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100 thoughts on “[SPOILER]Classroom of the Elite SEASON 1 ENDING SCENE

  1. Seriously, that was the biggest plot twist I have ever seen in a show, no even Attack on Titan, One Piece or other animes could reach that for me

  2. This Anime is one of the best Anime in the whole world…

    But Season 2…

    is far away. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  3. It’s really fun to watch this dude play with people. I wouldn’t say I “use” people, but I’m really good at reading someone’s personality, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t say or do certain things just to watch them react the way I’d expected. It’s not difficult, it’s just interesting

  4. Lol classroom of elite s2 would likely come next year summer man…

    And the fact that kei being swap with horikita on s1 because it short term anime man (not like Naruto and fairy tail or even one piece)

    And kei likely have more screen time on s2

    S2 story will continue in the boat anyway which lead to protagonist talking with kei as they get the same team( same zodiac sign)

    Novel suck man….. Like there no picture…… And it very annoying when they give every little detail….it remind me of English paper 1 😂🤣

    Manga is good( not so emotional ) but falling behind than the anime tf( anime is faster than the manga) this is my first seeing anime beaten manga 🤣 🤔🤔😯😯

    While novel is faster then anime and manga tf…. 😐so dissapointed man (it look like the author prefer writing the story on novel where there no image at all so it ez(😉 make effort plss author)

    That the reason my friend and they will making s2 with more ep like 24 rather than 12 in s1 (it likely they still preparing or in process for the animation to came out perfectly (great anime come great responsibility 😂) I know this anime haven't got s2 for like almost 3 year I think 🤔

    That y they be making new chapter/vol on the novel until it reach specific point(😗 they already reach specific chapter though because s1 end on vol 3 in novel and s2 will likely cover 6 chapters so the total 3+6=10 chapter alltogther with s1) to be able to convert it into anime.😉 tq for reading

    – BOY MC ( I’m not sexist just what I more enjoy )
    – it would be great if they where special in some way .e.g. powerful, supernaturally smart, supernatural , OP ….

  6. This is one of the reasons this needs season 2 maybe they will show ayanokoji's past or something like that and i really like this anime its so badassss

  7. Well at the end he thinks that because he didn't fall in love with anyone but of season 2 comes out he will fall in love cause LOVE can change anything even cold heart people but I think he wants to win by right side because this hole season he did what was right so I think he is like main antihero character here 🤔🤔

  8. This twist here wasnt even the biggest surprise, it is the fact that horikita isnt even the female MC after S1. The female MC of S1 turns out to be nothing more than a side character for 80% of the LN, while a side character turn into the real" female MC with a much better chemistry with Ajanokoji than any other person.

  9. I fucking hate anime’s that promote the light novel. So many good anime’s that are just for promotion and bam what’s the fucking point. Especially for western audiences that barely have access to light novels that do an perfect translation. Thanks again, anime industry

  10. It's very tragic that they only covered the first 3 volumes, Classroom of the Elite really becomes something else from volume 4 onwards, the first 2 arcs are nothing like the rest of the series

  11. Me till 1:29 ….is he finally realizing something……is he finally acknowledging friends???
    Later – Nah, it just got worse.

  12. Time traveler: What r u watching?
    Me: Classroom of Elite ending…
    Time traveler: Which season
    Me: kills him and takes his machine

  13. I feel bad for weeb who ship ayanokouji and suzune… I will not spoil this but suzune is not..read the light novel start in volume 4 because the anime end with that..

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