STUDENT LIFE – School vs College …| #Fun #Sketch  #RolePlay #Anaysa #MyMissAnand
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STUDENT LIFE – School vs College …| #Fun #Sketch #RolePlay #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

enjoy these college & school sequences more later in the video sure you’ll love this video so get this video to 2,00,000 Likes yeah even my college friend to will hit Like so it easily will reach to this My exams are from next month lets check out my study material & at last this Revision Notebook After two days are my exams lets prepare for it surely I’ll pass after reading this ;-)) Anantya get up & get ready for School its time for bus to arrive…Mummy I am going Always get late for first lecture lets set an alarm stop this alarm…. ok will go late one more day I’ve finished my syllabus done with its revision two times done with mock oral & written taste too now only need to learn these formula i’ve tickets for Diljeet’s concert are you coming?? but how don’t you want to give exam tomorrow what Exams… recently we’ve given Exams six months passed to that exam We’ve Economics Exam tomorrow ok.. let me send its syllabus and notes too Mumma I had taken leave yesterday so plz write an application for it otherwise my teacher will scold me Mumma also attach medical certificate too Anantya pls come No how I can go like this pls come will not take much time I ain’t looking like Mom I am looking like college going teenager ok wait… now you’re looking like Mummy now lets go You’re her mother Madam she is taking leave she has lack attendance cause her father remain sick these days see my hair goo got white cause of all these problems she do her studies well pls forgive her if she will has less attendance in future big issue in your house let me tell one thing I’ll not allowed her to write Exams if she has less attendance whether if she changed so many mothers I want to be a Doctor and what’s your dream I wish to get good grades in School so as to get admission in a good College and then will get a good job and once I’ll get a good job then I’ll be able to do that which I want to do in my life and as you would become a Doctor so will treat me free of cost No I’ll charge fees lets do a party No will do it tomorrow why you delay it for tomorrow will enjoy a party today and will attend lecture tomorrow all of you show me your homework Mam I had stomach pain yesterday so couldn’t be able to do it No excuses stay our of class for 10 minutes Mam should I stand here?? No.. go out of the Class always see you here standing like this by the way what you’ve done today I didn’t do my homework Mam I haven’t do it why?? all those who didn’t completed their assignments can go with her you booked ticket?? fine book for me too I am coming in 10 minutes so have enjoyed our today’s video you’re ending the video without me…

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