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This video is sponsored by Hollister. Oh hey, didn’t see you there! *laugh track* Good morning. So today I’m going on a little trip with my mommy. Yes, just to be clear guys I was calling my mom mommy as a joke, okay. I grew out of the mommies phase a long time ago. I’m just making sure you guys know that. Making sure you guys know. Cause that would be like so embarrassing. That’s like a misunderstanding. That’s something like…that can’t happen. She’s been really helpful in my life recently, you know. She’s helped me move into my new place, she helps me with all of my emotional issues… I mean, she’s really been coming in clutch recently. And so……. I decided I’d take her on a little spring break trip. She’s been working hard, you know being my mom and shit, so I thought she deserved it. Today, we’re going to Palm Springs. It’s gonna be chill. It’s gonna be fucking super chill, gonna lay by the pool, maybe get a tan or so. I’m packing right now, which is stressful because I have a SoulCycle class, so whats new? Before I leave for SoulCycle I wanted to finish packing with you guys. So let me just pack my bathing suits that i’m gonna be wearing.. Oh, what’s this? This is a Hollister bikini and so are all of these. Thank you Hollister for sponsoring today’s video and sponsoring my trip to Palm Springs with my mom. Spring break with mom is gonna be Hollister, without you my mom and I would not be going to Palm Springs and I think this trips gonna be pretty fun so.. Growing up. I never really did anything on spring break, like literally I would just hang out in my room the whole time So this is really the first super lit spring break I’ve ever had. I just want to get tan, that’s all I’m asking! And I have all of the bathing suits I’d ever need to do so. Umm….okay bye, that’s all. Yay! (uplifting music as emma packs) Hold on…Oh. I’ve been expecting your call. It was the Jedi. He says I have the force or whatever. Are you ready for your big big spring break trip? Emma’s Mom: Yes I am! *crickets* This is gonna be a mother-daughter spring-…..(emma gets mad) As I was saying this is gonna be-…OH MY GO- As I was saying this is gonna be a spring break vlog, mother-daughter spring break vlog! But except mostly just me cause my mom doesn’t really like being in front of the camera! Funny story So we were originally gonna leave at around noon today. It’s now what.. like six something? And the reason why we left so much later is because yesterday I was.. trying to parallel park and I accidentally ran into the curb *booing* and popped my tire! Then, I waited for two hours for someone to show up to change my tire.. And then they didn’t show up. I called again and then no one showed up . And then I called for a third time and then someone showed up. So it was like a five hour ordeal. But today my car was in the shop all day getting its tire fixed. So that’s why we’re leaving a little bit later, but you know what? I’m not tripping. Emma’s Mom: I’m so excited! When I was in high school I spent a lot of time with my parents.. and so like during spring break like I would hang out with my parents. So I thought I would bring back the good old days.. and do a little Spring Break moment with my mom! I felt like it was pretty, pretty vibes. Do you know what I mean? Emma’s Mom: I like think it’s friggin awesome! Emma’s Mom: Cause I wanna spend time with you, honey! Oh I love that for us! I love when we spend time together. And my camera’s moving on everywhere.. And this is a complete fucking mess. Would you agree? Why does my head look so much bigger than yours? I know it’s just the angle but… It’s kind of like terrifying me Emma’s Mom: You look so cute! Okay, so you basically just told me I look 12 like I get it. I get enough of those comments. I’m already bored It’s been about five minutes and I’m fucking bored. I mean, I like road trips. Don’t get me wrong, like I think it’s really fun Uh- It’s a good chance for me my mom to catch up about all of the things that I’ve recently been crying about. *mom laughing* My mom is so awesome, I love her but my god, she’s like, “Honey can you drive?” I’m like, “Okay!”, and then she just backseat drives the whole time. It’s like, why’d you ask me to drive? Like I’ve had my license for like thirty minutes, like I know what I’m doing.. Like..Green light means go, red light means stop. Like, i think I get it. Do I sometimes accidentally run red lights? All the time. Emma’s Mom: ZEEEEE? We’re like an hour in.. I’m so bored. Like I’m just bored. Are you having a good time? Emma’s Mom: A blast. Emma’s Mom: Can I show them the traffic? They don’t wanna see that. We’ve just been listening to music, I’ll link down below the Spotify playlist that we’re listening to that I made! For Hollister, but I also like.. I mean I made it for Hollister, but I made it for me because it’s all songs I like cause I made it. So I’ve been to Palm Springs like a few times. I used to go for cheer competitions which was actually really fun. And then, I went to Coachella last year. And I’m actually going back to Palm Springs in a month at Coachella again, because I’m just I’m just wonderful. Sorry. It’s gonna be fun though. I’m not even mad. I love Palm Springs only issue is? No SoulCycle. There’s no SoulCycle. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m addicted, I can’t stop talking about it. You couldn’t pay me to shut up about it! Spring Break 2019. Let’s get it bitches! Emma’s Mom: Can I turn the camera off now? Do I tell them I had a mental breakdown when the camera was off? *time change* I like..really want room service. Can we get room service tonight? Oh my god, I love that. Before I go on a trip, or I travel I always get stressed out because I’m really a homebody, and then the second I realized that I get to order room service..I’m like, oh I could get used to this, *music playing* Do I tell them that I had a mental breakdown when the camera was off earlier? Emma’s Mom: No All right guys, see you when we get room service! 30 minutes out. I’m having fun. I guess.. What have I been doing? Umm.. I just spent like the past hour like *censored* Do I wanna say that? I don’t know honestly. Like where’s the vibe? Y’know anyway, I’ve been doing that. I have to pee. I’m fucking- I’m ready for a good meal. If room service isn’t open, i’m literally suing the hotel. This is just like my opinion, but I believe that room service should be open At least until 4:00 a.m. Like what if I wake up and I’m like, you know, what a side of fries would be really nice. Or if i’m like..a macaron? Kinda would hit the spot. At 4 AM. Why does it look like we’re in Las Vegas? I don’t even know where we are. We’re not in Las Vegas though. Emma’s Mom: That building in the background is awesome. Emma: It literally looks fucking Las Vegas. I’m just excited to lay down in the room. Knowing how hotels work, The pool/hot tub will probably be closed which I honestly wouldn’t really get into anyway right now because I’m not that type of gal You know some people like they show up to a hotel. They’re like I’m getting in the hot tub *right now* I’ve never been like that. Don’t act like that’s not your fucking aunt from Wisconsin. She shows up to the fucking hotel She’s like everybody hop on… hop on into your suits! We’re getting in the tub. Am I onto something or am I just fucking crazy? *mom giggles* Am i like completely missing the mark here? Don’t tell me that I’m wrong. People are just really drawn to like the hot tub. Here’s the thing about me I don’t care about the hot tub, I don’t care the pool. But you best believe I’m getting a tan tomorrow. That’s number one priority. I want to melt my skin off. I’m literally gonna be here for one day. But like, I don’t care. Emma’s Mom: Did you bring suncreen? No. Literally the winter time for me is so depressing because I’m just not tan. I know that I glow in a whole new way when I’m tan, and I know that I can’t accomplish that during the winter. I always look back to pictures of me from the summer being like “Wow.” She really was glowing. So basically what I’m trying to say is I need to get an entire summer tan within five minutes of being in Palm Springs. But luckily we’re closer to the equator. So I’m expecting some big results. I wanna burn my buns off. We’re two minutes away. I’m actually hangry at this point. I’m trying to find the entrance to the hotel and it’s extremely confusing so Like I have to pee and stuff so like pray for me that I find it soon. I’m pretty sure that this is it. Where do I go? I’m in the mood to be dramatic about this. Ughh, I just want to go pee pee. If the next time I talk to you, I’m not eating my room service we’re gonna have a huge issue. I love being dramatic. Hi! Um, can I order the Caesar salad with no anchovy? Oh okay, I thought I pressed that button sorry, okay, thank you! I ate these and now I feel like I’m gonna throw up. They were good but I don’t know it just doesn’t feel right. Ugh! Good morning. I’m trying to go on a run right now. It’s not fucking going good. It’s just hard when you know, I start my mornings out with SoulCycle 90% of the time and then when I’m on vacation with the place that there’s no SoulCycle i’m like, oh bitch, I got to do something because I gotta release my daily endorphins. I’m a slow runner. I don’t know how the fuck I did cross-country for a year and track, Jesus Christ. It’s really pretty out though. Just wanted to fill you in on that. Not doing well, bro. Honestly, the thing about running is it just hurts my joints. I feel like i’m melting, it’s not good. Okay,bye. I just fell asleep in the Sun and I definitely got a sunburn and this music is really loud and fucking annoying. So I’m gonna go inside I haven’t had my coffee yet today, so I’m getting really grumpy also tanning is not actually as fun as it looks. I’m walking to get coffee. Oh my god it’s right fucking here. Yess! I need coffee right now, if this video is even gonna be one ounce of fun. I already feel you a better person for it. I’d be without her It is so hot, it’s literally I 100 degrees I don’t really know what to do with myself I really want to go shopping but it’s a million degrees out. So it’s like do I want to do that? I Guess I do I definitely got a tan today You can’t see yet, but like give it 24 hours and I think I’m gonna be 10 I mean, it’s 93 degrees out and I fell asleep in the Sun it there’s no way I’m not getting a chance Um, okay. I want to go shopping. I needed by outfits for Coachella I’m sorry. I said it. Let me just turn on the AC Bristow It’s so crazy how Southern California literally goes from Freezing winter is being so hot and like 30 seconds and now all of a sudden I need to our shorts and have a tan Hot weather is not my thing. But at the same time I don’t really like cold weather either So I guess what do I like I don’t know. So here’s the goal for today good food Good shopping good tan party got the tan part. That’s about it Like I just wanna have a chill day. You know, the thing about Spring Break is it it’s just all about chilling, bro Sometimes you deserve some chill time off. That’s okay Also, I’m wearing a tank top today despite the fact that I have backne you know what let’s talk about that for a second Let’s talk about backne, okay Guess what no one’s talking about it Like I remember the days when I like never had one pimple those days are over and now I have backne it’s hard for me sometimes to go to the beach go to a pool because I get nervous because people are gonna see my backne. I Envy people who don’t have acne on their back more than anything I’ve been trying the past two years to get rid of it and It won’t go anywhere. If you’re struggling with acne. Let me tell you we’re gonna get through this together Anyway, just wanted a rant about my back who can relate Also I got black coffee today and it’s It’s really not that great let’s look at the scenery here It’s very pretty as you can see the thing that always like blows my mind is how the Palm Springs is so flat But then when you look to your left there’s literally just a huge fucking Mountain and then you look over here and it’s flat and then a huge mountain and there’s nothing even On the mountain, it’s just like chillin there. So anyway a pretty confused about that. Oh my god. Is that a thrift short store? I want to see a thrift store bitch. I’m pulling over That was definitely one of those stores where like I could’ve found some dope stuff in there don’t have to spend a minimum void 4 hours in there and I’m not in the mood. Okay, the roads in Palm Springs are confusing That’s something I’ve learned and I keep missing my turns Okay, so I’ve just been driving around and then I realized oh my god, I’m hungry so let’s go get food Am I okay? Okay Well, I’m gonna narrate the rest of this vlog because I feel like it would be more fun and we moon make more sense So first thing that happened was when I was walking to get some food I saw that there was a cycling place opening in May and if I would have known that I would have just come to Palm Springs in May instead of fucking April because we all know how I feel about cycling classes, but whatever then I went into this place that has pokey pokey Whatever and I got a bowl from there and it looks kind of gross but it was pretty good, I guess Sorry about this then we decided to go shopping which was kind of fun But also pretty boring because I go shopping way too much and it’s kind of lost its excitement I must have been in the Sun too much that day because literally the second I got back to the hotel I fell asleep and Thank you to my mom for filming these clips of me sleeping that are kind of creepy but ended up being useful So I guess it’s fine. All right, guys, I’m awake now whole egg relax, I’m awake now sadly, This is like the shortest trip I’ve ever gone on in my life because we’re already leaving because you know, I’m gonna get back to work and I’m somber so

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  1. binge watching emma again but at around 3:15 her eyes match her sweater and it looks rlly pretty (idk i just wanted to say that) 😂

  2. Emma talking to mom : This video is a fucking mess right?

    Me talking to my mom : Hey bit-

    My mom : slaps don’t talk to me like that! I’m not one of your little friends on the street.

  3. Me watching This and I’m living in Palm Springs so I’m just sitting her like I should’ve been out that day she was walking literally on the path I go to get Starbucks every other day

  4. bacne squaddd….im glad someone finally stepped up to talk about this so people don't think we're disgusting pigs :))

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  6. Take Accutane. No more acne anywhere. Ask your dermatologist. I took it when I was 16, never broke out on my back again

  7. Emma : Says Almost All Curse Words In Front Of Mom…
    Me : What? How? Who? When? Where?
    Emma's Mom : Whatever….
    Me : What??? I Would Get A Whooping Like Literally!!!

  8. If Emma lo key thinks that the weather changes so fast out there.. I have a bipolar friend named Chicago that she should meet some time.

  9. where the fuck was your mom for your coffee and thrift adventure? WTF did you just leave her in the room Emma? 🤬

  10. when your in cartagena colombia and emma says that she is close to the equator so she better get a tan. but yet I have tanned everyday and don't have a tanline whilst emma gets burnt. (mind you I have literally been here for around 3 weeks.

  11. fun bacne and chest acne tip: i use the biore baking soda and blue agave cleanser on my chest and back and now i have no more chest and back acne! good times

  12. Hey babe, I know you didnt ask, but just an fyi.. too much caffeine can truly ruin your skin (especially with added sugar and dairy). I used to drink way too much and it helped to only have a cup a day. Hope it helps ya xo

  13. Should you happen to see this girl- I just want you to know you have an old soul.
    I see it in your videos and eyes!
    I actually hate social media but for some reason just binged watched you.

    Word of random wisdom you will see if you are suppose to:
    an old soul comes pain.

    World ability to understand comes with the internal loneliness of it all bc it feels empty.

    Boredom ensues post that high… bc what more than? Is this it?

    I know bc I’ve been there.

    The answer is like…. within. So cliche? but so complex and true.

    Been thru it.

    Keep doing you… old souls seem to find their way back home.
    Not in the way/ timing they think. But it’s a thing that happens.

    This post is totally weird… I don’t even know why I’m doing it.

  14. i got backny too (idk how to write it lol) and i got it for almost 3 yrs now and i got rid of it just by schwimming and laying in the sun after it with the back towards the sun so they get dry and fall off.

  15. i had bacne for some time but i stg get the orange neutrogena body wash its bomb also if u get acne like vitamins / supplements thatll help lol im such a hero.

  16. i had SO much fucking bacne before i went on vacation and the saltiness of the sea kinda ate them ig? i still have them but not that much.

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