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Stocks Fall This Week 19-23 Aug, Fed Talk, China Imposes Tariffs & U.S Fires Back With Tariffs Too!

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today we’re gonna be doing our stock market weekly recap for August
19th through the 23rd 2019 we’re gonna start off this video by taking a look at
last week’s changes for the week the percent change for the S P Dow Jones and
the Nasdaq then we’re gonna jump into this week’s changes for the week we’re
gonna go over the four main indexes the percent change here over the past five
days we’re then gonna jump and take a look at stock futures which are
currently negative going after you know after the hours President Trump came out
tweeting that he’s gonna be raising the tariffs from 25 percent to 30 percent
now on Chinese goods and also he is going to possibly in the future raise
the other tariffs on other goods from 10 percent to 15 percent that of course is
going to have a negative effect here over the weekend so I do expect Monday
to be a bit negative and could possibly be a good opportunity to buy now we’re
also going to jump and take a look at the entire SP 500 performance here for
the week what stocks were up what stocks were down what sectors for a week what
sectors were strong and then measure the overall performance here with you know
of the total market and then we’re going to jump and take a look at
semiconductors financials homebuilders then we’re gonna jump over into the gold
silver the dollar oil and then wrapping it up with mortgage rates and what was
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all here for tuning in let’s go ahead and get into the video I’m gonna go
ahead and flip my screen around here and go ahead and share the screen now right
off the bat this is last week’s changes for the past week August 12th through
the 16th 2019 the S&P down 1.03 hit the Dow Jones down 1.53 the Nasdaq down 0.79
by portfolio down point 5 4% so last week
pretty nasty I believe last week was our third consecutive week going into the
red and if you follow me over on Instagram here I posted the changes for
this week so that’s one read week to read weeks three read weeks four read
weeks so we’ve had four consecutive negative weeks in a row so really I was
expecting this week if you watch my last week’s recap I was really expecting this
week to come out positive but it is unexpected you never know what is going
to happen and what happened here on Friday the Fed came out they discussed
possibly raising rates here in the future decreasing rates here in the
future they didn’t really say it they kind of left it open-ended that didn’t
really affect the market too much after the Fed came out the market started
moving slightly higher China imposed some tariffs on us they raised the
tariffs on X amount to XML I didn’t track it right write it down that hit
the market pretty hard right off the bat lost about a hundred eighty points but
we started making a recovery then again President Trump came out tweet everybody
should be looking to move their production out of China and look
elsewhere and that is when the markets sold off hard so it is very unexpected
what the what the events that can take place that can really affect the market
you wouldn’t believe it it’s kind of funny but let’s go ahead and take a look
here at these four indexes the S&P this week actually trending positive Monday
through Thursday here of one point two one percent early in the week ten point
seven eight really not that bad you can see eat while we did gap low on open on
Tuesday bad about what down point eight percent on Wednesday on open we gapped
up nearly that whole recovery plus some and then towards the end of the day we
actually had a massive kind of rise and actually closed up 0.82% on the day
basically erasing Tuesday now I did move my ETF my bonds from bonds into the S&P
500 I believe some time on Tuesday night so on Wednesday on open has when I
started tracking the SMP with my bonds now Thursday and
Friday Thursday basically fought a flat on the day the Fed was going to be
speaking on Friday and that is all that I had really expected here on Friday but
then we had the Fed came out they came out discuss in the morning but the
market started to recover from what the Fed had said you know it didn’t really
interfere with anything then China came out saying hey we slapped some tariffs
on to you boom the market took took a hit but it started to show some recovery
there as well let’s go ahead and go to the one day here so that is not showing
a great one let’s go three day maybe maybe this is a bit easier but you can
see here China dropped us about a hundred eighty
points after the announcement we started to make a recovery in right here at that
top point as when that treat that tweet came out that slowly bled the market
towards the end of the day because the market does not like uncertainty and the
market can be affected by a few texts so it’s kind of interesting there so that
is basically what affected the rest of the markets same sort of performance
here except for Thursday the Dow Jones did perform 0.19% and Friday sell-off
down two point three seven percent there down for the week for the SP five-day
change is down 1.4 for the Dow Jones down 0.99 the Dow Jones is actually one
of the least affected here the Nasdaq hit one point eight three this is a
second place as far as negative this week basically the same performance our
worse hip index there is the Russell 2000 down 2.2 9% this one here
year-to-date down to now only eight point two three percent
falling quickly behind the Dow Jones now up nine point eight seven
the Russell was almost on lying there with the Dow Jones the SP here is in
second place up thirteen point five seven and the Nasdaq here is in first
place up sixteen point eight three percent now after hours here we can see
we went into the red and that is because Trump announced another tariff increase
so they’re going to be raising increase their tariffs from 25% to 30% on a
number let’s go ahead and stop that and then
they’re going to go ahead and raise their tariffs on other semiconductors
and technology from items from 10% to 15% and some of those tariffs that
hadn’t been slapped on to products that may affect Apple or what were some of
the other sucks I know Apple had a big part out there it’s actually going to be
coming out and I do see Apple and some of those other semiconductor technology
stocks I do receive a lot of their equipment and items from China beginning
to kind of fall here in the upcoming weeks so kind of interesting they’re
jumping into the entire S&P 500 performance here for the weekend this is
Friday there were only about five stocks that I see I saw out here that were
positive that I was tracking we had Boeing positive on the day of 0.45% we
also had next era energy 0.13% actually utilities utilities generally are some
of the safer Haven you know safer areas when the rest of the market selling off
you’ll see some of the utilities in the green today it did not matter what
sector you were a part of when everything took place the Fed China the
tweet you know it overreacted and the market did not like it it took all the
sectors down so every single portfolio that I saw out there was essentially
negative on the day over here in basic materials ticker symbol nem Newmont
Mining Corporation up to point 10% there on on the de CRM up to point two five I
believe that is because of their earnings into it the turbo are the tax
preparation company here up one point ten percent and a few others I’m sure
are kind of scattered out there but not as familiar to myself now looking at the
one week here we can see that overall if you look at all the sectors there’s not
one sector that is just blaring out their green we can see a few utilities
actually about more than half possibly being in the green we have any Duke
Energy Southern Company we have XEL and WEC and a few others but
actually utilities came out a little bit probably higher than 5050 we
bowing this week up seven point seven four percent we may have found a bottom
on Boeing I don’t actually own Boeing myself that I’ve seen many investors
diving into Boeing and they were just really hoping for a bottoming out point
and this could be a good bottom we also see Raytheon up 1.3 1% there on the week
a V Abbie’s inside my portfolio that actually kept my portfolio afloat here
when we get to our percent change for the week my portfolio did not drop as
much as the rest of my other portfolios my portfolio that has a V in my IRA
overall narrow edge is the only positive portfolio of all my portfolios this week
so that one kind of kept my portfolio afloat there we also have Home Depot and
Lowe’s Lowe’s came out guided higher beat expectations and guided higher and
you can see here up thirteen point two eight percent there on the week and Home
Depot up six point seven nine CRM into it Activision Blizzard and EAS
Electronic Arts also positive on the day so really it’s sporadic there’s not one
sector that was safe out there besides the utilities being a little bit
higher than 50% financials down again this week I know last week they were hit
pretty hard down again pretty hard here on Friday down one point seven seven
percent semiconductors this is what effect of the Nasdaq this week down
three point one five percent and again this is tariffs we are talking about
they were going to be raising tariffs from 25 to 30 percent which will affect
all the common consumer areas that China had been getting taxed that pretty heavy
but now they’re gonna also increase a tax on electronics and semiconductors
will get affected in that from 10 to 15 so this is probably what really hurt a
big sell if you can see the volume here big volume down three point one five
percent homebuilders positive this week due to Lowe’s and Home Depot they share
a pretty large percentage here four point five three for Lowe’s and four
point six three percent there for Home Depot we also had a couple other ends in
there such as William Sonoma whirlpool and not familiar if any of these other
positions or positive or negative for the week but overall 0.81% they’re
positive now oil the only positive day here on oil was Monday and whenever
there is any sort of conflict or attack or some ships getting bombed and it you
know blown up this seems to cause oil prices to rise so there was an attack on
a Saudi oil facility over in yym Yemeni and that caused the one positive day
with oil up two point two eight percent there on Monday and sold off everything
and more by Friday down two point eight two percent here on Friday five day
changed now down one point eight four percent so oil has been heavily sold off
here recently hitting highs of over $13.50 now trading
at $11 and $0.19 it’s really having no sort of support anywhere it just kind of
slush sloshing there around not finding any sort of support the dollar was
actually going pretty high for the week kind of keeping up there and then Fed
came out and I believe it’s with the Fed that should have affected the dollar
here on Friday you can see here early in the morning the Fed didn’t really cause
a dollar to move low it actually looked like it may have caused it a spike up
but when the whole discussions there when the China in u.s. started to
escalate the trade were there that’s when that dollar started to kind of drop
off so I’m not sure why the dollar would be affected by the whole mentioning them
but just kind of interesting you can already see oil there I’m sorry
gold positive there silver and gold even though they have been highly extended
here these are continuing to climb now sober I remember a point where we were
saying on the weekly recaps if you’re buying silver below $14 you were
probably loading up pretty crazy below that $14 point and now silver has
exploded up 16 Oh 16 dollars and 35 cents but over the past three months
that is up nearly 20 percent there in the past three months gold basically
doing the exact same movement over the past three months we have 18.8
5% upward trajectory there’s a couple gold miners that I was checking out I
know I posted it over in the dividend growth the dividend growth investing
Facebook page I posted two gold miners that pay dividends they have rising
revenue free cash flow net income they are I’m not sure if their divot
aristocrats are no but I know they’ve had some dividends and they just look
very strong in this current market but they are treating at near highs so it’s
one of those things could be possibly extended there who knows with the market
volatility that we have bonds also continuing to move higher just slightly
a point zero seven percent there on the weak your today bonds are up seven point
one seven percent not too much state of them I know the the big scare was a
yield yield inversion happened midday I believe on either Tuesday or Wednesday I
thought it would be a bigger deal but Friday the Fed China tariffs and US
tariffs kind of swept all that underneath the rug now mortgage rates
dead slightly increased four basis points moving from three point eight one
percenter we could go up to now three point eight five this is still a great
time to refinance just make sure that when you’re refinancing your fees go
through a court a calculator that will assess how long you will need to live at
your current home in order to make up the actual reduction I forgot the whole
terminology I know I’ve done it in the past where I looked at my own home and
was it worth refinancing to take those fees to restart my amortization and it
really wasn’t worth it if I could reduce my rate down to three point two five it
wouldn’t really make it no I think that’s what my rate is right now three
point two five percent so it doesn’t really make too much of a difference
unless I can get down into the maybe low twos or even the ones which is unlikely
right now now going through some of the news here that was posted this week I
talked about why I posted a little asset class returns now I specifically kind of
mentioned large cap if you invest it in these large cap t large cap here is in
the orange look at how the orange never falls into the lower head
but it never really goes into the high-end either it usually kind of
hovers in this mid area which is my you know I like to hold large cat companies
whereas real estate investment trusts while we like to invest in them they
provide a high yield they often provide a safety net in times of recessions we
can see here while they do trade near some highs sometimes they also lose a
massive amount in the lows down 37.7 there 15.7% there were the rest of the
market in the emerging market and the large caps were up five point five
percent and thirty nine point eight so I thought it was in kind of an interesting
graph there to turn a check out now I did get a bunch of actual bumped
notifications this week I know my wife wenting was shopping at Barnes and
Nobles they got a water and a cookie for the kiddo and we got Starbucks I’m now a
shareholder of Starbucks through the bump tab
I also got some Taco Bell young stocks that McDonald stocks and some low stock
I think I picked up some stakes stakes for the yard I’m putting down some black
tarp and some rocks in my backyard to enclose my grass around so it makes it
easier to mow so I got some lows from going out and getting some items for
free some free stock out there President Trump coming out there I don’t see Apple
fall into two tariffs okay so Tim Cook and President Trump were talking about
not imposing tariffs on China because it would affect Apple well this was Sunday
going into the week again no one foresaw what was going to happen on Friday I had
no idea China was going to come out and slap the US with China and of course
once that did happen we knew immediately that President Trump was gonna more than
likely be out there tweeting something and it would rock the market I saw a lot
of chat and some of the discord channels that they made a lot of money shorting
and buying up some bowing options so very interested in their slow drip today
so Monday I believe it was actually Tuesday August 20th that was Tuesday
basically a bit of a slow sell-off it wasn’t a sell-off it was just basically
a downtrend they were kind of waiting for the Fed to come out
so some of the key words there I think I talked about so my Monday or my
Wednesday video I switched my bond so I had about 15 percent of my portfolios
out there and bonds and had a picture here so I had about 10,000 almost eleven
thousand dollars and bonds and by having switched earlier maybe a month or two
ago from my sp500 fun I sold out of that fund I’m not sure where I sold it out of
but I moved it from the C fund over into the G fund and during that time that had
been invested in bonds that had been basically positive every week over these
past few weeks it had actually grown in equity by about three hundred dollars so
when I made my conversion from bonds back to the S&P 500 I was able to have
not shaved the what the market had shaved off a difference of three point
one percent or basically kind of saved myself three hundred and thirty one
dollars in equity from having done that plus when I reverted back from my G fund
back to my C fund to jump back into the sp500 fun here my shares went from 245
to now I have believe right around 254 so actually increased my share count the
market goes higher I’ll have a higher percent increase their base off the more
equity so there’s a nice little change there I don’t see the market tanking yet
I think the Fed will step in here end of September raise rates the tariffs they
always scare the market here in the short term uncertainty but I do believe
the market still is going to be continuing to move higher here in the
short term in the next three to six months I think is what I had kind of
said in a September I do see us hitting new all-time highs and we’ll see how
that kind of plays out I know Friday kind of hit me for a loop so I
will go any deeper into there so which will pop first what do you think will
pop first do you think the stock market will pop and explode and we’ll have a 20
percent you know 10 20 percent correction do you think the bond market
the debt market will pop or do you think gold to the silver that has been you
know every single market if you look at the SMP
five hundred four six percent off all-time highs if you look at the bond
market it’s heavily extended if we look here at bonds over the past six months
here look at where bonds red bonds are trading at all-time highs
it looks heavily extended if we look at gold and silver we already saw that
there extended as well at what point Judah does the stock murky or the bond
market or gold and silver the material sector there which one’s gonna fall
first let me know in the comment section which one do you think is going to be
falling first and I do believe that’s what’s gonna end up pushing the market
higher something’s got to give either gold and silver are gonna fall that bar
market is gonna fall and it’s gonna push investors into the market and that’s
what’s going to drive the market even higher with a Fed cut I bet a Fed today
so it kind of went out and put some notes about the Fed meeting that took
place now the Fed kind of left it open-ended to lower interest rates in
the future and the past rate cut should it be views viewed as a preset course
but just as a needed alignment a calibration is what they kind of use
here calibration so I put some notes there for the article for the Federal
Reserve minutes and also targeted lows article that are kind of interesting now
I got paid on the 21st which was Wednesday Google paid me out thought
those interesting you should always create different streams of income if
you’re out here working W to create different streams of income either
through YouTube affiliates start a business you know if you want to go out
there mowed lawns I know my there’s a lot of stuff you can do there’s just so
many opportunities you just have to go and look and try and fill a serve you
know fill something you find something that needs to I don’t know the whole you
know there’s a saying for it but you can do anything you want and just create
different streams of income and I thought that was kind of nice a little
share as Katie I know I’ve been posting about this one here for a bit
it’s just hanger factory outlets they had insider trading or buying at this
$14 point I don’t want this stock to be one where
investors here on the channel view you know see these videos watch my portfolio
buying this specific stock don’t do all their own research and buy into it I did
see a couple other channel creators start into my SK team so I’m not sure if
they’re doing the research on that or if they’re just going off I don’t ever want
anybody here on the channel to be just buy positions that I am buying because
there’s different mindsets and there’s different plans like my plan and goal is
not always going to match up with what your planning goal is and my portfolios
my m1 Finance account which holds a lot of single stocks that holds 34 single
stocks within the account that makes up a very you know it makes up us a portion
of my total portfolio and while I like to kind of showcase that it is just a
piece of my total portfolio which includes probably more funds than
anything right now then what the single stocks in that account show and then of
course I had 15% in bonds that were moved over to now the S&P so that’s
about eleven thousand dollars that was moved over back into the S&P 500 and
that’s almost you know that’s more than half of what the m1 financed account is
so yeah just different different things there to kind of consider Altria altro
raised their dividend from 80 cents to no 84 cents that’s an increase set of 5%
their yield is now seven point two five percent yield now a couple other
companies that raise their dividend so far that I am tracking here in the month
of August is JPMorgan going from 320 to now 360 Simon Property Group going from
822 now 840 Altria 322 no 336 so BAM I just made a dividend raiser I made about
four dollars four to six dollars off those dividend increases just by having
the dividend increase my dividend income going forward increased by about four to
six dollars so it’s slowly compounding but it’s such a tiny little portfolio
set aside for dividends but it still be fun so I knew that Friday was coming up
here and I like this little meme here so everyone’s excited for Friday because
it’s normally payday but when you get paid there’s always bills that are due
right away so bills came in and said nope I get paid tomorrow
I made the longest video on this channel actually got a lot of views I was
actually surprised I put the video out very long 41 minutes going over 18
dividend aristocrats having grown and paid out dividend for the past 25 years
or more these were all trading below their 50-day 200 day moving simple
moving average and higher yields on average for the year we also cover the
p/e price the book price of sales and a lot of information or just a ton of
information that videos so far on the channel is that over 200 views so very
nice they’re here on the day I think that was pretty good first week in the
weight so I thought this was you know I thought we were gonna have our first
Green Week in three weeks but what note the Fed came in and their normal effect
had made the market basically unmoving yes we lost it but we were going to be a
recovery then China came out and smacked us and the tweet came out and smacked us
more and it kind of smacked the market down so that’s Friday for us and when
Finance changed our dashboard a bit there’s my video on the dividend the 18b
tip of ristic rats we also have my I sent an email to m1 finance where I
basically just did it on the bottom there the contact method if they could
add a year to date option I know on the tab it goes one day five days or like a
week the one month the one quarter and the one here I would really like to add
a year to date my Merrill edge platform has it my my 401k has it my all my
accounts had this option to look at my year-to-date performance and I would
really like m1 finance add that feature in there I would like to see how that
portfolio is performing here today in comparison to my other accounts so I
sent him a message there and then this week’s changes for the week the S&P 500
one point for 4% Dow Jones down 0.99 the Nasdaq down one point eight three and my
portfolio down point six eight percent being kind of kept afloat there by Avi I
have a fairly large position and a V around 64 65 shares so it’s about four
thousand dollars or so if not more and that’s what kind of prop this portfolio
higher this week and then I had a few other positions out there and a couple
other accounts but that is basically it for the video let’s go ahead and swap
over to the full screen here and there we are so that completes this week’s
weekly recap for August 1930 23rd 2019 let me know what do you think the
markets going to do next week we left off this week after hours with President
Trump coming out saying that we’re gonna be raising tariffs
I do believe Monday will be negative I am going to be making my Monday video
going over what stock I’m going to be buying here on Monday I will let you
know obviously here on the video but I don’t have one in mind right now I have
to look at what stocks are coming up on ex-dividend how the positions I’ve
currently changed here on Friday maybe there’s some new opportunities that have
allowed me to invest in company that I may not have been able to invest in the
past due to its higher increased price but maybe it did come down here in the
short term so I will be doing that here in the next few days now if you have not
yet subscribed to the channel I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you do hit that
subscribe button below red icon right underneath this video hit it and you’ll
be subscribed to the channel also hit the notification bell to get notified
every time I release a new video if you didn’t enjoy this video find a help
we’ll hit the thumbs up and if you have any comments or questions would like to
let me know what stocks you are buying this week or what’s on your mind how did
the market affect you this week were you emotionally affected did you not mind
this volatility did you buy anything this week on Friday were you looking
forward to some more read let me know in the comment section I always appreciate
all your feedback and that is it thank you all for tuning in I will see you
next time have a great day bye

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