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Spiritual Teachers, Healers, and Gurus

I’d like to address a little bit about
maybe something that a lot of folks have been feeling and I’ve addressed it in
different forms but to some degree I wanted to address how how the world sort
of takes a toll on people you know so if you’re feeling you know the the
exhaustion to fighting it you know just that having to deal with stuff emotional
issues health issues and so on and so on don’t you know by no means man should
you feel alone in this this is really normal it’s normal to feel overwhelmed
in a world that isn’t real which is kind of strange if you think about it if it’s
not real it shouldn’t be able to do anything well that’s true but it does
and that’s the tricky part the world has no real power over us it’s not real it’s
fabricated by our minds it’s this what it all comes down to it’s it’s a it’s a
hallucination in our minds but it’s a mass hallucination hallucination and
it’s been given mass hysteria and mass power seemingly so we come into a world
of mass and give it apparent mass power and yet it has none and so for children
of God that are really holy beings gods goddesses let’s say to enter into a
world to take them and into or enter over them into a world like this one is
so disempowering it can only be exhausting you know think about this how
would you feel about seeing a courageous large lion in a cage that’s barely big
enough from the move even though you know her ferocious kind of lion they
take a bear and you can see the some of the people that have put them in cages
dogs in tiny little cages even when we see chickens and so forth kept in these
small confined spaces not to mention humans too you know in in
captivity and so forth in history think about this and it doesn’t it doesn’t
sound or feel empowering yet all its disempowering because you’re
taking this king of the jungle as it were and putting them in these little
confines and when you look at that you and I look at that it’s like something
feels off when we see something like that when we see people you know in
photos in Auschwitz or whatever we know something’s wrong with that picture and
it’s very much the same thing one of the many reasons such pictures can turn us
off or kind of disgust us is because deep deep deep down inside we know that
it’s a mirror of us we’re on a planet where we seem confined not allowed to
live freely not allowed to be ourselves and and that is exhausting it’s
depressing and it’s exhausting so naturally it takes a toll on the bodies
that we made to for now inhabit you know so that we could then in have a planet
the earth plane you know it’s amazing because when you think about it how
often time flies when you’re having fun how often when you’re doing what’s
natural when you feel love and forgiveness for example or when you
start your day and you remember to start your day with God and you you do some
prayer meditation you know and you called in that that presence and all
these great things happen you know you start to feel a shift inside because
you’re actually aligning with who you really are
we’re aligning with who we really are when we’re doing such a thing when you
when you really get out of the way you do some healing work some artwork
parenting or whatever it is when we get out of the way god there’s just this
different vibe to it like you know it’s almost like saying wow something just
really flowed today something was so easy today and it’s you know it’s kind
of cool and look what happens when it’s the opposite when you’re dealing with
people who’s challenged and wear you down professionals doctors you know
whomever they maybe tell again once again they don’t know what’s wrong with
you and more pills that give you more side of
when people aren’t able you know could be an architect working on your house or
a contractor and they just mess around with things that aren’t working and they
try to cover it up with other things that aren’t working and I’m not looking
for particular professions to to jab and I’m saying in any profession when
someone’s not able to give you the right answers and it keeps your kind of hooked
and yet no answers no no outcomes it’s exhausting and that’s what this world
does so who do we turn to teachers ministers rabbis parents gurus you know
whatever any type of leadership turn to your government and they can’t help you
they can’t save you in fact they cost cause some of our problems you know they
may be doing what they can their best or whatever you call it but it’s not
helping and the medical profession they’re not helping and so on and so on
and so on you know sometimes we can say well we’ve made really great advances in
medicine I don’t know there’s still things that kill mass amounts of people
I don’t know if going back to master herbologists in ancient you know
oriental medicine practitioners in Asia or herbalist in in Europe I mean I don’t
know sometimes you know the simplest remedies aromatherapies and herbal X you
know concoctions and so for them they they did some things but then there were
illnesses but we have illnesses today what we’ve gotten really good at is
covering up symptoms masking symptoms and then we call that successful so I
guess let’s today be talking about peel the mask off and expose that we’re not
really that much better off in many regards and if we are at all it happens
in cycles and loops little it’ll look like we’re doing better all of a sudden
there’s an AIDS virus you know HIV or whatever you know so smallpox you know
in my grandparents generation wiped out in this country alone I think it was a
third of the population I mean that’s only like a generation or two ago and
you think you know I think are just gray compared to ancient times
I don’t know man do you hear about that epidemic very
often it swept under the rug and it was in America you go really I mean I didn’t
know we had something like that here yeah and it was it was mass I mean it
was like a third of the population although some studies might try to
minimize it others will tell you know more accurately things like this
happened and this world is exhausting man we’re trying to lifetime after
lifetime we incarnate thinking this time I’m going to get my stuff right or this
time we’re we are going to get our stuff right whether it’s in you know by and
large the planet or just ourselves and it doesn’t seem to happen so so then we
say well I’m going to rely on healers or Yogi’s gurus and spiritual teachers and
though they consistently let us down as well and you know there’s a couple of
important things to understand about this this world is an illusion it’s it’s
been manufactured by our ego selves and has no intention of ever really coming
out of the pit that it is but that doesn’t mean that we’re stuck to it I’m
saying the ego has created it to keep everybody bound and that’s what’ll
happen unless we wake up we can’t keep our ego empowered and expect to create a
different world so when you guys watch the shows like this presentations like
this you might be going yeah man I totally get it yeah this is exhausting
it is tiring and it’s true and we all agree great that’s fine at the same time
we have a different approach when it comes to what do we do about it
even if most people on the planet agree planet Earth has some problems they just
can’t seem to agree on how to deal with it I don’t care if it’s the number of
pollutants and plastics on the planet or whether it’s nuclear waste or whether
it’s illness or emotional issue psychological issues I mean people don’t
have a whole lot of solutions and just as soon as you come up with
one solution there’s another problem because the solution isn’t real the
problems aren’t real so there’s these these little
cat-and-mouse games that go on on this planet and you and I you know people we
let it exhaust us we let it kind of get us down and it’s hard not to you know
and what really adds to the problem is that when you start to feel down and you
reach out for your usual sanity could be your favorite show I’m not saying that
those are solutions just a little bit of grounding like some sanity reach out for
your friend you can trust or your partner or your parent whoever it is and
you find that they too are floundering they too are lost you know you you hope
to reach to your accountant you know and say wow you know can I count on you to
to be there for me when it comes to my checkbook or my taxes and you found out
that their life is out of control in its own way makes you go oh you know who can
I trust anymore and you know as a spiritual teacher I think I’m I’m
strange in a lot of ways you know we all know that in a play the way I say that
but it is in a weird kind of a way I’ve just thought as a spiritual teacher I’d
like to do my best to to live up to the Integrity’s people might expect from a
spiritual teacher not you know capable of being perfect in all people’s eyes
does all eyes are different but I just thought there’s a standard we need to
live up to you and I as parents or whatever roles we play so when we work
on ourselves instead of saying you know where’s the sanity in the world it’s
gonna keep letting us down and when something is supportive and loving give
thanks for it man because it could be gone tomorrow but what we can count on
more is our own day-to-day choices for sanity so reach for that when you can
give thanks when you find it and you know having had clients over the years
and with struggles of some of the deepest trauma traumas and suicidal
ideations and you know and I don’t blame a man it’s it’s a very heavy place to
live and to try to exist so if it applies to you
don’t feel like you’re failing to feel these things just stop and say if I’ve
ever felt tired exhausted if you’ve ever been tempted to run away from your
children and partners and to just run away for sanity because it’s too much or
any other thing that seems appalling to some just breathe and say God I’m it’s
not that far off for me to have thought these things and I’m not sitting here
telling you to do these things I’m saying you’re not wrong for feeling and
you’re not wrong for feeling exhausted you’re not wrong for feeling alone or
whatever because this place is very much those kinds of vibes but counting on
ourselves to make a healthier choice is what we need to work on counting on
ourselves to say you know what I would love for someone so to be there so
such-and-such to be there but they’re not always and so I got to remind myself
to have my daily connection to it on a daily basis say you know what I can
count on is God and connecting with God in the feeling of God the the Guru’s the
teachers the spiritual teachers you would think that they’re gonna be the
ones if your accountant should be the one who financially keeps you in order
and then they miss appropriate funds then what do you do with that your
lawyer supposed to be your legal counsel and sometimes they throw you under the
bus because they’re friends with the opposing lawyer and so on what do you do
with that your parents they’re not always going to think in your best
interests they’re supposed to somewhat but they do they just don’t sometimes so
you think about the things in this world you hire somebody to do a job you think
they’re gonna do it they come first as far as they’re concerned so this world
keeps doing that so it’s the same when you get to my doctor or my healer my
spiritual teacher or whomever it may be there are so many stories that bounce
around my god you know I’ve always said this never confuse the likes of Buddha
or Jesus with your authors of today your spiritual authors of today there’s no
comparison don’t even try it and don’t let them do that
you know my god that’s it’s kind of like why the church doesn’t call people
Saints until after they’re dead because they’re like we never know what they’re
gonna do next you know it’s it’s like that I mean I visited John of God and
you know a few times over the last 20 years 15 years and you know and I hear
rumors about this person and yet he’s an incredible Hillary’s doing the work of
God but he’s channeling beings that do it he’s still a human and so his human
self married numerous times kids ripping him off all the time and you know family
members pull it you know taking this and that from him pulling energy and funds
and all that that’s this human stuff but I thought when is it gonna be clearer to
people that we need to try to live it instead of just channel it channel of
the being but not being a good being I’m not condemning John of God’s style I’m
saying that there’s a lot of that in this world you know in your case it was
a pretty integral person he was he was really well intended you know and still
you know in his own readings he would have you know a little bit of criticisms
about him not eating right or smoking a bit too much which was more kind of
acceptable in those days so fashionable or acceptable or whatever you want to
call it but you know I’m thinking god there’s we’re entering a time when we’re
asked to live it and I think that’s a bit much on people and I think that
their nervous systems people’s nervous systems are gonna find it to be too much
when they start realizing you more and more we’re being asked it’s it’s an
internal colic it’s being activated inside be it be it be it and people’s
nervous systems are reacting going I don’t know how I mean this has never
been modeled almost never been modeled but I mean not in this lifetime it’s not
been modeled to us and I don’t know man I I have
lifetime I’ve tried to kind of go that route I tried to to live it as close as
I could and sometimes I get on a little down on myself when I slip or have made
mistakes along the way selfish moves it in different times in
my life just a little momentary selfish thought or a momentary taking care of a
personal need instead of the greater good fortunately I can say it’s rare but
if it happened even once I can kind of be hard on myself with that and say dang
it you know I would like to have done that different I’m appreciative for the
conscience so guys if you have a conscience that that’s a bit stringent
that’s trying to keep you in order I think it’s a good thing just don’t let
it get out of control if you’re the type that doesn’t have a conscience and
meaning you’re too out of control too much of the time there’s something that
needs to change there and so call yourself to it because if you don’t the
universe is going to call you to it Karma’s made up in a sense karma is like
our conscience that’s all it is it’s just us calling ourselves on things and
and that doesn’t mean you say well then if I don’t have a conscience I don’t
have to worry about karma no because it’s unconscious karma you
see it’s not just the stuff you’re aware of all too often people try that tactic
and it’s not going to work you know so so think in terms of this world seems
kind of insane where do I go for sanity and some people will say to you don’t go
to teachers don’t go to spiritual teachers or gurus or because that’s
old-school we’re supposed to all do it ourselves now listen there’s that’s
partly true and partly not true it’s partly not true because the people
saying it are amongst the most screwed up people of all saying we have to go to
our inner self for our answers really good one how are you doing with that you
know how is that working for you and most of those people are the ones that
are the most messed up looking for an excuse to – you know they’re trying to
make yet another excuse to not have something to follow like a lifestyle or
a you know a higher consciousness so they just go with this I’m gonna be my
own guide they don’t even have guided listening to other than their ego
without realizing it so we say they’re partly right and partly not right
they’re partly right in that we do we do have to learn to go with him but to go
within to activate this beingness this learning to live these principles that’s
true going within also doesn’t mean listening to however – you’re your own
inner guide the one that screws up your life it means when you go within go
beyond the voice within little the voice within to the greater voice of God
within so that’s true there that part there right there just not getting it
and saying it right there right go within but not to the little self at the
same time when they say steer clear of you know they’re partly right with that
to steer clear of the out of integrity teachers and the simplest thing to deal
with there is don’t don’t follow authors I’m not saying people that have happened
over in a book I’m saying don’t follow authors they you know some of the the
well-known you know billion-dollar selling authors that have spiritual
things to say they’re still just off its meaning their first priority is to sell
you a book not to live the principles and not really even to teach you how to
live the principles they’re talking about it and they know that you like
reading about it and then they’ll talk about something else in another book and
the arena so I’m going to talk to you read I’ll talk you read and in the midst
of it all I’m selling you something when does it come to I live this and here’s
how it works and then you say wow let me implement that in my life see it’s
different talk read experience experience the being and experience and
we integrate that into our lives now here’s the tricky part
those who do say I’m not going to just talk and have you read it you’re gonna
live it let’s practice living it they’re accused of being gurus cult leaders you
know and and cold ears or wackos they that stuff is not good obviously but you
can’t throw every spiritual teacher and guru into that group
a guru is unfortunately a now misused word we we commonly ask somebody like
the word karma when you say Karma people don’t go excellent they associate Karma
with all negative guru oh they’re a guru you know so sometimes
I have to use the word yogi instead because you might still respect the word
yogi instead of a guru you know so it’s like it’s all messed up and and there
are people out there writing articles here and there in this world you know
about spiritual teacher spiritual authors even healers john of goddard
michael Minetta whomever you they want to go after everybody and although this
is going to sound a little like a tirade I’m telling you please shut them down
say no let people know that you’re not interested don’t buy what they’re
selling so that they don’t keep selling it because what they’re after is always
it’s always the fame and the money so if you don’t make them famous and give them
money for doing evil work by trying to crucify people character assassination
and so forth you know then they’ll have to go elsewhere because they need to
it’s about the fame of money if they’re not getting it they’ll starve them out
in a good way you know they they did that taker Casey in his time they did it
too you know Sir Isaac Newton anyone that was able to
be a mystic of sorts they you know they take their hits and fortunately there’s
there are some people that are less attacked like I don’t believe piece
pilgrim was attacked a lot or Mother Teresa a lot and I’m grateful for that
and if they were I don’t want to know about it because I don’t need to hear
about what they the evil minded people do more and more to us I’m just saying
there are some that have taken it a little less than others
Jesus took a hit in his way Buddha took his hits when he was alive you know it
happens and that’s part of this world but be awake enough to know that and not
feed into it so there are I mean like you know strange things you know
like it took one person to become hateful towards John of God and get all
over the internet and and pass enough rumor around to make up stories that
weren’t true but it was all based on them not getting what they wanted from
him and you know and then did a lot of hate that was throughout Sedona and
beyond there’s also people that are just anti healers fundamental religions of
different kinds and they’re going to go after you I’ve said this before but if
you look up Unity Church you’re gonna find in some of the Google Terms down
below you’re gonna find cult of course in miracles’ you’re gonna find cult I
mean there’s people out there that want to ruin anything that isn’t their own
thing and it’s really strange that people want to make a living or a
lifestyle out of hate however that’s their trip and I’m asking you
try not to feed into that sort of thing i I do my best is just not even bothered
because it’s ridiculous but the fact that people would sort of
try to make a lifestyle or living out of it is astounding but not surprising on
this planet they’re part of hate and they’re gonna tell you that they’re out
there trying to save you from the bad guys and yet the bad guys aren’t
knocking on my door selling me a paper the bad guys aren’t you know that you’re
warning me about they’re not calling me they’re not on the Internet
do you know doing their thing in my face left and right telling me who I should
be afraid of and hate it’s weird the guys are warning me about there they’re
not doing that so I think that if things are so twisted in the world that’s not a
clear picture to people anymore they don’t know what to believe so to speak
so you know part of what I’m saying is that you know when it comes to teachers
just don’t confuse them just don’t confuse authors with teachers authentic
teachers and then when you do have an author you like or a teacher you like
remember just share learn learn what you can from them and and that’s it
I never I’ve read read Edgar Cayce materials over the
never thought about his personal life or the Nords at my business I don’t need to
you know I don’t need to worry about it so try to divide these kinds of things
and not let them overwhelm you in in life as well your teachers the reason I
brought up teachers healers is because they’re one of the things we look
towards as as hope and then the world has made us feel hopeless about teachers
and healers by condemning them or doing character assassination on them so
you’re gonna feel worn down you yourselves know that the medical
profession doesn’t seem to be helping but don’t overly condemn it if you need
an aspirin for a headache right now take it don’t let people tell you watch out
it’s got something bad in it they’re doing the same thing spiritual teachers
are aspirin everybody’s trying to condemn everything so be careful find
peace and if you need an ask for take it find peace and if something I say makes
sense integrate it that’s all find your own little ecosystem and develop it for
yourself that’s what it means by it’s time for people to awaken their own
inner self it means take responsibility it doesn’t mean only listen to your own
mind or opinions when they’re still broken by your ego it means you know
wake up and take responsibility it also means clean up your own space
don’t allow toxins in it meaning environmental toxins but it also means
toxic people and you know there’s um there’s differences between and so watch
for the authenticity of some and the effectiveness don’t forget if all this
is still confusing in any way pause and say Jesus himself told me what to do
with this he said test the spirits test them
spirits the spirits don’t just mean literally spirits test the spirit of
something if you don’t know if this magazine is worth reading test it
reading just check it out Buddha says check things out before you determine
your own opinions about them guys check it out take responsibility check it out
this dr. John of God Michael Muir dad Joe Blow the local forest tool ma’am the
florist whomever I mean don’t just hear stuff and spread
stop listen pay attention and this magazine I read it I go you know this is
mostly conspiracy fear stuff so it’s not for me
I don’t go and open a website to hate them start telling everybody they should
hate them too just know it’s not for me that’s all
be the change you’d like to be in the world you know that means so many things
be the change you’d like to see in this world and all the changes you’d like to
make become them be different and check things out you know whether it’s John of
God I have no opinion you can say never heard never met him
hey did you ever hear that you know this certain guru did this or that yeah it
wasn’t there people don’t know what to do with that kind of attitude coming
from us because they’re trying to break us down and it wears us out it’s
exhausting for you to tell me how many things I should be afraid of today it’s
exhausting for you to tell me how many things I should hate today
so I don’t want to hear it you know I’ll check it out if it works for me I’ll
integrate it into my life and if it doesn’t I won’t I don’t call any I don’t
know I can’t even think of any author teacher anything I’ve ever come across
that I’ve ever thought to be like I’m a follower of them I respect and believe
in the accuracy of actor KC’s work no doubt about it I like the way this
author puts this I like the way that artist painted that I’ve never become a
guru of something I mean a disciple of some thing just never made sense I what
am i none of nothing of this world is real it’s gonna just be strange to go
and attach myself to something but what I do is this and I recommend this
there’s a difference between all the spiritual teachers healers and so on and
so on and so on it’s very simple one of the ways to discern what’s right for you
guys and it’s not for you guys but for you guys you know for you you know for
all of us folks it’s it’s one of these things where you go well someone claims
to be a teacher someone claims to or whatever here’s the bottom line if
something or someone that I’m listening to her watching reading listening to you
know in some capacity if they do not help me lessen the quat quality or
quantity of ego and me and replace it with a greater quantity of God it really
they really serve no purpose that’s all and I don’t have to you know again send
out hate mail about it all I know is you said you’re a healer but yet you’re not
at all helping me disperse some iko iko created pain and problems so if you want
to medicate my pain and it goes away I haven’t really access to my ego so tell
me how I can do that help me with that encourage support my process of that and
that’s a healer and a spiritual teacher a healer or spiritual teacher is
ultimately going to have the same effect but in different modalities one is
teaching speaking the other is perhaps doing you know work on you like it could
be body work or it could be some other form could be counseling but it’s a
therapy of some kind in either case they’re if they’re really
authentic this is how you know if it’s off if it’s real spiritual work and
spiritual work is the only real work if you’re not working on the soul and mind
then you’re not really working on anything because that’s the roots of
everything that’s the only cause of everything the consciousness everything
comes from consciousness so don’t just rub an ache and tell me I’m better don’t
just use some little you know Alakazam you know kind of boom and wow this is
better don’t don’t sell me on the latest anything if it doesn’t help me release
some more ego to recognize and release more ego and or refill me with more of
god’s since then it’s not authentic healing
and I don’t want to know anything about I’m not interested that’s all and that’s
partly what I was saying about myself I mean I really stay with that sometimes
so seriously that you know that I’m not even interested in much thing on this
planet for that matter if it doesn’t relate to those two things because
they’re all that seem to matter to me I know that I can be a little you know too
serious about that sometimes but I’d rather be too serious than two lakhs on
it because it just lends towards problems now you know but I do my best
to stay as balanced about it as I can but um you know it’s balance not meaning
illusion and reality but just to not be too harsh on myself when I slip but
that’s the king man we’re you know we’re here we’re learning but learning what
learning to say less eco and learning to say more god you’re not here just to
learn academics you’re out here just to learn to memorize more spiritual books I
don’t care you can tell me oh I do you pants good for you how much of it have
you applied I’ve memorized the Vedas I can recite
such-and-such backwards I know chapters and verses of A Course
in Miracles I don’t care the the most popular teachers of A Course in Miracles
on this planet are some of the greatest hypocrites in my experiences with them
and it’s such a bummer but I don’t need to deal with their hypocritical lies if
they happen to have written anything good let me read it nice that’s a nice
statement and I’ll integrate it if it’s real for me and that’s all I don’t go
out of my way to promote them and I have at times I haven’t times trying to say
hey you know here’s a little dis teacher that you know just to kind of help their
careers along or whatever it might be just to try to you know be a good person
and help network or whatever but then I end up you know sort of biting my tongue
because I realize I sometimes you know then inadvertently turn people on to
somebody that isn’t really living it now does that mean their book is a bad book
no read the book just don’t listen to him don’t don’t don’t necessarily get
involved with him their level so it gets really tricky to
navigate this world knowing you know I don’t want to be I never named names and
that sort of about thing I don’t want to do character assassination but I then
have to just be careful not to overly promote people that I don’t believe it
so it gets very very tricky humans are going to be humans so teachers if
they’re helping you erase amigo I think it’s great whoever they are if they’re
helping you connect and add more God into your life I personally think that’s
that’s the best that’s the great stuff right there
if we as teachers healers are failing you in that forgiveness on how to it
still comes down to you practicing it so you’ve got to remember that you play a
part in all this you know yourselves so one of the beautiful things when it
comes to healing is imagine whether it’s therapy like verbal therapy or whether
they’re holding your head as they’re doing cranial sacral work deep tissue
work you know Reiki work whatever it is just imagine the hands are just a symbol
of I’m connecting I the healer I’m connecting I the recipient they’re
connecting with me Wow there’s a connection being made soon as that
connections being made I get to choose I’m gonna let go and let God see I don’t
have to just look at that what are their certificates and how famous are they
it’s in my decision I get to decide what’s gonna happen for me today with a
teacher or heal or whatever they are a doctor included they all everybody has a
chance of being wonderful you know doctors the medical professions kind of
screwed up because it’s power and money but that doesn’t mean all doctors and
nurses are screwed up by any means so attract someone that’s good to you man
attract someone that that you can tell there’s an integrity as much as possible
and then at some point you got to let go and let God
you can’t you know say well I’m gonna sit here while I’m having surgery done
no anesthetic please because I would sit and analyze your behaviors and make sure
you’re you’re completely in integrity every second you know
it’s not gonna work at some point I’m gonna let go and let God this person’s a
human being they might make mistakes I mean even I may certainly may not agree
with the kind of music they listen to or the movies they watch but right here
right now does it feel right for me to say this is the person I can trust and
if it is then shut up and let go don’t yes but just try and let go as best you
can if there’s going to be lessons there’s going to be lessons but do your
best to let go and let God that allows a greater chance of only miracles
happening man I hope this is making sense because there’s such tricky
nuances to it all but the ideal concept of healing is of the consciousness then
why have somebody doing bodywork on you surgery on you because while you do
surgery or bodywork or whatever you do for me counseling whatever you do while
you’re doing it my choices my intentions are set right enough high enough
powerful enough that I’m gonna be doing some really cool things you’re gonna be
doing your work and while you’re doing it
I’m gonna let go and let God and then I’m gonna watch what happens in my mind
because it’s not about what you’re doing to tissue it’s in my mind so while
you’re doing say Reiki or while you’re doing counseling and I start letting you
unwind might engines my spine my organs might meridians whatever you’re working
on while this is happening I let go and go within and I start floating great
Beatles song turn off your mind relax and float downstream it is not dying
okay Tomorrow Never Knows it’s a song of the revolver home anyway
turn off your mind relax float downstream it’s not dying
it means it’s surrendering it is being he says in the song nice so I’m going to
just get into that zone while this person’s doing work on me they become a
conduit for greater things that it’s not actually what you think yes they might
be able to move energy they might be able to do this and that’s all I think
fantastic but I think others can do for us is more
important than what we’re doing inside not quote unquote for ourselves in the
linear sense what we’re doing with ourselves so as you’re working on me I’m
letting go on and letting go unravelling intentions and joints are unlocking in
the body and Wow you know seven images start coming to mind what was that that
is actually more important than the body work being done because when you’re
unwinding chiropractic surgery any kind of work when you’re unwinding you’re
using the opportunity to see images to let go for feelings images anything
because it could be past life memories it could be unhealed wounds from
childhood it could be images flashes of people why
did they pop in they would be popping in because true healing is about less ego
and more God so when images are coming in that represent pain there of the ego
people that acted egotistical I’m sure but also people that have a charge with
our ego so if they come up they’re there to let go you’re doing more for yourself
during the healing then you would have if you to just let that was amazing
healers work on you even you know something they are amazing they’re
mediocre and mediocre if they’re amazing great go ahead do your amazing work I’ll
just sit here and wait for you to fix me instead actually you go ahead and do
your work I’m gonna participate I’m gonna be right here and I’m gonna go
with it I’m gonna participate you know and then
where do you draw the line maybe when you go and have your car repaired and
you’re sitting in the waiting room you know maybe sometimes instead of just
waiting for someone to fix your life you instead participating you think I think
I’m gonna go for a walk outside and sit down or where I can be alone and just
tune in is there anything I need to learn from this experience with my car
wait you know wow the car could be just to take better care to do maintenance on
your life and your own soul not just your car so it was a maintenance lesson
got it or it could be you know there’s a signal one of the signal lights on the
back of the cars broke what does it mean oh maybe I haven’t been signalling
accurately properly consistently with loved ones of what I’m doing with my
life My partner haven’t been letting them
know what I’m doing Wow I got to get better at sending the right signals you
see emergency flashers aren’t working what does that mean whoa look at that
brakes transmission whatever it happens to be maybe the car is overheating a lot
I’m not picking on anyone I’m just saying you sit down and look at it I
mean you could say mother it will overheating this temper but overheating
could also be madam I’m parched I’m dehydrated it could be you just turned
everything into a miraculous I’m here to to experience the multidimensionality of
what my lessons are multidimensionality not meaning to overanalyze the
experience but just to say that you know I’m going to drop into the the Wow of
this and ultimately I am saying and some do to some degree you know not don’t
listen to teachers don’t listen to healers duh I didn’t say that all I’m
saying use them that’s fine but use the right consciousness to
discern which ones are right for you and take responsibility for which ones you
not only attract but which ones you participate with and if they don’t work
for you you just let it go you don’t have to do hate mail you just that’s not
my thing thank you however out of all the gurus
out of all the Yogi’s out of all the teachers they all have something to
offer potentially I’m talking about authentic ones they all have something
to offer but did you know that they all answer to one common being if you know
if we want to call it a being the Holy Spirit of God they’re all working
without knowing and sometimes they don’t know it if they don’t know it that
wouldn’t be my kind of teacher too to see because if they don’t know that
they’re a humble servant of God and they think they’re the end-all that
I’m already done with them I don’t have to hate it just uh I’m good I’m gonna go
on to someone who cuz I like that humility peace some of you have asked me
you know Michael would you be my mentor Michael could you be my teacher
some of you say Michael’s my teacher you write it on the Facebook things I’m
totally fine with it that’s I’m not saying that you’re wrong
or bad I’m fine with that you can call me your teacher because I’m a teacher
it’s right to call me that but remember I’m your teacher but your master if
you’re listening to me as a teacher your master isn’t me if you think it’s me
then you haven’t listened I’m your teacher I’m a teacher and your teacher
if you call me that great but and your healer a healer great but the healer of
healers is the one I answer to Christ and the Holy Spirit and if you
interviewed me if you sat a billion dollars in front of me and said I’m
giving this to be my I couldn’t because I’m not the one and only teacher there
is one that we all answer to all Yogi’s all masters everyone Yogananda told you
it despite him being a great yogi master he still said and what it’s all about
Christ that’s right if a teacher forgets the humility it
might not be the right teacher to listen to I’m I’m a really good
I think teacher effective spiritual counselor healer and so on and and I
think that there’s a term that I use because I call it living mastery so some
people think of me as a master but I’m not putting on a turban and having you
bow to me a master I call because I call it we all learn to live mastery I have a
living mastery intensive where I teach people how to awaken mastery concepts
consciousness in our being so yes how could I call you know how could I sell
you on a workshop about awakening mastery if I couldn’t call myself that
degree yes but not in this sense with a capital M you see there’s the master of
masters the one that all of us were honing our skills as gods and goddesses
see some people think that’s arrogant but yet Jesus told us you’re all good
odds of goddesses okay let’s just dominate
we just don’t act like it so let’s start acting like it by being it living it so
ultimately we are as God created us to be in God’s image holy perfect beings
but we forgot so we then descended into gods goddesses then we descended in
demigods and goddesses then we descended into the hero legends of you know
ancient Greece eventually humans and then just dense humans and everybody
walks around with that consciousness once you became that dense you don’t
remember how to wake up anymore so we reached out are there any is there
anybody left with the phone line to God you know oh there’s one and we love them
and honor them and that’s good sometimes however we worship them and that’s not
so good honor them disrespect just respect them for what they’ve done and
get what you can from them so you can awaken get what you can from us so you
can awaken and when I say I so I’m one of these you reach out to me to get
something but wait what about when your own child reaches to you for something
aren’t you then doing your own version of this in your own way absolutely so
try to come from that higher self the way a teacher is supposed to come from
that higher self and not from the ego self live the standards as best you can
own when you slip we all we all slip in my body and soul we all slip but a great
a true humble master is able to say it and say oops or you know I’d like to
have done this a little differently and then make corrections whether they’re
micro adjustments or major you know macro adjustments then make the
adjustments but if you say I haven’t made mistakes I don’t make mistakes now
you’re becoming a little megalomaniac a little narcissistic or whatever
dangerous and and you’re not really representing God anymore and so probably
cometh before a fall and then we learned the hard way more than the easy way
so we all have it before us to be as God created us to be and it’s time to start
living that but at the same time one way to do that is by recognizing those who
do represent God very well and respecting them and appreciating them
don’t allow people to crucify every every person that tries you know don’t
don’t feed into that and say no and you can say an honest word if you hear
somebody bad-mouthing you’re a teacher a healer and you know damn well they
haven’t met them or worked with them you know say something about P this
beautiful you know lady peace pilgrim walking around this you know this
elderly lady you know walking around their world the country telling people
about love and God and peace and so on you know you run into somebody and you
mention them it well they were not a Christian they were not my religion they
were not this religion or that so she couldn’t have been good you know just
you can just let it go you can don’t certainly don’t feed it don’t buy into
it don’t contribute to it your options let it go or sometimes you’ll be
inspired to say something back like that makes no sense did you meet her
do you know anything about it really have you read her book are there quotes
of hers that you can tell me you know might miss something there’s some evil
kind of quotes share some with me likely they won’t have anything well I heard
really well you know that reminds me of Jesus saying when your ears I’m using
slight paraphrase when your eyes offend me cast them out when your hands offend
thee cut them off when your ears offend me the same thing guys when these people
say well I heard then you’d be better to have no ears because you shouldn’t be
listening to garbage you could say to them I’m not saying you actually should
say that I’m saying you could say to them because it’s the truth
and that’s how strong Jesus himself would be with some people that live in
the the evil consciousness he told the Pharisees of his time your father is the
devil it’s luck you can’t get much worse than that like in more intense and you
know but he was making a point what he was saying was you’re following the
guidance of the ego but he used terminology that they use it’s time
and he said my father’s of the light and what you’re listening to is dark because
it’s the ego and it’s gonna lead you to destruction so you could actually
retranslate that to to have a very simple psychological truth statement to
it philosophical if you like you can even change it into being something of
quantum physics you could run parallels to all kinds of
different thought systems and say the same thing that’s he was just saying it
in a way to fit their style at the time so I pray that this is made good sense
and that you can all fill a little reassurance if you’re feeling like
you’re losing it or getting exhausted in this world because there’s much to be
exhausted about but all the more reason we have to realign with teachers healers
yes and then the ultimate of all of them just go within and connect with God
start each day with that I feel lifted having so many people that appreciate
and trust me as a teacher and it’s really really really an honor so many
people you know reaching out and trusting and you see great things coming
of it I think it’s fantastic there’s always gonna be somebody hating and
that’s what people do and I’m really appreciative but fed to by all the the
French of the support Facebook pages workshops and so on but at the same time
guys this world still is heavy even for me man and there’s times that I have to
do extra work reconnecting with God itself I don’t think to myself my
friends aren’t enough my students aren’t enough never think that just sometimes I
recognize I need to plug in to the real thing right now a little bit more than
usual I got to get back to source a little bit more than usual so I do that
on a regular basis but it can happen some days it’ll be just needed more than
others you know so I’m you know I just I see I see changes coming to people’s
lives and I know a lot of people are talking about heavy times it’s it’s all
going to be proportionate to our consciousness if we lighten up in
consciousness and follow what’s healthy and good and light that’s what we’re
going to see more of the other will still be there
– this world is made with stuff but it doesn’t have to affect us quite as
harshly as it once did so hang in there and give thanks when you have a good
doctor a good therapist a good parent to go to whatever anybody does the goodness
in your life I appreciate that any of you see any goodness in me and I’m
grateful that I see goodness in you I see amazing goodness in you when you
post such great comments not just about me but towards each other the support
you guys give each other like on my friends of Michael Muir dad pays Book
Group it’s amazing to see that the camaraderie someone throws it in there
and says hey man has anybody ever struggled with such-and-such boom in
comes all these angels you know being you guys in swooping swoops in all these
angels going yeah I did that and here’s what I did or you ought to do this and
check this out and don’t get down about it you know just this loving supportive
stuff it’s absolutely moving and miraculous you know so join us as often
as you can we appreciate it

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