Sneak Candy into Class! DIY Edible School Supplies! (CC Available)
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Sneak Candy into Class! DIY Edible School Supplies! (CC Available)

No way! We’re late for school again ! I have to get going right now, otherwise, I’ll be very late It is so cold outside Bye Leo, I’m leaving, See you at school! I’m going to take the shortcut, I’ll be at school in no time Where am I now? I got lost! I have to find the way out Yes, finally, I’m at school I’m early! Huh? What’s that sound? So lucky, my candy is safe Leo? I think Leo is trying to sneak candy in class I hope Banh Bao will not ask for my candy Leo? Hi Kevin Hello (in Vietnamese) Hello (in Arabic) Hello( in Thai ) Hello (in Spanish) Hello (in Chinese) Namaste Leo, Can I have some of your candy? Sharing is caring Hand it over! Leo chubby boy! I will give you some, ok You’re my best friend! that’s what friends are for! here you go No more! Leo chubby boy So good! Where are all my candy? Edible lipstick? Can I have some? Ok Give me one second Here you go! I have a spare one Strawberry flavour It’s not candy Leo, I’m just joking. That one is not good Take mine Non-edible Edible Home time! guys, if you like this video, don’t forget to give it a big like and click that subscribe button, turn on the notification bell So you don’t miss any of our awesome videos See you guys tomorrow! love you Where are we? Are we lost again? it’s your fault Leo I think it’s that way No, that way I’m going this way What that’s sound? so scary Leo, wait for me

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100 thoughts on “Sneak Candy into Class! DIY Edible School Supplies! (CC Available)

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  10. Stop saying Leo is chubby what about you eat Oreo icecreams , ramen and candy and stuff all day how are u not chubby

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