Sneak Attack Squad has Fun Home Alone Nerf Action!
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Sneak Attack Squad has Fun Home Alone Nerf Action!

>>What are you playing?>>Oh it’s just my BMG drive.>>Wait, what are you wearing?>>I don’t know like, my daven shirt?>>Not your shirt! Under your shirt!>>Oh, you mean my armor?>>Armor? You look ridiculous!>>It’s not ridiculous. It’s comfortable.>>What do you need an armor for?>>When do I not need armor?>>Hmm. Have you tested it yet?>>Sort of, but not really.>>You look like a turtle.>>I don’t care what it looks like
it’s comfortable!>>We need to test this.>>Don’t shoot me yet! It worked?>>I don’t know.
Did you feel it?>>Wait I didn’t feel anything!>>All right, I’m getting something else. Hmm… Try this! [Gunshot]>>Nothing.>>Impressive. Let me try something else. All right, let’s try this. It’s a little tiny tennis ball. Right, you ready?>>I guess so! I didn’t feel anything!>>That’s some pretty good armor
but can it stand this? All right, are you ready?>>Yes.>>One…
>>Two…>>Boys! Wait, what are you doing? Were you about to shoot him with that?>>Mom, we’re just testing armors.
It’s all okay.>>Okay, well that is for the dog,
not for playing.>>Fine here you go, mom.>>Your dad and I are gonna be
leaving in a few minutes. So you’re gonna be home
for a little bit on your own. Are you guys gonna be okay with that?>>Oh, we’ll be fine.
>>Yeah, no problem.>>Hmm… Okay, just please be good?>>Hey Cole, do you think your armor
can block a sword? Alright, you ready?>>Boys! Again?!>>We’re you about
to hit him with the sword?>>I just told you boys
to stop doing that!>>But mom, we have to test the armor!>>That’s a pretty cool armor.
Does it work?>>No, it doesn’t, and we’re not doing that anymore!>>Yeah. Okay, guys. No more armor.>>All right mom, we’ll stop. We’ll be good while you’re gone. We promise.>>All right, we’re leaving.
Be good.>>Yeah, no trouble.>>Mom! Mom, wait!
>>Please!>>You think the boys will
be okay here by themselves?>>Yeah, they’ll be fine.
Why wouldn’t they be?>>I don’t know. I just have a really
bad feeling about this.>>Well, you want to go like,
spy on them? See what they’re doing?>>No, I don’t think we need to do that.>>I think we should. Let’s go do it. Come on, come on, come on!>>Okay, but for the record,
I do not think this is a good idea. I trust them. We really should not be doing this.>>This isn’t about trust. It’s about what–
We have to sneak up on them! They snuck up on us so many times!>>Oh, I knew it! It was about YOU trying to get back
at them for all those times they snuck up on you.>>Yeah, so? I’m gonna go this way,
you go that way!>>Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who put those bouncy balls
all over the floor? We leave for five minutes
and there’s a giant mess! Why is this door locked? Bubbles! What in the world? Ethan! Cole!>>Whoa! Where that come from? I know you’re over there! There’s gotta be something here
I can use. Oh! This will work! Go get ’em! No! Over there! That way!
No, no! Come back! Come here! Not that way! [Robot noises] Piece of junk! What’s that? What is this? Where are those boys? Oh! A-ha! Where’d they go? [Splash] What was that?>>Oh, we got you!
>>We just got–! That was pretty good, boys! How’d you guys know we are—
I was sneaking up on you!>>Well, you’re not very good
at making plans quietly. Here’s what happened:>>I knew it! It’s about YOU
getting back at them for all the times they snuck up on you!>>Yeah, so? You go that way
and I’ll go this way. Go!>>I can’t believe
they didn’t trust us home alone!>>Yeah, what’s up with that? We need to teach them a lesson. Yeah, we do.
What do we got in here?>>I got a whole box of stuff
we can use.>>Where?>>This way! Hurry up!
They’re gonna be inside in a minute! Hurry up!
Up here, up here!>>What do we have in here? We got a tennis ball launcher.>>Ooohh! Dibs. I’m good with this.>>That will leave me
with bubbles and bouncy balls.>>Well good luck with that.>>Hmm, I have some ideas!>>Alright, set it up!>>Wait, Ethan!>>What?>>You might want this? This should be fun.
>>Oh sweet! Oooh! I can actually have fun with this.>>All right, well go and get this
on the other room.>>Oh, Cole! They’re coming!
>>Oh!>>Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!>>A-ha! [Splashing sounds]>>Heh, this is too perfect! Sorry, Dad.
This is too easy! And that’s it!
>>Yeah, next time be way more sneaky.>>Yeah, that’s pretty funny! Well, sorry for sneaking up on you. We’ll trust you guys next time, but where’s your mom? [Banging sounds]>>Those boys are in so much trouble! [Robot noise]>>Uh-oh.>>That’s a good question.
Where is mom?>>Yeah! [Screaming] [Gunshots]>>Hey guys! Comment of this week comes from:
Sean Evans. “Can you help the Sharer bros
get a monster out of their pond?” “P.S. Bring lots of NERF guns. Thanks!” We noticed even Sharer
had a crazy monster in his pond! Guys, if you need help,
you know where to find us.>>Thanks for your comment, Sean.>>Picture of this week comes from: Colton!
>>That’s a cool arsenal Colton.>>Look! He’s a member
of the Sneak Attack Squad! Awesome!>>Thanks for your picture Colton. And speaking of dog tags, wristbands, you can go get those somewhere around here.>>Give us a thumbs-y up!>>And check our Instagram page
and we’ll see you next time.

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