STRANGE ACADEMY #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics
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STRANGE ACADEMY #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi I’m Skottie Young, and I
am the writer of the upcoming STRANGE ACADEMY. It is a book about
a magic school set in the Marvel Universe. We’re creating a whole group of
kids for the school that have their roots in what we love
about the Marvel Universe, but they’re going to be brand
new characters for all of us to get to know and love. So we set STRANGE
ACADEMY in New Orleans, right there in the
French Quarter, hidden in a cool courtyard. We have a place like New Orleans
that has a really deep history of magic and mystery and
dark arts and witchcraft and things like that. So we thought what better
place to take a bunch of kids, throw them in a
school, and learn about magic than a place
so rooted in its history with that? Humberto Ramos is the
perfect artist for this book. The thing that he brings
is his absolute mastery of youthful characters. And I think readers
are just going to fall in love with every
single character he draws. I’m very excited about
creating this brand new cast of characters with Humberto
It’s really cool to have a new student body that’s really
rooted in all the things we love about Marvel, whether
it be Weirdworld or Asgard, but to have them be fresh,
new characters for all of us to get to know and love. Imagination, excitement,
action, emotions– you’re going to laugh, you’re going to cry. You’re going to want
characters to hold hands, and fall
in love, and break up, and love each other again. It’s going to be
all the great things that we love about comics. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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41 thoughts on “STRANGE ACADEMY #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

  1. Stopping making art targeting a certain group are age range. You kill the story with the word young every time. Golden age comics where predominantly 30 something's. Always a corny angle playing the high school level. You need wisdom from older more seasoned characters for younger ones to learn from. Just a opinion storytellers. Btw I know you have bosses greenlighting and steering.. wink wink lol..

  2. I'm gonna need:
    Morgan le Fey
    Amanda Sefton
    Agatha Harness
    Nemesis (alpha flight)
    There are so many existing characters… please don't waterboard us with new characters who are essentially clones of old characters while claiming that they are new and original

  3. This reminds me of pre-/post Decimation New X-Men and Avengers: the Initiative, both of which I loved. I might have to start picking up a monthly comic again

  4. So this school has no sanity requirements to be a teacher? Wanda has had multiple violent breakdowns where she's murdered people and she's still trusted around children? That isn't right.

  5. Marvel: "Hey what's popular these days?"
    Fans: "My Hero Academia, it's about a school where people born with powers to to learn how to be super heroes, kinda like the X-Men–"
    Marvel: "I got it! We'll make a comic where kids go to learn how to be a super hero! No one has ever thought of that before!"

  6. I don’t know why they don’t use Avengers Academy the same way? Any new hero who wants to one day become an Avenger should first have to go to Avengers Academy.

  7. So basically since you've moved the Mutants to Krakoa, you've remade the Xavier School in a new book, under a different name?? smh

  8. comic books are slowly but surely turning into manga lmao .
    but i'm not surprised because manga rocks . as an adult , i read manga ,but the only comics i've read since the last 10 years is TWD . nothing else

  9. I hope they go with an Academy X style of writing, where there's a lot of focus on inter-personal relationships and focusing on how the cast works in their world, rather than just jumping into action all the time.

    But this looks good. It's gonna suck when it's inevitably cancelled and all but one or two new characters are forgotten

  10. Ok, Marvel, you got me
    … Until you mentioned Ramos.

    There's not plenty of artists I personally know, but Ramos is one of the few I avoid. Daniel Brereton making alternate covers and I'd buy two of each.

  11. Yes bloody yes. Magic school. You guys learned from DC with their short mystic U that should have lasted a long run, but marvel, you guys jumped on that missed opportunity that DC didnt take. Thank you marvel. I love the magic side of marvel. I really cant wait for this book to come out

  12. ah so your basic magic/super powered high school anime/manga shows mixed in with Gerard Ways Umbrella Academy, branded as a new original Marvel creation…. lol.

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