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Solar Powered Classroom

We live in the fossil fuel age right now but
eventually we will need a new way to make electricity. There is some magic to solar
power. My name’s Aaron. I’m a fourth grade teacher at Central Park School for Children
in Durham, NC. My whole goal as a teacher is to develop problem solvers. It doesn’t work without the wires connected. Cause that makes an open circuit, right? We studied the different ways of making electricity
like wind power, hydro, nuclear. It all lead up to solar power because that
is the cleanest way to make electricity. And I was just playing around with it in my
head and asked them do you want to make our class room solar powered and of course there
was a loud, “yes!” Solar system tour guide and then I drew a
sun and a solar panel. It’s not really like the real ones that we did, it’s just, I put
it on that. Kickstarter gave us an opportunity to reach
a really large audience of people all around the world who were really excited about this
idea. Our class has been studying energy and we
love solar energy. We would love to have a solar energy classroom so our class could
be off the grid. It was amazing to see how far this idea spread. We’re hoping to raise eight hundred dollars
but we raised $5,000 dollars from backers all over the world. First we had to get all the pieces for our
system. And the kids and the parents came together on two Saturdays and we had work
days. They helped get the panels, and get all the bolts and nuts and put them onto the
racks and move those racks of the solar panel up onto the roof. So as they saw the pieces
come together they had kind of control and understanding over what we were doing. Those are the wires that take the electrons
all the way to our classroom and there are a hundred feet. Also, the charger controller, if you look
right here, it shows how much electricity is coming in and going to the batteries. They’ve learned about electricity on a lot
of different levels and if you have a big idea, how to make it happen. We’ve been without electricity since yesterday.
We’re going to turn the electricity back on this afternoon. We are going to flip the switch and be completely
off the grid. We’re just going to be running on solar energy. Our project shows fourth graders can understand
how solar power works and that it can work for everyone. Wake up in the morning at 7 o clock. The sun
is coming up, can you go for a walk? I think it’s something everybody has access
to and can do with little problem. The kids are learning that we don’t have to
use all of that energy. How we can make our house more energy efficient and how we can
possibly get solar panels at home. There’s this understanding for them that they
see themselves in an active role making a difference When they become professionals and engineers
and idea makers, then they’re going to be solving those problems of how we can make
clean electricity that doesn’t make our earth warmer, that doesn’t pollute areas where people
live. We got solar panels we don’t need power lines. Instead of just studying electricity and what
electricity is, the students have made electricity. We made our classroom solar powered. All it can get done.

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24 thoughts on “Solar Powered Classroom

  1. How a teacher and his fourth grade class went from studying electricity to making their classroom 100% solar-powered:

    #solar   #climate   #cleanenergy   #wind   #durham  

  2. This is Great. Thing is I believe this is dumbing down our children. I have gree energy that dose not relly on any fosil fuel or wind or solar. Once I have a patton all this will not be needed.

  3. Tens of thousands of schools should be powered by solar using funding by parents and renewable energy supporters that can't install the panels at an apartment or shaded house.

  4. Morningstar is happy to have our TriStar Controller be part of this awesome teaching opportunity in clean electricity. You are all instrumental in showing us the way to a clean energy future. Great job to all! Thank you sharing this educational success story.

  5. Isn't that nice? Ask them where the hot water will come from during the cold dark winter mornings. Or where the power will come from for air conditioning during heat waves? How many solar cells would it take to produce the amperes required by a 10kW air conditioner running on a 220kVa line. Teach them about the complexity of the adult world.

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  9. This is great! NC is such a hot spot for solar. My brother's in Asheville and I hope he starts doing the same thing!

  10. That video was great. We need more classrooms getting the kids engaged just like this one. This teacher did a great job.

  11. Solar educational toys in the classroom ….

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