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Squid – Google Classroom

Combined with Google Classroom Squid can be a very effective app for completing and grading assignments This video will demonstrate how to complete a Google Classroom assignment and assumes that you have the Classroom and Google Drive Android apps already installed on your device from Google Play Start by opening the PDF in Classroom Tap the “Open in Drive” icon Then tap on the menu and select “Open with” and choose Squid Once you’ve completed the assignment you can export it as a PDF to turn it in to Google Classroom If your note has multiple pages you can choose to export the whole note or just the page you are on Choose the Google Classroom option to export Find and select the assignment you are working on and it will automatically upload your note Then you can turn it in as normal Thanks for watching! For more help on how to use Squid check out our FAQ page and other videos at squidnotes.com

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