,
hours to you You know I got it
like Blue’s Clues I’m power and true,
you know [laugh] Everything that I do
is gold chains, the wristwatch I got the — [laugh] Fire! Fire! Fire! [cheering in background from director] There we go! ‘Mastana’ is an Asian cultural charity show It’s the biggest cultural show in East Anglia Every year we raise money
for two incredible causes one in the UK and one in India and there’s lots of singing,
dancing and there’s a play And don’t forget about
my banging tunes that we play Oh yeah! Of course.
Every meeting Yep So there are four main roles in ‘Mastana’ There’s Production and Finance which is
the more technical side of things which I like to handle And there’s my side of things
which is the more creative side So you can coordinate the acts like I
did and you can do the marketing So in first year, I ran the social media
campaign as well And of course you can also
audition to be in the show Yup! So we want musicians, we want
dancers, and we want actors Yup, and the next step is to recruit some first years which we’ll be doing in October Yeah, and then in
November we’ll hold auditions for anyone who wants to perform Yup, and in the final term the people who perform and
the people who run the committee will get together to perform
what is, I think, the best show? – Definitely!
– Yup We’ve already got a
date for next year It’s on the 29th of February 2020 So you can put that in
your diary now So the Marshall Society is an economics society which is not only open to economics students but also anyone
interested in economics We have debates where we host politicians,
academics, famous economists as well as social events, where
everyone can meet each other We’ve got the Keynes
centenary coming up which is the hundred year
anniversary of Keynes’s book ‘Economic Consequences
of the Peace’ We’re gonna host a series of lectures where we have speakers who come
and talk about Keynes’s Theory and just general economics, so this will help economic
students especially because they’ll be able to use their theory that they’ve
learnt in lectures and apply it to the real world To find out more about us You can go to our Facebook page our Instagram page I’m currently trying to develop a
Twitter page and we’re also got a website
where you can learn more about us So broadly, the Graduate Union
work for the representation of graduate students at the University of Cambridge In particular, we work on issues such as
equality and diversity within the University as well
as welfare for the graduate students As the next elected President
of the Graduate Union is to work on issues of representation as well as communication In fact, my priority is to work on
transparent channels of communication with the broader graduate community as well as reinforcing the
structure of the Graduate Union to be more efficient in terms
of representation of minorities There is a number of available channels
that you can use to talk with representatives of the Graduate Union You can use Facebook Instagram Twitter as well as YouTube channels and our website

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  1. Gosh, I’m only 11 (12 in 1 month) and I already know that I want to study law at Cambridge. Now looking for extra curriculars to do.

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