Sneak Candy in Class! 19 DIY Edible School Supplies & School Pranks!
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Sneak Candy in Class! 19 DIY Edible School Supplies & School Pranks!

School would be way more awesome if we could
snack on yummy candy during classes! Unfortunately teachers don’t agree with this,
so we have to trick them. Here are 20 epic ideas on how to sneak your
favorite snacks to class! You, you out! Leave it! Nom nom nom! Sour gummy worms! Yum – is there anything better?! Here’s an easy way to sneak them in class! Take a few coloring pencils and glue them
together using a glue gun or super glue. You’ll end up with a panel made out of pencils
– it sort of reminds me of those wooden water rafts. Take a clean tin pencil case and fill it up
with loads of delicious gummy worms or any other snack of your choice. To hide this goodness from your teacher, place
the pencil cover on top. What an epic idea that allows us to have our
favorite gummy snacks always on hand during class. When you feel a bit hungry, simply lift the
cover and grab a treat! Delicious and super sneaky! The teacher will never suspect that your pencil
case is filled with snacks and not just pencils! What? Is Katie eating a lip balm?! Of course not! This is one of my favorite chocolate treats! Get an empty and completely clean EOS container
ready. Grab a pair of pliers and start clipping away
the tiny sticks in the middle of the container. The plastic is quite soft so this isn’t hard
to do at all. We got a larger empty space, ready to be filled
with the most delicious treat ever! You can use any rounded shaped chocolate or
candy. I decided for the one called Rafaello. Push it inside the opening, screw the lid
on and it’s ready to go with you to school! White chocolate and coconut combination is
so delicious. It is also white, which is perfect because
from the distance it looks exactly like a lip balm. Bingo! I already showed you how to sneak one candy
belt to school in a form of bookmark! But what if we want to smuggle more than one
of these treats to class? I have an idea! Take a notebook that has a thicker front cover. With a help of a ruler and an exacto knife
cut out a rectangle piece. Now our notebook has an opening – kind of
like a picture frame. Take a transparent folder like this and stick
it to the inner side of the notebook cover. Time to grab a bunch of candy belts. Place them inside the folder close to each
other – see how amazing this looks. Your teachers and classmates will think that
this is just a lovely colorful striped notebook. Meanwhile you’ll be able to snack on these
yummy candy belts with no worries on your mind! These rounded gummies are so delicious but also
very convenient. Sneaking them to school is a piece of cake! Take an empty and squeaky clean glue stick
container. The donut shaped candies fit perfectly inside
because they have a hole in the middle. So throw as many of these treats as you can
inside the glue stick bottle. This is AH-mazaing! Whenever you need a little sweet pick me up
during class, simply reach for the glue stick. So convenient and nonetheless very tasty! Just make sure to use a non toxic glue stick
and wash it really really well! Because yes, you want to enjoy your sweets
in a sneaky way but most importantly you need to enjoy them safely! Mm… salty bread sticks! Perfect when you crave something crispy and
savory. Here’s an insanely cool idea to sneak them
in class! Grab a set of coloring pencils that come in
a tube shape. Put the lid off and take the coloring pencils
out. Now pick a few old and very short coloring
pencils, apply some hot glue on the tip and stick them to the inside of the lid like this. Can you see the trick already? When you put your new lid on the empty tube,
it looks like it is full of coloring pencils. However we know that there’s actually plenty
of space to store treats inside! You can literally put anything in there – gummies,
smarties, skittles… but as said I’m going for the salty bread sticks! Pop as many as you can fit in the tube. Close the container with the coloring pencils
lid and you’re good to go. How flipping awesome is this idea right! No more boring and hungry hours in class. Simply grab a couple of your bread sticks
and your tummy is satisfied. Just keep the noise levels as low as possible
– you don’t want to interrupt your teacher. Silence! We’re in school kids! Nerds candies are so tasty and cute! They are a must during classes so check out
this amazing hack to hide them from your teacher. Grab an eraser and pull it out of the wrapper. Take a knife and make a cut about one third
away from the edge. Now do the same on the other side. As you can see, your eraser has been divided
into three pieces. Put the middle part aside as we won’t need
it anymore. Place one eraser piece back inside the wrapper. Now take any small candy of your choice. I want these delicious nerds! First I’m pouring in lot’s of blue ones, which
have the berry flavor. But we do not discriminate – tropical punch
flavor is just as yummy. We need some of those as well, nom-nom. Lastly grab the other piece of eraser and
place it inside the wrapper. What an epic idea! The eraser looks completely normal, and you
can still use it to erase your mistakes. But when you have a sweet craving you can
also enjoy a bunch of these delightful nerd drops. This is world’s most delicious eraser for
sure! Who doesn’t love the crispy and tasty goldfish?! I certainly do, so let’s smuggle them to school! Take a pot of paper clips like this one and
take all the clips out. Make a cylinder shape from a piece of paper
and place it in the middle of the pot. Now take a bunch of paper clips and start
throwing them inside the little opening between the edge of the container and the paper barrier. I have a lot of colorful clips but of course
you can use the simple metal ones as well. When there’s plenty of paper clips all around
the pot, you can you can go ahead and grab your favorite snack or candy. I picked lots of crunchy and delicious goldfish! Simply pop them in the middle of the container
and they are ready to sneak to school. I am in love with this idea. But if you want a sweet treat go for mini
marshmallows, gummies, or even smarties, skittles etc. Sky is the limit! Here I made another pot with push pins and
I filled it with pretzels! Ah I love them so much – delish! The best part is that you can switch it up
and sneak gold fish and pretzels to class one day and other snacks the next day in the
same container! Talking about balanced diet. Just kidding! With all these sweet and salty snacks we definitely
need a refreshing drink in class as well. Take a piece of fabric and place it on a flat
surface with the front facing down. Put the cola bottle on top and place a zipper
on it as well. Grab a glue gun and apply a stripe of hot
glue along one side of the zipper. While the glue is still hot fold the fabric
edge up and stick it to the zipper. Repeat the same step on the top side. Apply the glue, fold the fabric up and wait
for the glue to set. Now take an elastic and tie the ends together
as if you would be making the pony tail. That’s it! While it looks like an usual pencil case,
it’s actually a bottle of cola. It will make sure that we never get thirsty
during class. Whenever you’re getting tired and need a little
sweet pick me up, just make a sip or two and you’ll instantly feel refreshed and awake. I’ve already shown how to sneak an entire
packet of oreos to school. But since I love these so much I found one
more way to smuggle mini oreos in class! Take a piece of long, slightly curved piece
of wrapping or crafting paper like this one. Place a mini oreo pot on top and start wrapping
the paper around it, by rolling the container forward. When the entire oreo pot is covered, take a piece of tape and secure the wrapping paper in place. Open up this sweet box of goodness. Take a bunch of coloring pencils or other
pens and stick them in our oreo container. From teacher perspective this looks like a
normal pencil pot, but you’re able to snack on this goodness during lectures! How smart! Mini oreos are even more convenient to sneak
to school than their original sized brothers. These are just perfect for one bite and
less messy but more sneaky, which is exactly what we want. Mm my mouth is watering just by looking at
this! This idea can be used for any other snacks
and treats that are packaged in a pot. Like the awesome jelly beans or nuts and dried
fruits if you want a healthier alternative! So next time you’re in a grocery store, take a look and see what pot packaged snacks you can find. Then just take some wrapping paper plus pencils
and let the fun begin! Oh these candy drops really remind me of my
childhood! I used to adore them and I still do so here’s
an amazing way to sneak them to school. Open up a notebook and grab an exacto knife. You want to basically cut of the bottom part
of all the pages in the notebook, while leaving the front and back covers intact. Doing this will give us plenty of space to
sneak these candy drops to class. Simply stick them on with a bit of double
sided tape. Now that’s a lot of these fruity little drops,
right?! Enough for you and all of your classmates! The fact that they come in so many delicious
flavors is always exciting. With this hack you’ll have them on hand whenever
your sugar level drops too much during class! I really want to take these fruity chewy candy
to school but how can we fit them in a box full of pencils?! Here’s an idea! Take all the coloring pencils out of the box. Now take a bunch of shorter coloring pencils
and place them inside. This way we cover the opening on one side,
but we still have plenty of free space on this side. And yup, you guessed it we’re going to fill
it with a ton of chewy candy drops! Come on little sweeties inside the pencil
box you go! How cool is this – we still have our perfectly
working coloring pencils on one side and loads of sneaky sweet treats on the other. That’s absolutely amazing and extremely convenient
to take to school. When you’re feeling a bit perkish during your
teachers lectures, just grab one of these and you’ll feel much better in a second. Oh yeah! Skittles are a good old favorite of so many
people so finding a way to enjoy them during class is a must! Take a pencil pot plus a little rectangular
piece of thicker paper and slide it inside the pot like this. The paper divides the pot in two halves. We’re going to fill one with lots of pens
and pencils. The other half will be way more exciting and
sweet because that’s where we’re going to put in our delicious skittles. You can fit so many in here how awesome. And of course feel free to put in other treats
of your choice – smarties, little chocolates, pretzels – whatever you prefer! This idea is so simple and versatile plus
completely safe, because there’s no way the teacher would be able to see what you’re hiding
in that pencil pot of yours. OK, how epic is this giant long candy belt! It’s pretty insane and I mean it in a positive
way. Come on I’ll show you how you can sneak it
to school! Grab a scotch tape dispenser and take the
tape out. Roll the long rainbow belt in a swirl and
put it inside the dispenser to replace the tape. Pop the front plastic part on and you got
yourself a candy tape which is so tasty, cool and it just goes on and on and on! There’s no fear that you could run out of
it anytime soon. You can do the same trick with the bubble
gum tape. In the dispenser it goes. Cover it with the lid and voila! Have you ever seen better tape dispensers? Not me! These are out of this world! You can take them to class with no worries
at all and you’ll have a sweet snack plus a delicious bubble gum always available to
calm down those sweet cravings. There’s so much gum and candy in here so don’t
forget to share some of it with your classmates too! Butterflies are insects and most of the butterflies
are also plant eaters. Ladies, are you following here? Yes. Good, you’ll be examined tomorrow. OK, butterflies are also very pretty, they
have all these fun colors. These meringue treats are delicate, yummy
and they just melt when you put them in your mouth. All you need to sneak them in class are some
pencils! Remove the eraser from a pencil if it has
one. Otherwise just skip the step. This is where we’re going to put our meringue. Simply press it on the pencil. This is very easy to do since meringues are
very fragile. Ta daaa, it took like what 5 seconds and we’re
all set to sneak meringues to class. Your schoolmates and teachers will think that
these are just the usual pencil toppers. But only you will know that, yes – these are
pencil toppers – but very special and delicious kind. If you want you can spice them up with some
glue. Of course not! Because something else is hiding in this bottle
instead. Take an empty non toxic glue bottle and wash
it super duper well. The bottle has to be really clean if you want
to try this hack. All we got to do is squeeze lot’s of chocolate
sauce inside the glue bottle. This one is full so let’s put the lid back
on and it is sneak in class approved! You can squeeze some of that yummy chocolate
on the meringue and it will taste even better. You can also put some on cookies, oreos or
have it straight from the tube yum yum! Crayon boxes are pretty big and completely
non see through. This makes them a perfect candidate to be
my little helper when sneaking candy to school. Take all the crayons out. Let’s replace them with these chewy fruit
sticks that have a similar shape as crayons. If you want you can cut a bit of wrapper on
the sides to make them fit even better. And if you need some crayons for school you
can even leave one row of crayons and one row of candy sticks. That way you’ll have both available during
class! Anyway I’m sure you will enjoy your candy
sticks a lot – they are delicious, fruity and sweet – bingo! Mmm yummy! Have you ever tried those cool melody lollipops?! They are so much fun! And the idea on how to smuggle them in class
is straight up epic! Take a jumbo marker and pull out the felt
tip and the ink tube! Next take a melody pop! There’s a thinner stick inside the main one
– pull it out and grab the front part of the marker. Insert the stick through the opening at the
tip. Now you want to slide the melody lollipop
on the thinner stick again like that. Time to take the marker housing and oh no! My lollipop is to big to fit in! You have to use a larger marker or eat your
lollipop a bit so it becomes thinner! Mmm what a tasty solution! Now the lollipop fits inside the marker perfectly
so it is ready to bring to school. That’s a creative way to smuggle a lollipop
to class right?! Who would have thought that you can have one
inside your marker. Besides being very tasty these candies are
also perfect to pull a sneaky little prank on a teacher. Just be careful so you don’t get caught! What’s that noise? As you can see it’s better to leave sweets
outside the classroom and if you’re very hungry, opt for something healthy instead. Thank you so much for watching the video guys,
don’t forget to subscribe to my second channel and I’ll see you very very soon! Mwah, bye bye!

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