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Spring Lake Park Schools – Westwood Intermediate

– [Julie] Westwood Intermediate is a place where we feel like family. Your students feel like family, staff feels like family,
everyone supports each other. – [Oliver] We’re rich in diversity, we have so many different types of students, different types of staff. – [Fio] It’s just this wonderful community and environment
in which you want to be. – Think in your brain,
what is my next step? – We have a fantastic
staff that really cares about our students, and that they’re learning things that will
help them even beyond their years that they’re
in Spring Lake Park. – We are really
innovative, it’s definitely a place where we are free
to use our creativity to best meet the needs
of all of our learners. – [Leah] We always have ideas flowing and connecting with each other, so we can all be the
best teacher we can be. – Who wants to read the
first three facts for us? – Westwood Intermediate is special because of the relationships that we have with our kiddos. – It’s a wonderful campus with very encouraging and caring teachers. – If you walk by my class,
my kids aren’t sitting, we’re up, we’re moving,
we’re being really loud, we’re having a lot of fun! – This school doesn’t
only focus on academics, because it’s good to have
a well-rounded student who’s gonna be a citizen of tomorrow. – [Oliver] We really put
emphasis on being ready in all facets and developing
a well-rounded student. – Do you think this text is a problem and solution text, talk to your neighbors. – [Julie] I use a lot of technology to meet the needs of my learners, they can do different ways to participate in class, they can choose what avenue they wanna go through. – [Tyler] When we give
the students a choice in what they’re learning, not only does engagement increase,
but the ability for them to be to learn and retain
new things increases as well. – [Leah] Having technology
in their hands, one on one, gives them the opportunity
to show their strength. – Using technology in the
classroom is gonna give them the real life experiences that they’re gonna use in the future. – Choose a trait that
describes the main character. – [Julie] The culture that we have here is so positive and supportive. – The kids love being
here, their experience here has been awesome. – [Heather] Westwood is
just a wonderful school, just wonderful opportunities for learning, and growth, and creativity. (light soft music)

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