[storytime] Terrible Teachers
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[storytime] Terrible Teachers

Hey, sugar cubes! Hey! Hello! (Creepy Voice) HEY FRIENDS! *Le Scream* *Cough Cough* *Chokes* So… Teachers:having spent 17 years of my life in school and planning to spend at least two more to get an animation degree I’ve been through MANY different types of teachers. It’s usually a hit or a miss; You either get a teacher that’s in love with their subject… So you end up loving the class. 🙂 OR a teacher that just goes to work to collect a check, and doesn’t really engage anyone with their content…>:( You know what I have always wanted out of school? Some real skills I could use in my everyday life! If you are like me and have a passion for art or business, check out Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with more than 26,000 classes in design, business, and more! I’m personally invested in the animation courses they offer, as well as the illustration ones. If you want to fuel your curiosity, creativity, or even career, SKILLSHARE is a perfect place to keep you learning and thriving in 2019. If you’re interested in beginning animation, I would suggest looking up the Flippaclip tutorial. Skillshare is giving away a FREE two month unlimited access tryout to the first 500 people who click the link in the description box, and after that it’s only around $10 a month. So check it out down below. People love to bash teachers, So before I get into some of my stories I just wanted to thank all the good ones that I had in the past. It takes a lot to want to go to a job where you have to spend eight hours of day with other people’s kids and their issues. Getting close to your students is a good thing, but sometimes it can go too far. My calculus teacher was an example of this. He doubled as the high school basketball coach, So he was super buddy-buddy with most of the students. The students were frequently in his class during lunch. We had a huge test one week when all the papers were graded, he told the class how proud he was of them. Apparently almost everyone got a 100% except my paper was… Heh… Well, I’m guess I’m a stupiddd *Clap* Taking AP physics, chemistry, and history at the same time probably wasn’t the best idea… Turns out that during one of their lunch hangouts, one of the students stole the answer key. Snapshotted it and sent it to all the other people in the class. I felt so bad for the teacher. He was super genuine but he let them take advantage of that kindness. Speaking of kindness, the food drive was happening during my seventh grade year. I really wanted to participate in it, So I ran home and asked my mom if I could take some cans to donate from the pantry. She said no. *Whiny* “But..MoOoOoMmM” “Shannon look around.” “Aren’t I already feeding the poor?” “Huh, I mean you’re not wrong.” You have to understand that at that time it was difficult to donate to any food drive that came our way. Due to the fact that we had so many kids in my family. Some of those schools were requiring parents to donate $100 per kid for school funds. Let’s just say my parents weren’t too fond of that.. The next day my teacher walked to the front of the class to address something. She was dissatisfied about how many cans were gathered so far in her bin. We don’t have NEARLY enough. Obviously you guys don’t want to be charitable. Okay, anyone that hasn’t donated. Please raise your hand. Reluctantly, me and two other girls rose our hands. Thing is.. I know those girls. Okay now come up in front of the class. Come on. We don’t have all day. Okay..This is just… strange. You see kids these people think they are too good to donate. Starving kids are in need and they won’t rise up to the occasion. Tomorrow, I expect that bin to be full! Class, what do have to say to them? The class then proceeded to shame us for our OBVIOUS “lack of charity” and “white privilege.” That bin better be full by tomorrow, now sit! D-did that just happen? Since when was being charitable a requirement? When was donating mandatory or else public humiliation? I even considered STEALING from my mom because I was so humiliated. The reason the other girls didn’t donate? The first one was from a single-parent household that barely had enough food to put on their own table. The other girl, their family had just lost their business due to bankruptcy and her parents were in the middle of a divorce. I knew their situations, the teachers should have taken us aside rather than display our lack of funds to the whole class. I was so distraught over the whole thing. So I told my parents and they went completely insane and ratted her out to the principal. After that, the teacher made sure to give any paper I wrote an automatic ‘A’ despite how bad the piece was. I actually tried making it bad just to see what she would do and it didn’t matter. She always gave me an ‘A’ Not an outcome I wanted but, nonetheless; I’m.. grateful? Alongside high school, my religion has an extra class in the morning called seminary otherwise known as… “Cemetary.” … because it sucks Depending on what state you live in the class could either start in the morning *Cough of sickness* or the afternoon. I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of taking it at 6:30 a.m It was basically a class just learning about my boy, Jesus. As a high schooler that time was WAYY too early. Half the class would be asleep while the other would be doing homework. My dad had a long drive to work every day so he would take me over to the seminary building around 6:00 a.m. My teacher that year noticed I was always there early and decided that instead of sitting around that I could help set up her class. She had a very particular way in which she would set up her chairs, and I wasn’t doing anything else, so I agreed to help her set up. I was always willing to lend a hand to anyone who asked, ’cause why not? She was a very driven person prepping for her lesson, so after setting up the class, I would just sit there kinda awkwardly not wanting to disrupt her concentration. One day, however; she didn’t show up. Now, it’s important to note that she was SUPER rich, if she didn’t show up most likely she was in Vegas with her girlfriends or something ridiculous like that. I got into the building at 6:00 a.m and no one was there as it came close to 6:30. She still wasn’t there. I didn’t want to set up the chairs for nothing. So I waited. It’s 6:45, the typical late kids start coming into class and it just comes to a point where we are all questioning what’s even going on? 7:00 a.m. Rolls around and people start to give up on her showing up. *SMACK* Urrghh! You have got to be kidding me. Shannon, it’s already 7:00 and you haven’t set up my class? (Quietly) What..? I can’t start the class all because of YOU. But I’m not in charge… Yeah, you know what? I don’t want to hear your excuses. Just sit down. Wha..? But… That’s not fair… She asked some other students to set up some chairs as she started a quick lesson. If I were in that situation today, I would have just yeeted myself out of the class rather than being talked down to. This chick was used to having people clean up for her. I bet she never really cared about a relationship with me. I was just an easy person to dump manual labor onto. I didn’t stand for that though I hid from her. I started sleeping on the pews instead and you know, it’s kind of nice to get some extra rest before school anyways. I bet she woke up late that day and instead of admitting she was in the wrong took her anger out on me. A 16 year old anxiety ridden child. I wasn’t being paid to be her worker. I didn’t owe her anything. She never asked why I stopped helping her after that. I don’t think I heard anything she even taught during her class after that incident. I was more focused on getting some rest. For some reason my teachers loved to publicly humiliate me. I don’t really get it, heh. Before I get into the outro, let me remind you guys that my plushie is out right now over at makeshift.com. The link is in the description below. Buying one would really help out the channel and it’d be a cool way to show your support. It’s super soft, and I’m really proud of how it came out. So if you want to snag one while you can it’ll be out for the next few days. Do you guys have any crazy teachers stories? let me know down in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear them all and I’ll be responding to as many posts as I can Teachers have it pretty rough, the way they handle the stress can be quite interesting. So spill that tea sis. And as always thanks for watching the video. Please take a second to like the video, share it, and turn on notifications. Some BIG revealing story times are coming up in the next few months and you won’t want to miss those. I’m super excited to share them all with you guys and see ya! {Captions by Zoomaster1}

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100 thoughts on “[storytime] Terrible Teachers

  1. My kindergarten teacher made a girl sit outside in the cold rain and wind, just because she was crying in class.

    She also made us sing a self centered song about her.

    When one of my friends back then, jokingly refused to sing the song, The teacher screamed at her in front of the whole class.

    She used to reward kids for doing the wrong thing, and then talking about it, instead of rewarding the kids who did things right.

  2. My 8th grade math teacher made me feel stupid whenever I asked for help. But my 9th grade teachers are amazing and actually watch my Youtube channel. Also like theodd1sout said, "SCHOOL SUCKS!"

  3. My teacher yelled at me for forgetting not to take out my multiplication chart for the test so she ripped it in peices in front of my face

  4. My cafeteria banned coughing and every time someone coughed the WHOLE CLASS would get in deeeeep trouble

  5. So at the end of class we have two bells, the first one to tell us to get our backsides off to class and the second one to start the class we got to. my English teacher starts the lesson on the first bell and yells at us telling us that we're late

  6. I am new to your channel but I have to say I like the way it doesn't feel like you are forcing the trial things on us. Lol

  7. Charity became a requirement when they decided charity was better than welfare because they could control who got help and who didn't so they could make sure only the deserving people get help.

  8. I’m not sure if I would call my teacher bad, but I’m gonna call him mr. zak, (he was in my 4th period for homeroom class, and I was in 6th grade at the time, and this was 1st semester)
    Sometimes (I’m not sure if this is a normal thing) he would make us read books until it was time for lunch, one time I was walking to my 4th period class and I wanted a drink, so I did and I was going the wrong way, I was heading to A hall (my 4th period class is in B hall) so I start walking to the right way, and I got out my phone (I know what your thinking and yes I know I wasn’t) and he started … how do I say this? … shouting?
    And said I was late (the late bell didn’t go off yet) and said I had my phone out and that’s why I was late.
    And I tried to explain the real reason and he just started to interrupt me, for no reason.
    And I told my mom when I got home, and I don’t remember what my mom’s reaction was so I’m gonna have to go with ballistic, and one day was the day where we go to school and meet the teachers, so we find mr. zak and she ask him the question of the incident that happened that one time, and he replied with, “ Oh, well, since he was giving me the attitude, I decided to give him the attitude.” And the part where I, gave HIM, the attitude, was a thing that I DID NOT DO!
    This does not only PROVE, that he was a liar, but this also proves that he knew how to actually listen, but was choosing not to (if that even makes any sense) so idk what else happened but another time I was in 5th period (gym class) and literally everyone else were on their device, since it wasn’t time to get dressed, so I got on my phone and watch some YouTube video and played some games, *insert video/game sounds*, and then, “ Chance, put away your phone.” I look up at mr. zak.
    “Your kidding me, right? You do see that literally everyone else here is on there phone, and you single me out?” He just nodding his head up and down.
    I wasn’t really happy with this, but that didn’t stop me, cuz I kept on playing/watching some videos/games.
    Literally everyone else there were on there device, but I guess since I’m just the tallest 12 YO/6th grader in the school/class it made me the perfect target, he was probably like with the other kids, “Nah, there too easy, so I guess I’m gonna have to go with this tall freak.” And I’d probably understand that I wasn’t supposed to have my phone out in class, but I barely used it during class, and the second my phone came out, he singled me out, even though everyone else were on their devices.
    Wait, maybe if he has a wife and/or some children, they’re probably reading this comment right now, so that they can tell how stupid there father/husband was.
    I doubt you’d understand how long this took.

  9. My history teacher in 6th Grade hated everybody except me. Everyone hated her and I was allowed to skip class whenever since she loved me!

  10. Your the best my story is……my math teacher yelled at me in the front of the class I was…really sad and scared😥

  11. I had a french teacher that actually put me down on purpose a lot and no matter what me and my family would do, she would continue to. At one point I was taking notes and she told me to see her outside of the classroom. The door and spanish door next door were wide open (which I wanted to do Spanish instead of french) and Tldr, both classes heard he screaming at me over "Not paying attention" even though I was taking notes and me bawling my eyes out.
    A lot of the other students in the class even saw she was treating me unfairly.
    One of my friends even tested the teacher by swearing and nothing was done yet I say something and shes like "SMOL BE QUIET."
    Im happy I graduated lmao

  12. You should never become a teacher for money because you need at least a bachelors degree and you might need a masters degree and a teachers salary is 34000 to 79000 a year so not a good idea to become a teacher for money so teachers that go to school to work for money are stupid
    And have a nice day all who read
    And pls like

  13. Ok im in private school and i pay for that monthly one day my class was very noisy and and my math teacher decided that she didnt want to teach us because we were too noisy ( i mean i pay for some useless knowledge and she decided not to teach us :)) )

  14. I was in the classroom but it was not with me the beef, our tutor (giving homeroom while we waited for the teacher) seems to have had a bad day because in a fit of rage he threw a dry eraser (chalkboard) and nailed a guy that wouldn't shut up at all in the middle of the forehead. or another of our teachers taped down and covered a guys mouth with duct tape in so he would stop disrupting the class (religion class)

  15. Plz dont call me weird but I'm lesbian and I told my friend but the principel over heard and gave me detention for two days for being lesbian

  16. So one time I had a teacher and her name was mrs. oaks like for real she was the BEST person I’ve met.. I was a shy kid back in the day, so I wasn’t that talkative… but when we was on leave I FlIpEd out! I kept on saying in my head “where is she.” A couple of minutes later the “new teacher” came in.

  17. Don't always take a book by its cover. you got to remember stuff happens and people don't say anything so they only may have two or three cans in their house but have five or six children. not everybody can donate like everybody else. I remember a YouTube video that I seen this lady was trying to get her EBT card to work and the guy behind her wouldn't give her time to do it and she ended up walking out of the store without her groceries. well her brother just died and she had her brother's three children. that's why she had EBT and he made her feel bad because of it. the next 5-6 customers behind him all got together and bought like $650 worth of food to give to her. so see you never know what all is going on or the whole story because it's not yours

  18. this is very long but I get a chance to rant. Also this isn't much about teachers but about my weird school in general

    My teachers weren't necessarily that "bad" they just got political a lot and the class basically all followed a common mindset except for me but I never voiced my opinion out loud because I didn't want to be nuked off the planet for thinking differently. And I wish I was exaggerating common lunchtime coversations would be about who was president or who should’ve been president and how the world was going to end because of it. Teachers even offered therapy after the last election for kids who were actually distraught at the results this was 6/7th grade besides the point though. My old school was VERY project oriented. I'm saying we had to make posters (so many fricken posters…) like every 1 or 2 months for various subjects. And ALL the classes were mixed in with each other often. By that I mean, math class could be involved in a project that was for history, science, spanish, and even art. It wasn't just math but that's my example. We had very short deadlines, and we were told to buy supplies that we would end up never using. One time I was put in a math intervention because I didn’t do well in geometry. In that class I was handed sheets for easy long division. My dad would ask me “What’d you do in math intervention? Same thing?” And I’d say yes, because THAT’S ALL WE DID. Sometimes the teachers were not very helpful, but at least they were all relatively nice… Also, every year we had a “walk to school day” that’s when the bus would drop us off maybe half a mile away from the school and kids would walk (we had police around for safety) we had it around October or November. I lived in Maine. It was cold. There was snow on the ground. There was a wind chill that made the temperature in the negatives. Many kids got sick, I was already sick. Though my mom got me out of it and drove me to school after the first time. (I stayed home the next day after the first time because I was just dying) Another time, the bus coming back from a field trip was late for some reason..? And they didn’t tell the parents where the heck their kids were. (mine included) we also had a semi-lockdown because some older kids did something bad on social media. (or something like that) Never found out what it was. But it was handled the day before, yet the teachers kept us inside the rooms all day. We couldn’t even go out to the bathroom… They didn't talk to parents about what was going on, or if their kids were even safe. ANYWAY, THAT WENT OFF WHATEVER TRACKS WERE THERE!

    Yeah… It was a big fricked up mess that led to a lot of problems… My parents began homeschooling me last year and I've in fact learned more from home than I did at public school.

  19. Actually, yeah, I had this teacher for health class, and in 6th grade I had an ecostomy tube, (Parden my spelling, can't spell, only know words. Lol) look it up if you dom't believe me, and I wasn't able to do physical exervise for 2 more days, but she did this heart rate thing, where it was NEEDED to do exercise and I was like: 'Umm, I can't do this..' teacher: 'And why NOT?' Me: 'Uhm, you KNOW ehy because it's in your email!'Sense all teacher were notifide of this it took me by suprise and kinda made me sceptical/angry. Teacher: 'Well I don't have anything, so do it!' So I got up and id it. Later that night when I was drying off from my shower, I noticed my tune was ONE INCH OUT! I quickly pushed it back in and notifide my sister, sense I got the tube not long before that and she was the only adult there, my mum came home and we told her. We called the doctors and we had FLY TO BOSTON FOR AN EMERGANCY VISIT!!! It was, of course, infected. And not the worst part yet, because, apparently, the teacher SHARED THIS PERSONAL INFO ABOUT ME, to a teacher friend that, I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE! And a friend OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL! Btw, she did have the email, just didn't do HER work and responsibility and get payed for her job! Instead, payed for DOING NOTHING! Shcool said they: 'HaD a conVerSAtIoN wITH heR aNd cOuLdn'T sHare hEr punIshmEnt bUt, IT's a GoOd OnE.' That did not boat well with me mum nor me. Needless to say, she got a crappy punishment/no punishment, got her lay check, kept her job, kept a good normal lay check, and had NO conisqunces, just us. Y'know, usual stuff with schools not taking responisibility for there faults! Only us. I did have a academic excuse from her class though!

  20. It was 4th grade and my two friends were in line behind me. They were playing the random pushing game where like you just push your friend over and over and you're just playing around! Then a teacher (NOT EVEN OURS) walked upon them and SHOVED one of my friends and said "HoW dOeS iT fEeL tO bE pUsHed bY pEoPlE hUh?" Excuse me, they were just playing… No need to go all rough on her! I heard the teacher was going to be fired or something the next week but idk ._.

  21. My moms a teacher and one time when she wouldn’t let a student go to the bathroom he stood up and peed in her plant.

  22. So I like to draw during class, and my math teacher takes away my skech book, even though I try to make it as obvious as possible I'm paying attention. And also she can't understand why I'm slower than the other students. I'm naturally bad at math. Both my older, and younger sister struggle with math, and my dad struggles with math. But the only person in my family she knows other than me, is my mom. Who is a math teacher. Who is the only person in my family who is good, and likes math.

  23. A girl in my class clapped in the most quiet way possible and the teacher made us have estar homework and send her out of the class

  24. Okay. So every time someone says that they hate their teacher, I drill them till they tell me everything their teacher did that was wrong. Why? Because I had an ABUSIVE teacher. First grade: my teacher had a thing against me. I came from a school that taught us to write big. One time, she literally slammed her hands on the desk while I was doing my paper, and proceeded to yell at me.

    Unfortunately, Mom didn't truly believe me, until parent-teacher conference. My teacher made the mistake of talking down to my Mom. My Mom whipped her with her tongue so bad my teacher cringed. I left that school soon after that.

  25. A teacher publicly humiliated my brother when I was in his class, my brother is cyber schooled while I went to Public.

    I reported it because bish I ain't dealing with that garbage. And chilled in the principals office just playing on my phone during the math period.

  26. Shugurr:Hi im shanon in a new student here😊
    Teachers:*starts to despise her*get the fudge atta my class
    Shugurr:WHAT THE FU-
    Meh:oh no no no you ain't sayi'n that in mah comment

  27. My gym teacher always put me on the wall he put my freind on the wall cause he was Chinese and last time I didnt put on socks cause I couldnt find them so i went without them then he told us to take off our shoes and my feet were cold on the floor and he gave gabby socks but not me i guess cause I'm black….and he used to always put me on the wall that's why I hated him and me and a girl named peyton we used to always wear boots cause we didnt have shoes then he always told us to go to the wall for that when we were taking off our shoes and last he put me on the wall as soon as I came in I went to the wall and started to cry a bit then we took off our shoes and I took off mines tho i didnt join i stayed on the wall then he told me to get up then i didnt then he said it again then i did tho I didn't run I walk and I was holding every body behind me then we played duck duck goose and I was chosen I was walking and everyone else sat down but I was still up cause I was walking slowly on purpose and he one time gave me a note cause I wore my boots then I brun it home and showed it to my mom but she didnt blame me I need shoes I had none cause we couldnt find any shoes so I had to wear my boots again then he started yelling at us and it was winter and there was snow I needed my boots so I wore them then he yelled at me again saying do I not have shoes I said I did but i couldnt wear them he said why and I said snow and he said there was no snow but at the end of the day there was snow and he saw it then he noticed why I wore my boots tho when I saw him he tried to say hi then I didnt answer but say you are the worst teacher. Shugurr you inspire me to animate so now I can make people feel salty for what they did to me

  28. My school makes you may 500 per student and literally l swear to God I think they only used it on was the computers cause the. High schoolers Took online classes but there’s is only 5 high schools 5 there were 80 kids and the schools was really tiny so not to the building to computers

  29. Here a story that happen in 5th grade so i lived far away from the school and i had to wait a few day before the bus got to my house to pick so on my day back from what i call "extra break" the teacher gave the class home i didnt understand a thinc about home so i didnt do so they wrote on my agenda (the school gave every student agendas) that i didnt do my homework and i missed alot of they and i should done it and in 6th grade i missed few day cause of the bus not showing up well and when i asked the teacher for help on the first page cause i wasnt there for the lesson she started yelling that i need to do it that i need to finish you should been in front of the class when i went back to my seat i started crying my friend was helping calm down and i told my mom she it isnt your fault the bus didnt come or something along those i have more but for later

  30. I honestly live my math teacher rn, he’s great at math loves the subject, super sarcastic and funny, interesting stories, nice but like defensive nice and just generally pretttttty cool

  31. Here's a true story: One kid starts giving grief to another… other kids see and are like "HA! that's funny!" and they all "wanna be like Mike.." cause they don't wanna be 'unpopular' so they join in.. and what seems like instantly, there's 10 kids all focused on tormenting the ONE kid they have pinned in a corner of the room physically torturing.. Then thank god the teacher comes in.. notices what's going on.. BUT instead of stopping things, he also joins in and tells a joke about the one kid they have in the corner which gets the entire class to laugh at the joke. Later that teacher tells the kid being picked on, which is me btw, he needs to stand up for himself —- Seriously?!? against the ENTIRE CLASS?!?!? It's not like I wasn't trying… even being 11 years old at the time I knew teachers shouldn't join in on the bullying.

  32. One kid at my school once broke his arm on the way to school and the fitness teacher said, “ you broke your arm on the way to school? Hahaha! Oh right, I shouldn’t laugh” in front of the entire class

  33. Once my friend spilled my chocolate milk a little bit and the teacher screamed at me and sent me to the principal for 30 minutes..

  34. My teacher in 6th grade last year I didnt have time to finish all his online homework so he would shame me by showing my grade to the entire class while saying look my name didnt finish his work again

  35. I fricking hate this stories. Bc i was the "too nice" kid who people will treat bad and i wont say anything. Thank god today im still nice…..until someone try take advantage of me! 🙂

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