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Student Council Pepper Spray Simulator | Yandere Simulator Mod

No not touching my butt don’t touch my butt I will pepper spraying you oh my god She’s staring at my butt now don’t stare my butt. I am the butt patrol Hey guys and welcome back to another yandere simulator mod, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these mainly I just been waiting for the right one to come along and not only did the right one come along? But the right three came along these are gonna be three different mods But all of them are revolving around the student council being the student Council and seeing what that’s like you may be looking at this and being like Lauren is this a Christmas mod Are you sure yeah? I’m not sure exactly why everything is green and red, but we’re gonna find out ooh Such epic music for such a dainty Beautiful character, so this is definitely my favorite of the student council characters. She’s so cute. Oh Everything is red and green because she’s got red hair and green eyes, okay, so let’s just pretend. This doesn’t look like Christmas. Oh There’s one of the delinquents Hey, hey, I own this school. All right Delinquent, but that’s it okay. I’ll be back for you troublemaker. Oh Megami my leader. Oh my god She looks so cool. Oh. Oh oh good by the great one. Oh my god. This is the random cat sitting here Hello kitty, Oh, Oh a fellow student council member hold on hold on hold on fellow student council member hello. Oh How dare you? That was mean alright. Well time to do my student council duties ah another one of my fellow student council people hello sister hour Why does nobody like me? Oh another one hello? Oh? Oh do I have to prove myself still am I still in the proving phase? Don’t worry? I will not let you guys down. Oh, I’m on the doors I’m so cute. Definitely the best student council member no student council member can be without her pepper spray There we go Oh somebody’s in here. Oh, wait a minute Wait is that me. It’s an imposter That’s not me Why am I why am I trying to cover my crotch this way? You can’t kick me in the nuts, can I just like oh no no Impostor no. That’s not the real me. Oh they took off my hair. – what is behind my ear. Okay? We’re back Osana is here – who’s that? Oh, is this temporary chan? Hatred Chan oh, okay? I’m gonna stay away from you Oh and all the color hair, and eye girls have matching outfits in this mod, and the boys – I like it Oh, my goodness. What are you making? Oh? It’s me. It’s me. Is it cuz I’m so adorable Look, I will stand here so that you can have reference to page from oh Look how cute I am I know thank you. He must be in love with me too because we both have red hair yes Yes, and cuz I’m adorable of course. Let’s get our pepper spray, and then let’s go up here where there’s no imposters I’m still covering my crotch. This is so awkward. Oh wait. Do I have a special laughs? I don’t What is this oh? my gosh Midori Midori watch my little spin watch it. It’s beautiful. Yes. I’m so majestic oh You weren’t watching my spin pepper sprayed pepper sprayed All right, I’m cleaned up and time to continue my student council duties hmm. You look suspicious Why are you looking at me suspiciously? Suspicious don’t be so suspicious. No running in the hallways Hey, are you listening to me? No running in the hallways? No running in the hallways pepper spray justice yes justice feels so good the police, but why Everything is handled. I am handling everything. Don’t worry. Where is the student council room? Oh It’s it’s that bad student. I took down Your welcome school, you’re welcome student body. This is why I’m part of student council. Why can’t I find that student? Oh there. It is Megami. Yes That’s right, cuz I’m part of Student Council Oh, I’m gonna drop the pepper spray cuz I forgot when we’re not using we’re supposed to keep it in our pockets And I don’t want to get in trouble. Where is she did she pass? She passed (giggles) Guys I think I’m drunk with power. I’m drunk with power This is what happens when you give a student the ability to pepper spray any other student at will at wheel wheel Megami I’m sorry, but I’m drunk with power. Yes. I will now be the student council president What’s in the blood? Oh? little A’s Crap now everybody’s gonna know. It’s me. I’m the only one in this school whose name starts with an A alright I’m all cleaned up now. Let’s just skip to the end of the day. Oh my imposter ladies We need to have our club beating what are you doing? I’m the new president. No. Don’t worry We don’t need her. We don’t need her hey. Hey, we don’t need her. No we’re supposed to be having our meeting ladies this is unacceptable ah Man, why they can’t locate the murder weapon I literally they left it right next to her I mean nobody got murdered. That’s why they couldn’t find a murder weapon. I just pepper sprayed people That’s it so those people not gonna show up. I don’t see them Yes, Megami has been defeated now the only other person I need to take out is the other me, but that’s that’s kind of difficult, so we’re just gonna pretend. We’re twins Pastime now. We can have our proper Club meeting Where’s the club can’t find where the classroom is going to miss the meeting ladies? Oh? Yes, I am Here I am supposed to sit where this empty seat is I’m twin of Oh God I’ll just stand don’t worry I just I like standing can we can we all talk about pepper spray and how much we love pepper spray? I like pepper spray a lot my pepper spray, Bottle has Red and green on the outside cuz those are my favorite colors because they match my eyes and hair not Because I like Christmas or anything nobody misses Megami right nobody good. Oh my god Senpai looks like he’s about to be oh no wait I’m trying to protect my step by you’re about to be murdered Senpai I think I don’t know are you something what’s wrong with you, Taichi who? You’re welcome. I protected you hold on I need to I need to get rid of that guy. There is don’t worry I got him. I got him. I got pepper spray Hey, no. No no no no no no run run. Oh Do you not see him though he had a crowbar I didn’t kill him. I don’t know why there’s blood on me I didn’t I didn’t kill him a pepper spray today. It’s not my fault If his eyes are so sensitive that his the pepper spray went into his brain and killed him That’s how my fault so a big part of the mods that I’m gonna be doing today For student council is actually that they have a unique low sanity animation oh My God look at her eyes. She’s like yes. Yes right so now with our lower sanity Let’s see what happens Wait that was the same animation let’s try again oh It’s the apprehension animation like that teachers do oh and She didn’t she she didn’t look at the e Yes, I have done my jab Whoa okay, that’s not creepy at all Hey girl. How’s it going? I’m just gonna stay away from you. Okay. Oh my god more pepper spray Yes Yes, look at her on the front. She’s like yes. Yes more pepper. Spray. Yes, give me my pepper spray Oh the pepper spray now there will be pepper spray for everybody Except for except for you you I don’t think you could be trusted with pepper spray You’re kind of shifty over there all right next up. We have shoroma simulator. Oh yeah, I forgot I like her, too What is with the music though sassette mess up girl again? Oh? No rumor to be mine broken even if she acts like a normal student. What who are you you younger a dev yep? Yandere dev what are you doing? Here? Who are you a daemon question mark who are you? I wish I had my pepper spray right about now. Oh I can’t hit fun for you though. Yeah. He like that Don’t you you like that oh? You hungry dibs like what are you doing? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah, oh, this is so cute. I’m so cute all right with this epic music I must acquire my ultimate weapon the Pepper spray yes Yes, we are ready – pepper spray. Oh my gosh. It’s so black and white Everything’s so black and white oh, I look so cute on the doors like me Look at the inside. It’s all zebra This is what uh this is what she sees everything must be Colour know she hates anything with color and unfortunately my waifu is like the epitome of color her eyes change color She is all colors. She must be destroyed my waifu. I know that you’re not really doing anything That warrants you being pepper sprayed, but that’s just us. That’s just the student council We just pepper spray the bejesus at everybody from no reason. I mean I have a reason you have too much color I hate it it burns my eyes. Oh That was the sassiest pepper spray ever and it went right through her ooh And it’s black and white and has an S in it yes Yes This music makes me feel like it’s the end of days pepper spray is love pepper. Spray is life That’s what this oh, hey sister. What’s up. You know. I’m just just patrolling the hallways just like we’re supposed to do yeah It’s just hit bump students for no reason just for accidentally bumping into me. Oh You Yeah under h on follow me student you seem to shifty to be left alone Hold on HIPAA. Yeah, yeah, you like that right in your chest. I mean, that’s how your chest your stomach. How’s that feel? Huh how does that feel those are feel good does it no Harry sounds like just what are you doing girl? What are you doing? Come with me do you hear the music? Do you hear the music do you know what the epic music means it is super super? Dramatic just just the way. I like it and that is because that music represents pepper-spray time Yes, yes Yes, look at her face. She’s like yeah. Yeah, look pepper spray love me some pepper spray. I have gone crazy with power again I mean not again. Oh oh no no no Ha ha ha Stop you villain. No. I’m one of you I’ll never be accepted at least my hair stayed what I didn’t realize has zip ties now. This is ridiculous You treat me like a loaf of bread with the zip ties alright it might just be easier to test out the low sanity Animations in here just keep summoning Midori’s and check it out Yes, yes summon another one. It’s funny cuz she’s like what what are you talking about? I don’t have a knife in my hands, but summon another one Yeah Whoa why does go I? Mean Look every I knew this girl was weird. I didn’t know she was like possessed by the devil. I need to see this again Oh my god. She’s a daemon. I knew it look what she’s doing a poor Midori Super Tori’s like I don’t know what the heck is happening to me. Oh yes. Is it more pepper spray No pepper spray, but these are black bottles look at her eyes She’s like dead inside no wonder killing animation is her day. I am dead inside yes Yes, I did. It sighs all right and last, but not least is Kuroko simulator this again Sounds really creepy forgo God for just being a student council person Is there some creepy backstory to the student council that I’m not aware of or maybe this is just the music that plays me under His head when she thinks about student council because they’re evil and they always boil my plans I mean Yan Dre’s plans everything looks pretty normal though. Oh, I accept the school is red and black Just like me the music’s pretty epic – oh God who is this hey nemesis Chang what? Who are you you bet to kill somebody – leave? Who brainwashed this poor schoolgirl I have no idea whoa. Whoa who are you? There’s too much going on to this one? Oh my gosh? You got two totally different color eyes Okay, I’m gonna walk away from you slowly. Who’s this oh, you don’t like me, ooh Why do you know like me so much oh He’s giving me the look of death Yonder he could oh Okay, there’s a lot going on in this mod Younger H on girl, I know you think you’re being sneaky, but everybody can see you and you are not pressed up against the bush Kitty I found you oh The heck was that oh, it’s my push animation Might do it to you But yeah, yeah Fine you win you win you win you it? I’ll do it to sake for sake oh. Yeah. Yeah, hey you like that I’m hitting you in the bosoms. How do you like that? Oh? Everybody staring at me is it because I don’t have my pepper spray and like always we’re gonna test it out on Midori Oh your hair is so much brighter It hurts my eyes Yes, yes, I have made your eyes burned the way that your hair has made my eyes burn. You’re welcome Oh, it must say my I must say K. This K in the blood yes I mean not the blood the pepper spray. This is my pepper spray juice. This is not blood It’s music. It’s so hardcore. Is there anything else to explore I can’t really like walk around but this pepper spray that much cuz I get in trouble and I get pepper sprayed and that’s just Not fun. I like how the first girls pose was like covering her crotch with her other hand and her pose is like covering Her backside with her hand it’s like not not not touching my butt Don’t touch my butt I will pepper spraying you who do you see this? He’s looking at my butt don’t you dare touch my boy Yeah, that’s what you get self-defense ladies You don’t you don’t care about that? You don’t care what I just did cuz you knew you knew he was trying to touch my button. I was just protecting myself That’s all that happened us ladies need to stick together to get rid of perverts. Oh my god She’s staring at my butt now don’t stare my wife. I’m sorry I had to teach you a lesson don’t stare at ladies butts okay, that’s why I have my hand here stop staring at asanas, but I am the butt patrol I Don’t know. I don’t know where these backstories and motivations come from in my Yonder episodes I Can I pepper spray her oh never mind the teachers right there forget it sister What’s up high five? Oh? You just didn’t want me to out pepper spray you oh god My hair’s gone, so I heard of all of the low sanity killing animations for these three student council people Aware iners is the coolest-looking? Look how about she’s like hiding it behind her she’s like I don’t have a knife. What are you talking about Midori? Don’t worry? I don’t have a knife behind be Like hey Midori. What’s up? She really she legitimately does not even notice the knife. It’s cuz I’m hiding it So good look at this. I need to see my cool killing animation and you’re gonna. Help me with that oh Wait no this isn’t it fine I’ll have to do it down here Pomodori welcome back. It’s a miracle. You’re alive. Goodbye. Oh, I just looked it up. I need the bad. I need the bad Whoops. Hey Midori miracle. Goodbye watch Just want to keep seeing the acrobatics. It’s amazing look at it What that’s ridiculous and of course the vending machines with more pepper spray oh, but these are just like the regular pepper sprays with the Green and yellow. She’s like ants as long as it’s pepper. Spray. I don’t care. What color. It is all right guys well I think that’s gonna be it for this episode of yandere simulator mods. There’s only so much You can pepper-spray people I made pepper spraying people is everything, but yeah, there’s a yandere simulator They’re just only so much you can do with pepper spraying over and over again But it is really cool to see all the different textures for all the different student council members. I think my favorite student council member it’s probably one of the first two but as always guys if you made it this far in the video make sure to leave a Like before you go subscribe if you’re new to the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always I will see You guys soon

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