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Spotlight Video: Michigan Teacher of the Year | Meemic Insurance Company

i’m Gary Abud I’m a science teacher
from Grosse Pointe public schools and this year Michigan’s Teacher of the
Year It’s been a tremendous honor to be
named Michigan’s teacher the year it’s given me the opportunity to share
what successes I’ve had in my classroom with other teachers and it’s also giving me the opportunity
to advise decisions at the state level the influence all students and hundreds of classrooms around the state
of Michigan I first discovered that I wanted to be a teacher when I was
working in the medical research clinic and I realize that many of the life
experiences that I had were teaching related so my love science in my interest in
teaching drove me into education on a daily basis I get to connect with
hundreds of young people and know that directly and indirectly the
actions and interactions I have with them each day are going to shape and influence the
rest of their life some the qualities that make a
successful teacher include that they have the ability to connect with
others the other is the ability to inspire and challenge students to reach
their potential and the final is to use instructional
methods that are engaging to students to make learning come alive in to challenge them
to do more than just remember things but also to apply what they know to new situations so it’s been really
wonderful to have the support of organizations like Meemic in my own
Teacher of the Year duties this year alone helping to be recognized
for my classroom practice but also to be recognized by the Meemic Foundation for the ideas I have to help other
classrooms has been tremendous their support in the way a classroom
grants and programming has helped me to influence thousands of students beyond the four walls in my own
classroom and I’m just one educator who has been successful in my
life I know there are hundreds and thousands educators out there who are
also successful so having the support of organizations like
Meemic to recognize even more educators will help to impact
even more students and help us to all reach their potential together

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