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Step:Forward | Priority Registration at California Community Colleges

Rebecca: Priority registration, it’s one step
at a time: Orientation, Assessment and Educational Planning.
It gives you that sense of direction. It gives you that foundation.
It made it very difficult for me to fail. Anjeannette: Having the priority registration
made me realize the steps that I needed to take in order to be successful.
Luis: When you complete those steps, you have a greater understanding of
what you’re gonna have to go through to achieve your goal. And that’s really what it’s about.
These steps are about completing your goals. Peter: During Orientation, they show you how
to register for classes. Where to drop classes, pay for classes.
Rebecca: Doing it online really helped me understand where I could go if I had questions,
where I could go if I needed something. Peter: You’d set up an appointment for a placement
test. It’s not a pass or a fail. It’s just to see what level math or english
you’re currently at. Anjeannette: Even if you’re at the lowest
point in the math or the english I think it’s better to have a recipe for success.
Peter: So you don’t get placed into a class that you’re not ready for.
Rebecca: I know that if I hadn’t had to take those classes in math
where the assessment had placed me I wouldn’t have had the tools or the skills
to pass a college level math class. Anjeannette: Having an Educational Plan was
awesome, because I’m a visual learner. I like to see everything in a picture like
right in front of me. Luis: It gives you a vision of what you’re
gonna take, what you’re gonna learn. Rebecca: You figured out enough what you want
to do, what you’re interested in, and where your
priorities lie. Luis: You have to choose your classes earlier.
And in choosing your classes you set your priorities.
Rebecca: I mean, I thought that this time would last forever,
and all of the sudden, this is my last semester. There’s gonna be a lot of things that you
don’t want to do, but this is absolutely necessary, and you are going to be so grateful that you
did it.

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