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Student-centered Assessment Jeopardy

welcome back to students at the centre
week on Jeopardy, Bill you have command of the board let’s do
student centered assessment for 200. A formative assessment method backed by extensive research in which students provide each
other with feedback on their schoolwork in order to deepen learning and increase
achievement. Yes, jody. What is self-assessment? [Buzzer Sounds] No, I’m sorry Jody, that would be a process of having
students identify strengths and weaknesses in their own work in order to
revise and improve it. Yes, Bill. What is a group project? [Buzzer sounds] No, Bill a group project is
collaborative effort in which students define roles and team up to develop an
academic project. Anyone? Anyone? Marcia. What is peer assessment. [Bell Dings] Peer assessment that is correct Feedback in revision are essential to
learning. Research demonstrates that both the student giving and the student receiving the feedback
get deep in their level of learning and raise their level of achievement. Interesting, I’ll take Student Centered
assessment for 400. [Noise] The Daily Double. I’ll wager it all, Alex. [Gasping] Wow, okay, very good here it is these must be clearly defined and
communicated grounded in the content area or discipline in order for formative assessment to be
effective. What are criteria and standards? [Bell Dings] That is correct. You choose again, Marcia. I’ll take Student Centered assessment for
600. This tool for offering critique promotes effective
peer feedback between students and includes steps such as “ask clarifying
questions” and “make suggestions.” What is the Ladder of Feedback. [Bell Dings] Yes, Marcia you’re on a roll. Assessment for 800 Alex Excellent. At the end self or peer
assessment, it is crucial to allow time for this
process so students can incorporate feedback and improve their work. What is revision [Bell Dings] Yes, Marcia you mastered the category. It is also important for the teacher to provide continuous monitoring and
guidance during both self and peer assessment. That brings us to our final Jeopardy
question. The category “Useful Resources” Here’s the clue, this
website offers current research on key
components of student-centered approaches to learning along with a collection of
student-centered tools and resources. [Drum plays] Let’s see how you did. Jody, you wrote “students at the center dot org” That’s
correct. Bill what website did you choose? Students at the center as well and Marcia did you come up with students at
the centre dot org? Yes and with that Marcia, you’re our new champion. [Bell Dings] [Music plays]

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