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31 thoughts on “Student Expelled From Orange County Catholic High School After Posting Racist Video

  1. This is what happens why racism isn't welcome at schools. At least the Jesus said in the bobbled that one should "love thy neighbor".

  2. I'm blk and this is a slippery slope; thought crimes and censorship are in full bloom in california.

    While i dont agree with the teens' stupidity, it is protected speech. There was no VIOLENCE nor inciting of violence.

    If i were to for example in private tell a co-worker… " yea man.. gay ppl are whatever…. i dont agree with the lifestyle…." . and someone overhears it and goes to H.R.

    THAT could be considered "hate" speech when its simply statement of opinion.

  3. Private and catholic schools are known to be very racist and discriminatory towards black/African American students, I’m surprised they even punished the former student.

  4. Hope they teach students that racism goes all ways not just white people against black. It's black people against cops too.

  5. Amazing, people still hurt by WORDS. Grow some skin. Kid got lucky to leave some religious school filled with pedo priests.

  6. freedom of speech. what students post on their social media is none of the schools business. this is a violation of students civil liberties nice job idiots! keep ushering in the policing of thoughts/mind control.

  7. What? He got expelled for that? That is nonsense! This is a school dedicated on God and how come they don't practice forgiveness? Instead you cast them out. That is more unacceptable than what the video spread.

  8. I found it funny that Kcal9 felt the need to send a reporter to the school at 10PM when literally everybody’s gone and interviewed random people instead.

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