Spring 2018 Head of School Highlight
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Spring 2018 Head of School Highlight

Hello my name is Dr. Andrew Oberg and as
your head of school I would like to share with you some highlights at the
Georgia Cyber Academy for the spring. I’ve got some really great news to share.
House Bill 787 has passed both the House and the Senate and will be sent to the
Governor for his signature. I want to personally thank all of you for all your
efforts during this legislative session. It was impressive on so many levels to
see how you’ve advocated at the Capitol. The overwhelming response and impact
that your letters, emails, phone calls had on our legislators it’s a true testament
to all of us. But especially I want to commend our learning coaches, our moms
and dads, and guardians. We did this and we did this together. While there is still more
to do to reach full funding equity, the passage of House Bill 787 is a step in
the right direction and will have a positive impact on all charter students. When I say the words “Georgia Milestones
and state testing”, what is the emotion you immediately feel? I hope it’s one of
excitement, that you’re relaxed, that you’re anticipating a great experience
next week with your teachers and fellow students at GCA that are going to be
joining you from across the state. We are so excited for this moment with you. I do
not want you to stress. I want you to be relaxed knowing that your teachers, your
learning coaches, everyone involved in our school has prepared you to give your
best effort. Right now I’m filling this video for you.
But if you could see what’s going on around me today and all this week at our
offices and at GCA, you would see your teachers buzzing
about so excited by the opportunity to be with you these next two weeks of
testing. They have planned everything out so that you can be comfortable, relaxed,
and focused on doing your best. This is a test, this is true, but this is not just
another test. The Georgia Milestone is a test that both the state and GCA looks at
very strongly to help us understand the growth that you’ve made over time with
us, to improve what we do every day on your behalf. I’m excited because I’m
actually going to be out there on the road with you. I will start my visits
with Savannah on Monday and then work my way counterclockwise across the state
and I am so looking forward to spending time with you, our students. And moms and
dads, please, you’ll know me when you see me. I’m six foot seven and I’ll be
looking for you as much as hopefully will be looking for me. Let’s spend some
time talking about our school, your experiences, and
what’s ahead. As you may have noticed when you’ve
logged on to your online school, there has been a “Re-Registration” button
on the landing page. You’ll find it on the left hand side under attendance that
you log each and every day on the navigation bar. Please be sure to save
your seats now for our school. We want you back. Deadline for re-registration will
be Friday May 4th. Also, those that are considering Georgia Cyber for next
school year, we do have limited seats available. Enrollment begins Monday April 23rd. So please spread that message to all new families and for our existing families
please take the time re-register. If you have any questions about that choice for
next year, again, I will be on the road the next two weeks for testing and I’m
always available by phone call. or email. I’m reminded now as we are coming to the
close of this year with graduation quickly approaching, June 2nd, what an
awesome day that will be. That for all of us from kindergarten just finishing up your
first year or you’re a senior, I want you to finish strong. I want to encourage you to use
every resource that’s available to you: your teachers, your counselors, your
FASTeam members, your administration; whatever it may be to help you to finish
strong in this year. It’s been an amazing year and I can’t impress upon you enough
the great joy that I feel having these opportunities to speak to you. Please do
not hesitate if you ever have questions or concerns about GCA to reach out to
myself, your principals, and your teachers. Let’s finish strong together. Thank you
so much for this time. Take care.

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