Steve Harvey Gifted TVs to the Teachers Who Said He’d Never Be on TV | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN
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Steve Harvey Gifted TVs to the Teachers Who Said He’d Never Be on TV | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

My father came home and she said, “Slick,” which was my Daddy’s nickname, “Your boy been up at the school being a smart aleck.” Now I already know I’m gonna get a whooping for this. She said, “Tell him what you wrote on your paper”. And I said, “I want to be on TV.” And my father said, “Well what’s wrong with that?” And she said, “Well he being a smart aleck and putting something like that that’s unbelievable on the paper.” So my father said “How come the boy can’t put on the paper he want to be on TV?” So they were starting to get into an argument so I got sent to my room. Which I knew what that meant. That means go in your room, get ready, we gonna get this whooping right. So I go in my room and they out there having a discussion. My father came in the room. He said, “Ok this what I want you to do, what did she want you to put on your paper?” I said, “I don’t know Daddy, like a basketball player what all of the rest of the kids wrote.” He said, “Well put that on the paper. Take that to school tomorrow and give it to her. Take your paper and put it in your drawer. Every morning when you get up read your paper. And every night before you go to bed read your paper. That’s your paper.” What he told me was a principle of success. That if you write it down and envision it, anything you see in your mind you can hold your hand. He knew that and so he gave that to me. After that, every year when the teacher was living, I used to send her a TV for Christmas. Cause I wanted her to see me. She saw me one year, and she said, “Boy you send me all these TVs from wherever you are, and you don’t understand I got too many TVs. I had to give these TVs away sometime.” I know, it’s alright though. And I kept that paper. And that little boy with the stuttering problem is on TV seven days a week. Yeah, I’m on TV. All the time, you dig.

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100 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Gifted TVs to the Teachers Who Said He’d Never Be on TV | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

  1. The worst thing you can do to a young mind is tell it that it cannot succeed. Or the best, depending on the circumstances.

  2. Wow that's powerful Mr Harvey. Respect..I also say affirmations everyday and night hoping one day my desires will finally come true. I believe they already are.

  3. That is a beautiful and magnificent story you have t o believe in your kids as long as they aren't disabled they are not limited and even if they are disabled they can still do something with their life.

  4. I guess we all have to thank Steve Harvey's dad for giving us one of the most entertaining tv personalities of all time

  5. This honestly made me so emotional. Steve Harvey is a wonderful man and has inspired me to always do my best. Thank you for everything Steve 🙂

  6. It’s the seemingly small events of a mans life which contain the seed of success or failure- Napoleon Hill

  7. Omg I absolutely love him he has such heart he is awesome. God bless you Mr. Steve Harvey!!!!!! I have a feeling he already has he knows your heart.

  8. I can’t believe Steve Harvey stutters well used to. I honestly stutter too but it’s not that bad it’s just when I get nervous. I love this video so much

  9. Every time I tell my teacher I wanna be football player she always says pick something more realistic and when the other kids tell the teacher they wannna be in the nfl or nba or what ever but u know what she says to them “ if u believe it u can do it” so it that’s how people r but one day I will be there after a game talking to the camera and I will thank her for all her discourage meant bc that gave me more of a will to work👍🙃

  10. "Anything that you see in your mind you can hold in your hand"……….well I'm going to go but a winning lotto ticket. I hope your right Steve.

  11. The thing I got from this video was when your children are grown THROW THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! DO NOT LET THEM BACK IN!

  12. This guy has a personal inspirational story that happenned to him for every occassion. Honestly Im starting to think hes just making it up. Everyone always giving him these pieces of profound wisdom and how much it meant to him. People usually have an experience like that or two but this guy had one every 5 minutes in his youth.

  13. No one kills the spirit in black children like black adults.

    Not racist whites, not “society”, not “the Illuminati” but black adults.

    I felt it growing up, but instead of tvs I send postcards to those that tried all they could to kill my spirit.

  14. in all honesty what a pretentious thing to do. Stop sending this poor woman T.V's just so she can watch you

  15. Oh my god – the teacher is unbelievable! But thank god steve Harvey was focused and perused his dream s 👏🏻

  16. I love this man I really do. He keeps everything he does , REAL. If I pass him switching channels I stop & you have to make a impact on me for me to do that. I love the story he told about a couple whom helped him financially together where he is today & he never forgets them either.

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