Special Needs Classroom
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Special Needs Classroom

First I meet with the teachers then we evaluate those kids that need extra help who are academically struggling. Those are who I teach. I attend to1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. in total 10 students per grade. Often, we work using techniques: cards, pre-planned games, questions. We use didactic material for almost everything this is what I use to work with them [students]. The difficulties they face are not knowing how to read. Some have problems in their pronunciation of words and sounds Some also cannot correctly hold a pencil Another problem is their lack of attention, the children are very distracted so that is another task; keeping them inside the classroom and engaged. I like [Mabel’s class] because she taught me how to read and now I can read very well. Before I couldn’t, it took a lot of effort, but now I can read my favorite stories and books as well. Mabel also taught me, before I couldn’t read When she began teaching the students she helped me learn how to read Now I can read my books, I have finished 4th grade thanks to her because she taught me how to read. She makes learning to read fun which is what kids like to have fun while learning. She is a great professor and I wish she teaches forever more kids who need it so they learn like we did. With parents there isn’t always 100% communication It’s more we focus on the kids with the major learning problems and we ask the parents themselves to collaborate in the household whenever they have free time during the afternoon thats when the parents should motivate and help their kids in the their homework. Or simply pay attention because many kids need, in order to pay attention, attention to be paid to them. I am Aurora’s mother She struggled a lot to write she was falling behind She also couldn’t count, only reaching number 10 now she can count up to 100. I have seen a lot of improvement No she is learning to read Now she can do addition, subtraction what’s left is multiplication and division which little by little she will learn. Many kids like her need this support so they keep moving forward in their childhood development. [This] is necessary because it’s a space where many students aren’t attended to at once instead more support is given to those who need it most. Because in the classroom there are 28 kids per grade It’s very hard to handle that amount of kids at the same time which differs from here where a small group is selected which works much better. They not only come from this community, but from other communities from La Plancha to La Canoa in total six communities benefit from this program. I began years ago. I wanted to study preschool education to teach kids, but for economic issues I couldn’t continue. I also worked in raising literacy rates among adults I began teaching adults, more or less, in 2006 which was the start of my teaching process. And now I am in the school here, supporting staff with my popular education background because I haven’t had a formal education, however, I believe I am doing a good job! WWW.VOTB.ORG

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