Streetcar 351 Education Event – Westview Freedom Academy
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Streetcar 351 Education Event – Westview Freedom Academy

Dr. Clara Howitt: I’m really happy to be here today at
Westview Freedom Academy and to welcome you to this learning opportunity. This is a perfect example of engagement with our community with our partners
from ENWIN. It’s also about ethical stewardship and that translates into
many ways, including being ethical about how we use our resources and we do
those two things to focus on developing confident learners and giving lots of
opportunities to kids that are authentic. So I just wanted to wish you a wonderful
day and I wanted to thank ENWIN for their amazing partnership and the
teachers here of Westview Freedom Academy for opening up this possibility to you. Barbara Peirce Marshall: We’re super excited to be here today because Streetcar 351 represents part of our electrical history. We were the first place in North America to have electric streetcars so what we are here to do today is kind of tie that history that comes with the streetcar to the future and the present. We’re going to talk also
about careers that you might have related to electricity. I hope you enjoy
it and I hope you have a really good day of learning.

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