Student Life at Moraine Valley Community College
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Student Life at Moraine Valley Community College

♪ Boo! [scream] [laughter]>>We’re glad you’re here. Moraine Valley is your best choice. In Student Life we offer various clubs, organizations, programs and services that get you involved outside of the classroom. We offer over 40 clubs, which can be from career interests or to just.. you just want to have fun. The benefits of being involved in a club or organization or events on campus are that you learn leadership skills. Leadership skills such as team building, conflict resolution, communication skills. Our clubs and organizations participate in community service events, on and off campus. We offer a lot, but if we don’t have a club that interests you, definitely you can start your own.>>Student Life itself really is the life of the students. It gives you the entertainment, the fun, free food, which is always great for everyone. And it really gives an opportunity for students who may not be able to join clubs– they still feel like they belong here. Some of the activities that are offered throughout the year are things such as Fall Fest, Spring Fest, Welcome Days, karaoke, U Got Talent. We’ve tried to give it our own spin and its own Moraine Valley feel. So you’ll see a lot of the clubs come out on those days to advertise and it gives an opportunity for students to really get to know those clubs and all the other resources that we have on campus.>>You will have access to our state-of-the-art Health, Fitness and Recreation Center, where you’ll learn we also call it FitRec. There’s an indoor, Olympic-sized swimming pool. Indoor track. Personal trainers. Fully furnished locker rooms. Intramurals for men and women. State-of-the-art fitness equipment.>>Moraine Valley really seems like a community place considering it is a community college, and the proximity to home really made it feel like home here. I enjoy coming on campus. I think it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s relaxing. It’s just somewhere I want to be.>>I love the feeling of having to walk building to building. That really gives you that feel of being on a four-year campus. It’s open. You can play Frisbee on the quad if you really wanted to. Food options on campus are numerous. You have the coffee vending machines, you have regular vending machines. You have Café Moraine. You have the coffee shop here on campus. So no matter where you are, you’re going to run into some place where you can find a quick snack for studying, some quick coffee for when you have your 8 a.m. morning class and some good food at Café Moraine.>>We know you’re going to be studying hard, but we want you to have fun.>>For me being in a theatrical production helped me hone in a lot of my skills. I love to dance and a lot of people know that and so being able to be a part of those productions and being able to show off my creative side definitely helped me shine, as well as get to know a lot of other people.>>Just by being a community college student in itself, I was able to pursue an opportunity with NASA as an aerospace community college scholar. And so it’s a program dedicated solely to community college students because they as an organization recognize that there’s a lot of potential at the community college level that goes unrecognized. So there are a lot of opportunities just like that for many other organizations that are available to community college students that in itself are extremely valuable.>>I was involved with the Forensics/Speech Team, and I was a student worker. The biggest benefit that I got from the speech team was that I learned that being nervous— it’s not going to happen. You’re always nervous when you’re up there standing in front of people performing whether it’s two people or 200 people. It’s just learning to turn that nervousness into a kind of adrenaline. I developed that confidence at Moraine Valley.>>The benefits of Phi Theta Kappa are really embodied by their four hallmarks, which are scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. In order to join Phi Theta Kappa, you need to have 12 college credit hours completed, and a 3.5 GPA minimum. Through Phi Theta Kappa you receive numerous scholarships, or opportunity for scholarships, you gain leadership skills and capabilities. You do a lot of service for the community itself. And, you really get to network with fellow peers from this school, from other schools and from across the nation. I enjoyed Phi Theta Kappa a lot because it was never something that I pictured myself doing. But it gave me an opportunity to get out there and really get involved both on the member perspective and as well as an officer perspective.>>I enjoyed working as a student employee over at FitRec. with a lot of the things that they have to offer when it comes to leadership workshops. Being a part of the Leadership Committee and being able to actually hone in on my skills when it comes to working definitely helped out a lot.>>The Honors Program is really different from most high school honors programs. You still take honors classes like you do in high school, but the thing I like the most about the Honors Program is that teachers are very interactive with their coursework, and it makes it a lot more enjoyable to actually want to go to class and to want to learn.>>We have a dozen men’s and women’s athletic teams. ♪>>It’s okay to ask questions because there’s so much here on campus. Really asking questions and getting involved helps you to acclimate yourselves with the resources here.>>Whether it’s the library where there’s a coffee shop, and you can check out a GoPro or an anatomy thing to the Tutoring Center where you can get free help from certified tutors or students that are taking the same classes that you are, whether it’d be the C building where there’s opportunities for research or even the chance to work with animals. There’s just endless resources for students here on campus that oftentimes they don’t know about. So if there’s one thing that I knew about Moraine Valley coming into this or wish that I had known about, it was definitely be the resources. ♪>>Registration was extremely easy at Moraine Valley. What I did personally was when the classes opened, I picked my classes immediately the day that it opened, so that I locked the classes in, so I didn’t have to worry about anything whatsoever. And I was stress free. ♪>>One of my personal virtues ever since maybe even middle school all the way through high school is that my education is more than what I learned from a textbook. And so ultimately, what that means for me is getting involved outside of my classroom, going beyond coming to school at 8 a.m., taking your classes and then going home after eating lunch or something like that. All your opportunities truly come from what you do out of your time outside of the classroom, and it’s how you apply what you’re learning to real life. So whether that be through clubs, through working on campus, through just going out to meet and greets and stuff like that, personally, for me is going out and traveling— so being able to go to Florida with Phi Theta Kappa or St. Louis with the Honors Program, anything like that. Being able to go out and get that world experience is really what matters in the end. ♪ Graduating from Moraine Valley is extremely important to me because it’s symbolic. It’s more than just coming here and graduating with a degree but it also symbolizes everything else that I’ve been able to do here, whether it’s meeting people or joining clubs or winning awards, traveling places. That’s what the degree means for me. And so ultimately, my degree is more about the things that I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished rather than just the credits that I’ve earned on a piece of paper. ♪ We’re glad you’re here. Please take advantage of these wonderful opportunities because you belong. ♪

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