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100 thoughts on “SNL imagines NATO leaders as gossipy high school students

  1. If you have to compare your skit to the thing happening in real life just so the general public will vaguely understand and follow along, its probably not funny.

  2. A little fairer skit than usual. Normally SNL is not funny, unfair, unfounded lies and crude Trump bullying. Only thing is Trudeau is not the cool kids. He is the gossipy soy boy trying to get into the girl crowd that nobody likes.

  3. When snl mocks trump it's fine though everyone is cool with it. Stop crying about snl making a joke its comedy, they will make fun of anything cause its comedy and it's funny.

  4. They did this whole thing on purpose. No accidental open mike, and they all were in on it. Sounds logical right? Americans will believe almost every lie.

  5. SNL ratings are so bad liberals have to write stories about it just to get it attention. I don't really have anything positive to say about blackface

  6. Actually, the real video reminded me of a bunch of adolescent juveniles when I saw it. SNL's parody wasn't much of a stretch.

  7. Already have my list of things I’m buying Incase Democrats win 2020, while the first amendment is a hard one to shop for, the second can be taken care of with proper planning. Be prepared for a socialist election in 2020! Protect what America was built on!

  8. Trudeau wrecked Canada, Macron has riots in the streets and SNL still picks on Trump. Classic Jew rebellion. Tell Michaels he sux…

  9. I'm pretty sure Alec Baldwin has a Fetish for trump. You dont regularly dress up as someone you despise on a regular basis like that.

  10. Oh you poor Trumpturd babies. Still crying in the comments years after your candidate was elected. Did you really win? Lots of crying for supposed winners. Trumpturd slants everything against himself. Nice try to blame it on everybody else though, just like a republiturd.

  11. If a Democrat President did what Trump has done from Stormy Daniels to Emoluments Clause abuses, to believing and defending Putin over American Generals, to Mueller's Report, to Ukraine Bribery to personally messing/cheating during an American election for the second time, YOU'D ALL BE IN DIAPERS, WHINING AND CRYING, AND LOSING YOU SH*T, JUST LIKE TRUMP DOES.

  12. When did having an open and transparent president who spends extra time answering all kinds of questions something to joke about?

  13. I remember when journalists were the cool kids out doing investigative reporting to protect the people and our constitution. Shame on you Washington Post.

  14. this is the funniest parody I have ever seen.
    real life was funnier
    imagining trumps meltdown on the flight home is the funniest!

  15. Wow what racist joke about Melania, it's like making fun of a Chinese person and saying herllo hello I love you long time, me like ricey rice rice. Haven't the Freemasons done enough. Vote for Tulsi Gabbard.

  16. We have teenager's and even as young as an 8 year old boy who have committed suicide over BULLYING!!
    Then I see ADULTS acting like THIS and understand why!!!

  17. Hey Washington post 😊 nice try but we see threw this post we see how you are trying to paint these comedians as disrespectful, ironically “news flash” comedians are brutally honest that’s what makes them funny. Anyways Just take a look at the like to dislike ratio ;P have fun loosing all your readers the people aren’t blind and we aren’t stupid. Fuuuu uuuuuck you

  18. I don't know why the Democrats are so hell-bent in impeachment. Shouldn't they be more worried about how to make the country better? Or they, as politicians want nothing more than just screw with the members of the other party?
    Democrats to me are more like the Mom who does not want her kid to find out how much better the father is so her last resort is to bad-mouth the father, rather than make herself look and be better than the father.
    When the Democrats start acting like dignified Politicians, I may consider voting for one, but he must not be one step away from dying. And of course, the usual and obvious, be the one that's less corrupt.

  19. I can’t wait for a SNL skit reenacting President Trump escorting Obama, Clapper, Comey, Brennen & Hillary to the gallows to be hung…
    Keep laughing at President Trump because I’ll be laughing at you when Trump is
    re-elected in 2020…
    SNL has been a worthless 💩 show for 20 years, but the look on your faces in 2020 when Trump wins again will make me laugh…

  20. I don't see what is wrong it would have been equally funny if they did something like this on Obama. You are all a bunch of babies. Be an adult grow up and stop getting butt hurt about things that don't really matter; like a skit on SNL.

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