Special Education Teacher Interview Questions
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Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

Special education teacher interview questions.
Interview committees, when they’re interviewing special education teacher candidates, are
looking for empathetic and child-centered candidates during their selection process.
There is a desperate need for caring and understanding professionals to work with children with special
needs. To help you along, here are a few special education teacher interview questions that
are typical of the kind of questions asked. What steps would you take to establish an
inclusion class in science that will utilize a co-teacher for the first time?
If you are the teacher for a support class with eight students, what steps will you take
to assist those students in the completion of work for their regular education classes?
How will you work with the regular education teachers on each student’s behalf?
Special education students often see themselves as second-class students, less worthy than
their regular education classmates. What can you as the teacher do to minimize such self-esteem
problems? These sample questions are taken from chapter
16, entitled “Special Education Interviews” of Dr Robert Pollock’s book entitled “Teacher
Interviews”. In this chapter, Dr Pollock gives more sample interview questions, as
well as a detailed run down of how each should be answered.
This is so as to convince the interviewing committee that the candidate is a right fit
for the job. To find Dr Pollock’s book, and read more
about it, just click the link below this video.

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