Spring Fools School 2019
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Spring Fools School 2019

Hey guys! I’m headed to the Wiogora
Spring Fools event. I’m really excited, I can’t wait to see everybody. I don’t know
the real layout of the thing today? I do know we’re sponsored by ArtWeek
which is really awesome they do a lot of really cool stuff in Massachusetts. um- And yeah. I think that’s it I’m gonna get some breakfast but then I’m heading out. All right, let’s do this! Here’s our cool board. It has a ton of
pictures. This is awesome. I haven’t seen some of these pictures in years. Hey, so I’ve had a bit of a crazy morning, um- I’m teaching spell play! which is so much fun and I’ve never had
the opportunity to teach it by myself before and it’s just a ton of fun. I’m
really glad I had the opprotunity to do it. I haven’t been able to take as many videos as I had wanted to but, still fun! Wand salute! Bow. To your spots. Wands at the ready! Three… Two… One…
GO! Incendio! Protego! Stupefy! Protego! Expelliarmus! Protego! {FAUX LATIN GIBBERISH} What!? I’m a dragon now! Very complicated spell- It’s very precise- AH! Stupefy! Alright, so with that great day, I had at our
spring fools event, I have to remind everyone to register for Wiogora 2019
Alohomora (yeah, again) but we’re all so excited. Also, if you want to keep up with
us we’re now on Instagram under “wiogora_school_of_wow”. Underscores beneath
everything. We hope to be posting there very frequently This YouTube page should
also be rather busy and that leads me into another exciting point. Since being
freed as an elf I am now the “translator of muggle technology” and I will be
helping out on the Instagram and the YouTube page. I hope to be giving you
guys more updates more- just more interesting stuff at Wiogora-
behind the scenes and during program. If you have any questions, please fill out
the form in the description below it’s a little questionnaire and it’s asking
what videos you guys want to see. Do you want to see glossary terms? Do you want to see
Quidditch tutorial? Do you want to see a dancing tutorial? A song tutorial? It goes on! Basically how can these videos help you guys. And that’s it! can’t wait
to see you guys at Wiogora and I’m so excited. Thanks! So, I didn’t get to film as much as I’d
like to today, but Madame Leona stepped up and she gave me a lot of the footage
and it was really great of her and I’m so appreciative. She’s fantastic, like she’s one of the things that helps Wiogora run smoothly and
she’s fantastic so big thank you!

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